Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Finally... A Sunny Day!!!

My Mom decided to close down her blog on and start a new blog on Blogger. It is going to be a Bible Study on Wisdom that goes through the Book of Proverbs. If you get a chance, or are interested, please be sure to check out the link in the “My Links” area on the side. I’m sure she would love to hear your comments.

As for us, we finally have a day without rain. It’s been so cold and wet the past week or so that we haven’t been able to go outside to play much. This cold doesn’t bother the pups or Sadie much, but it’s really getting to my old bones lately and I’d just rather stay on Mom’s nice, soft, WARM, waterbed. I think it kind of worries Mom, some, that I’m not out in my usual spot by her feet, but I just haven’t felt like coming out much lately.

She is trying really hard to make me comfortable when I do come out. She got me a 2 inch Memory foam pad to lay on, and keeps chasing Sadie off whenever I do come out. She also puts a baby blanket over my hips when I’m laying on it. Maybe, now that the sun has come out, I’ll start feeling better.

I think that she is also having flashbacks because this is the month that my Mama, Mist, took the Rainbow Bridge two years ago, and that my Dad, Bud, took the Rainbow Bridge last year. She is being so careful of what I eat and giving me vitamins and meds for my hips… I LOVE the extra attention, and getting dinner in bed, but I don’t like it that she is worried for me.

I’ve even caught her crying when she thinks I’m not looking. Of course, she is also still praying about her son and grand-daughters, and now about her Brother-in-law, who is in the hospital with a serious leg infection. She’s also been sick herself, so maybe it’s just a whole lot of things adding up. She says she knows that everything is in God’s hands and that He works things out for the best for everyone…

We went out this morning for awhile and I felt pretty good. I ran around and played with my son, BG, and sniffed, and looked for lizards, squirrels and rabbits. I used to be able to catch them when they’d flush out from under the woodpile, but now I run for a short ways and then let the others finish the chase. Mom’s going to call us back before we leave the back pasture anyway.

I love looking at my beautiful, powerful looking son when he is running around out there. He is so sweet to me, too, and always comes back and licks my face and tries to play fairly gently with me when I’m feeling good. He’s got so many muscles now… Mom says she thinks he would have made a good breed model… The American Corgi.

That always starts a new argument because then Robert will pipe up with, “if anyone should be a ‘new” breed, it would be a toy 'American Corgi’ like Dott and Dax ( Visit him and his Mom at The Jellybean Soup Co.) We will have to think about that for the next MangoMinster Show. (By the way, kudos to Mango and Mango's Mom for a wonderful, fun to read job!)


Mango said...

I don't like the cold weather either and prefer to stay inside which makes momma mad because she says I need to EXERCISE. Oh man!


a corgi said...

oh my gosh,Linda, I will definitely check out your blog on wisdom; I was just into Proverbs myself this week and doing my own study on wisdom; this is no coincidence for sure!!

I'm so glad that it is sunny there and it sounds like OC gets treated so specially! I like that and I know OC does too