Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dad walked with us today…

Dad got home a little early today and went out walking with us after Mom fed the horses this afternoon. We showed him all of our favorite holes. Dott found out a “fuzzy” was under an old truck door by the truck parts pile and about went nuts trying to get under there and get it. She was laying on her side kicking and squirming and whining. Dad finally had mercy on her and lifted it up. The rabbit was up inside, but jumped out of a hole, ran into Dad’s leg, then right in front of me and headed off across the pasture.

You should have seen Dotter run. She flattens her little ears back, yip, yip, yips, and turns into a little red and white streak of lightening. I took out after her, but only made it about ½ of the way across the pasture by the time she hit the back of the other side and Mom and Dad called her back. I thought she wasn’t going to come for a few minutes. Dad had to use his BIG BELLOWY voice… TWICE!

BG and Sadie were up on the hill behind where Mom and Dad were and didn’t see the rabbit when it took off. It was only a half-grown one, but still almost as big as Dott. Dad said that Dott had run almost as fast as my Mama, Mist. She was HIS dog, heart and soul, and she was fast enough to catch a bird, so that was a pretty good compliment.

Poor BG was pretty disgusted that he’d missed the excitement. He’s trying to be really good and stay close to Mom, and, actually, so was Dott until her “fuzzy” ran right past her nose… Mom probably wouldn’t have had a problem about it if Dott hadn’t kept on trying to sneak off into the pasture where the bunny disappeared, after we had left that area.

It was a beautiful day outside today, with lots of little pasture plants growing that have little white, purple and yellow flowers. Mom and Dad strolled around together slowly and laughed at us a lot as we poked around. Dad said I would probably regret that rabbit chase, and I think he was right… I’m pretty stiff tonight. Think I’ll get Mom to give me my pill and go to bed early. Night All!!!


Dances with Corgis said...

isn't it funny how fast corgis sprint when they are going all out? I am always amazed at how speedy they take off! Although it sounds like Dotter had some good incentive :)

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Me too, I'm always amazed how they shoot off like a speeding bullet! Our male stretches out and flies, our female hippity hops, and she's very fast too. Little devils....they do love a rabbit, or a squirell chase! It would be scary though, where you are, with the coyotes.
Love your blog...I come for my daily fix!

Mango said...

A walk with dad is a special treat! I am envious of the nice weather you are having.


a corgi said...

sounds like a fun day OC; I hope you are resting comfortably and cozily in your special snuggly place :)