Saturday, February 21, 2009

There are FUZZIES under the car!

Hi, All! Mama is finally letting me write a blog, legally. I was grounded off of the computer FOREVER after hacking her blog over a MONTH ago!!! Guess I won’t do that again. She is pretty solid on discipline and said I had to “reap what I sowed.”

She explained that was something like when the neighbor came over and planted a bunch of seeds in our back pasture and now with all the rain we’ve had, we are getting a pretty good growth of grain hay.
She said that when it is finished growing, it will save Grammy and Papa a lot of money because the horses will “reap,” which I figure means to get A LOT to eat because a bunch of LITTLE seeds were put in the ground.

She says if you sow good seed, you get a good crop, but if you sow bad seed (like hacking her blog) then you reap “a bad crop,” which in this case means discipline. She says she has to discipline me because she loves me and wants me to be better. Anyway, now that I’ve been forgiven, and stayed away from the computer, Mama is going to let me try writing this blog today.

I thought I’d tell you about the “Fuzzy Under the Car.” We have an old car in the back of the side pasture that one of my Master’s brothers got many years ago. He doesn’t want Grammy to get rid of it because “someday” he plans to have it shipped to TX where he lives now. Anyway, it’s been sitting forever, and the tires are flat and a “fuzzy family” has gotten under there and built several homes. All the dirt has built up so that none of us Corgis… even little me, can’t get under there, but we KNOW they are there!!!

It DRIVES ME NUTS knowing they are under there! We can hear them, and we can smell them.

The other day, Grammy took us all out and we KNOW one of those fuzzies was under there, so all of us went wild trying to get it to come out. We circled and barked and jumped on the car, trying to force it out. I even convinced Grammy to open the door and did a thorough search of the interior, but it was under the frame, and Grammy got upset when I thought about digging through the floor. She made me get out.

Then, I convinced her to open up the hood, and I did a VERY thorough inspection of any possible routes down into the underside, but there was no way I could fit. Talk about frustrating !!! Mama was trying to dig under from the outside, and Sadie was too. BG kept on running around and up on the car hood, barking, but nothing we could do would flush those rascally Fuzzies!!!

We probably would have fussed at those nasty fuzzies all night if Grammy hadn’t MADE us go in, but one of these days, I WILL get one out there. I almost caught one that came out from under the woodpile the other day. Sadie and I have caught them in the yard a few times and they taste WONDERFUL. I don’t know why Grammy got so upset the last time, when we brought her the head… It is one of the best parts we could have given her!

Grammy won’t even say the word, “Rabbit” anymore because it sets us ALL off.


Andrea said...

LOL! Love the adventures of these guys!! Thanks for sharing. :)

a corgi said...

your mom is very wise!! I like her wisdom with reaping and sowing

Koda's been known to chase a few bunnies,thankfully on leash so he hasn't been able to catch them;

cute story!


Mango said...

You are a mechanic? I can just see you in overalls, and you don't even need a creeper to get underneath what with your short little leggies.


ocmist said...

Ooo... The Relentlessly Huge has actually visited my blog!!!! I am so honored! Dott