Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Got Carried Away...

My turn to blog, Mama said, but first, I had to post a picture for Mango of Dott in my Napa (car parts) hat. Yes, Mango, my sister, Dotty is pretty creepy… :) Definitely doesn’t need a “creeper…”

Mom is starting to let me out when she goes out to feed the horses now. Before, she would only take Sadie, but she says that I seem to have respect for the horses, and I should be able to move fast enough to stay out of their way. I learned to keep an eye on the big animals around here when I was only a year old and a goat snuck up behind me and butted me right in the tush.

Today, Mom let us run while she did some maintenance on the horses… They are already starting to shed, and she thinks they looked a bit scruffy, so she worked on them with the shedder tool, while we got to run around and play. We managed to spook a “fuzzy,” as Dott calls them, out of the woodpile, and took off after it. Mom wasn’t too happy at how long it took to listen to her yells and get back to her.

It was Dott’s fault! I just got carried away in the passion of the moment… When Auntie Sadie and Dott split with that little yip of Dott’s goin’, I just couldn’t help myself. Dott came back all proud of herself, but I could tell Mom was ticked, and circled pretty wide while she used the “B-D words (Bad Dogs)” on us, but Dott just wiggled up to her and dropped and rolled over and batted her eyes, so Mom forgave her, (What a kiss up !!!) and then I knew it was safe to come over, too.

Mom says that she will just have to leave Dott in the yard tomorrow, again. She told me, really sternly, that I better listen better, or she was going to leave me in there, too. I hope she could tell that I, at least, was suitably sorry, so I don’t get shut up tomorrow, too.

Robert says it’s not HIS little, sweet Dott, that causes the problem… it’s our Auntie Sadie that leads us astray. He spoils Dott sumpthin’ awful!!!

Mom is a pretty forgiving person, but we DO have to listen, and be obedient, or we will get in trouble. She says it is because she loves us that we have to follow her rules. I guess she IS wiser than us, though sometimes it is just so much fun to do things that we know we shouldn’t. So far, nothing really bad has happened… still, I guess it COULD be a major problem if that coyote came out and we were too far away from home, or out on the hill where she might catch us by sneaking up in all the sagebrush.

I guess I’ll try to listen to Mom better… sometimes, though, it seems so hard when everyone else is doing stuff that looks like so much fun. She says that Sadie is bigger, older, more experienced. That is why she gets to do more than we do, and when we get wiser and more obedient, then we will get to do more, too. It’s so hard to wait, though…


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Another interesting and captivating chapter!
Keep 'em comin'! I love these stories.

Leslie Moore said...

Your "country corgis" sure have fun! I think you should write a book! Love all the photos.

Dozer and Coop said...

WOW! You guys have great adventures!

Mango said...

We have the same problem. Sometimes I just don't want to come in and Momma has to get cheese or something yummers.

I like your hats!