Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Auntie Sadie continued...

Last time, I started telling you about my Auntie Sadie, and today I’m going to finish filling you in. Mama OC doesn’t like that I’m doing this, but it IS MY turn, and she just went off grumbling something about young dogs never listening. She didn’t actually TELL me that I COULDN’T…not is so many words… and Auntie’s taught me that sometimes you can get away with things if you weren’t actually TOLD you couldn’t do it before…

Anyway, the man that had found her, loved her, but he had to move when she was about a year old. He advertised in a free group Grammy belongs to, and that is when Grammy found out about her. She had just lost her old Shadow after 17 years, which Mama OC tells me was HER hero from when SHE was a pup. When Grammy heard about Sadie, she decided to go meet her. Grammy’d had a Sadie before, that had died from snake bite.

Grammy fell in love with her right away. She reminded her of a mixture of Shadow, old Sadie, and a black Border Collie that Grammy had trained when she was younger. She could see that Sadie was very smart. They brought her home to give her a week’s tryout and she’s been here ever since.

Sometime around when Sadie first came, is when Mama got hurt by that mean goat. She had to stay in for a year or so to heal so that she didn’t re-hurt herself, so Sadie started going out with Grandpa Bud and Grandma Mist, who were getting pretty old, to work the goats. She learned fast, but it upset Mama OC to see her out there doing “HER” job. Grammy felt bad, but she had no choice, and tried to give Mama plenty of attention, but she was still mad at Sadie. That’s when Mama OC started calling her “That young Whipper Snapper…”

About a year later, Grandma Mist passed away, and Mama OC was very depressed for awhile. Everything poor Auntie did seemed to make her angry, even though Auntie always showed her lots of respect at that time. I learned all this stuff from talking to Grandpa Bud… he liked to talk… a LOT!

About a year after that, Mama ended up having us, and then she REALLY started getting upset with Auntie, and she just has never gotten over it. Auntie still “ACTS” like she respects Mama cause she knows that Grammy considers Mama the “Alpha dog” (after Grammy, of course), but sometimes she forgets when emotions are high for some reason, like when we are heated up.

Grammy is very careful to follow the Alpha Dog Rules and let everyone know (even me sometimes) that Mama OC is the queen dog around here. If Mama is outside or something, though, Grammy gives Auntie Sadie hugs, and loves, and treats. Because she is so much bigger than us, she can pick up heavier things for Grammy, too, so sometimes she gets treats for that even when Mama is around. Grammy always asks Mama to do something so she can get a treat too. (Actually, we all do… Grammy’s pretty fair.)

Well, that should give you an idea of Auntie Sadie’s life. I’ll try to fill you in, sometime, about all the things she’s taught me… some of them aren’t always appreciated by Grammy and my Master… like my passion for new perfume fragrances…


Mango said...

Sigh, family relationships can be difficult sometimes especially when there are little pups or doggies get heated up. But it seems you have found a way to get along.

I didn't know your mom got hurted by a mean goat. That must have been awful.


P.S. You are right that the barn is Master's pride and joy, not just a building that is why he was so sad when the old one burned up, but he has all summer to make the new one just as nice.

Leslie Moore said...

I always love your animal pics. That Corgi pup is adorable! And what a sweet story you shared with me on my blog about your father and his love of white goats. Thank you!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Didn't realize that goats would go after a dog like that. Wonder if sheep do? This was a great story....always enjoy the doggie pics.

ocmist said...

Yes, we'd gotten a goat from my son who had learned to HATE dogs. She would go after them whenever she could. There was a "bottle-neck" going through a gate, and OC couldn't get out of the way and that nasty biddy hit her with her horns up against the wall a couple of times before I could get to her. We got rid of that goat VERY shortly after, but OC's hips and back were pretty messed up and took quite a while to heal.

I think that is why she is having so much trouble now that she is older. We often have to carry her at night if she overdoes running after the other dogs. She gets special supplements and pain meds when she has to much trouble. I'm hoping the warmer weather will help.