Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dad Came Home... Mom DIDN'T!

Dad got home last night from the Memorial Service… WITHOUT MOM!!! I thought that was the whole idea of him leaving us here. When he left on Friday, he said he was going to be with Mom at that son of theirs that I’ve never met…

He lives way off in somewhere named “Florida.” Remember, I told you that we took Mom to a plane so that she could fly there a couple of weeks ago. 

It’s been really sad around here without her. Robert doesn’t give us treats like she does, and he won’t let me on the computer much either. I guess Mom told him that he needed to let someone write on Mama’s blog or everyone would forget about us though, so he turned it on for me tonight.

I’d been really happy to see Dad each night when he would get home and I’ve told him over and over that I love him when he comes home and is sad without Mom here. She called one time and talked to Mama, Dottie and me for a few minutes, but I don’t talk well on the phone. I heard Robert tell her that we all perked up to hear her voice and I wiggled all over, but I wonder if she believed him.

I was sure that she would come home with Dad after he went to visit, and when he came in this morning after 1 a.m. from flying home, I said a quick “Hi, love you…” by jumping on his knees and giving him a quick kiss, at least, while everyone else ran out to welcome Mom back, but she wasn’t in the car! WHAT’S WITH THAT! I wonder if she is EVER going to come back. It’s been dog “MONTHS!” since we’ve seen her!!!

Dad says she has to stay for a couple more human weeks to help her son and grand-daughters through this rough time since her daughter-in-law went to heaven, but he promised that she would come home soon. I don’t think HIS soon, is OUR soon, though! Mama keeps telling us it will be ok, and that we can trust Mom to come back when she can...

He says she still loves us bunches, and looks at the pictures that she took with her, because she says we are her “Smile Makers…” She is also getting the new pictures that Robert emails her every day or so, but we are so sad in them, that she cries sometimes.

She told Dad that God is taking care of things in so many miraculous ways for all of them there. The love and trust in God, that her son and grand-daughters are showing to all their friends, will help those friends to see that God is real in their lives and that her daughter-in-law’s life and death will be used to strengthen the faith of those who loved her and her family. She thinks that maybe more of them will believe and go to heaven when it’s their time to leave this earth, and that is what her son and grand-daughters hope, too. Dad says that Mom is so proud of them, and so happy that they have that wonderful hope of seeing their wife and mother again, and that is what is helping them get through this hard time.

We just want her hooooooome….. Wooooooooo!!!! Do you think she WILL come home?


^..^ Corgi Dog Mama ^..^ said...

what a sad time for the whole family!
Hugs to all of you....a couple of milkbones would help too...tell Dad.
Hope your Mama is doing ok in Florida...it's got to be hard for them down there.

a corgi said...

Of course your mom will come home, OC; she just needs to take care of some things right now; you know she misses you so very much

I think it is awesome what a wonderful testimony her son/grand-daughters are giving of the Lord's love and faithfulness in their lives during this sad time!!

keeping you, Linda, in my prayers


Leslie Moore said...

So sorry to hear your sad news, Linda. Thankful for visiting my blog during this difficult time, and for posting me on your blog list. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

the Corgi Girls said...

Awwww, your mumsies will need lots of kissies and butt wiggles when she gets home!

Mango said...

Oh dear, reading your blog and listening to that music made momma's eyes leak a lot! She said that the song made her think of all the things going on when it first came out and of all the things the lyrics mean and then she read your words and was just so moved that we could hardly look. Our thoughts are with you. Life is full of so many powerful experiences that move us in many ways.


^..^ Corgi Dog Mama ^..^ said...

Dads are great, they really, really are.
But Moms for some reason are the one they pine for. At our house, the one who is gone is the one who is pined for. It doesn't matter!
All will be well when you're all back together.
So sorry for what the family is going through now.