Friday, January 16, 2009

House of Depression...

Mama is so depressed… so am I and Dott. We can’t believe that Mom/Grammy would desert us! Who could be more important to her than us?!! My Mama says that kids are very important to mothers, and that she can understand, sort of, that Mom has to go help her son, but she doesn’t understand why a measly $250 can't be spent to take her along.

Mom spent about 2/3 of that amount today, just to get hay for those old horses of hers, and they can’t even come into the house to snuggle with her. I gather that Cory, her Peruvian Paso Horse was allowed to put his head in the window one time when she had surgery, so she could pet him. I saw the picture, but that was before Mama’s time. (Unfortunately, that picture isn't scanned, so I can't put it up here, but here is another pic of Old Cory)

Mom is upset too, and keeps petting us and hugging us. At least we are getting a lot of extra “snackies” (as Peanut puts it…) She had to go to some meeting today and Dad came home early to take her. I sat by the door, blocking it, and gave them my saddest, hurt look and shivered, just glancing at them a second to two out of the corner of my eye… I guess it worked, cause Mom said that I could go. 

We took a long trip and then they went in to get an “App ointment,” whatever kind of ointment that is, and they came out with a bunch of papers that Mom worked on. Something about a “Re tire mint.” Now I’m a boy dog, and I KNOW what a tire is for, but I thought that a mint was something you ate, not something you put ointment on.

I did get to play in a park while Mom worked on the papers, and Dad had the truck worked on so that it will be ok to take them to the “plain.” Dad says he doesn’t know if I can go with them then or not… he’s thinking about it. I can’t see why they wouldn’t take me with them to the “plain.” I wonder if that is Carrizo Plains… we’ve gone there once before and it was a lot of fun!

They are sure using a lot of new words around here… Now, I understand “rabbit,” “walk,” “cow,” “horse,” “squirrel,” and a lot of other words, but these are all new. Mama says that I’m still young yet, and will learn.

Well, got to go… Mom got a call from her son again, and there has been another complication, but everyone is still praying that God will touch the doctors and give them wisdom, as well as touching the family and giving them comfort in these times of waiting on His will… I guess that is one of the hardest things to do for humans is to WAIT patiently for God to work, and to have faith and trust that He will do what is best for those He loves. I think that it might be easier to be a dog and just live in the moment…


Mango said...

I think Re-Tire-Mint means that Mom will be able to spend more time with you! That's a good thing, I think, but only when the peoples get to choose the right time (my momma says where she works people are being encouraged to do "early re-tire-mint" which I guess is not such a good thing).

Be strong!


Dozer and Coop said...

We're rootin' for ya!

Dozer, Dottie and Coop

a corgi said...

(((OC))) Its hard when there's a lot going on you don't understand but you know something is not quite right; your mom is right to trust in the Lord; he's never let me down ever! I hope you get to go to see the "plain"; it will be a fun car ride for you!

safe travels to your mom; all are in my prayers


Janice and Gerald said...

Please give your Mom an extra cuddle from us, and wish her a safe trip.

ocmist said...

Thank you all so much... No time tonight to say much, but my DIL has had another set back, so it is good that God provided for me to go. I'm really going to miss my babies, here, but so many miraculous things happened today and I know finances will be ok for now. This will be a wonderful retirement, I know. May God Bless you all... Linda