Friday, January 9, 2009

B.G. continued…

Hi, again... Mom gave me two turns because she says I’m a hero. When my stupid little sister ran halfway across our neighbor’s pasture to bite one of their big old Australian Shepherds because the two of them were coming toward our property, I ran out with Sadie and we got them off of her. She was on her back snapping at their feet, rolling around. I guess she’s to fast and wiggly for them, though, because they never got a good hold on her. 

No one got hurt… just a little wet hair, but I think that Dotty was lucky we came to her rescue, and that they ran away when her Master, Robert, yelled at all of us. Boy, were our people mad at HER!!! I think she about scared two years off her Master’s lifelife because she weighs all of 16 lbs (maybe) and they probably weigh in at 50 -60 lbs. each!

I am so thankful that Mom and Dad decided to keep me. One of Mom’s sons had taken me, when I was a couple of months old, and he brought me back when he had to move. Mom told me that she had wanted to keep me from the first, but had promised him that he could have me before my Mama even had me. When I came back, I was really sad because I missed my first Master, and didn’t know what was going to happen to me.

One day, several weeks later, Dad was holding me on his lap, and he asked me if I wanted them to find me another home, and he tells everyone that I started blinking my eyes like I was going to cry, so then he asked me if I wanted to stay with him and be his dog, and I was SOOO happy. I laid back against his chest and just touched the tip of his beard with my tongue to say, “Yes, please…” and he UNDERSTOOD. I’ve been his dog ever since.

He used to be able to take me to work with him sometimes, but his job has changed so he can’t now. We got really close then, and Mom says I’m pretty mopey when he’s not here. I don’t know about that…

I do go out and run when she takes us out for a walk, I just make sure to keep his chair warm for him most of the time, while he is gone, and his lap warm when he is here.

He still takes me out on weekends for small road trips to neat places so I can run and we can have fun together.

Note: My DIL is having some more problems, including double pneumonia and had to go back into Critical Care. Please continue to keep her and her family in your prayers. Thank you so much for the prayers you've all been offering up for her.


^..^ Corgidogmama ^..^ said...

So sorry to hear that your DIL went back in, dang it! Prayers are being said, I know how they work. Just adore those corgi photos, they always make me smile, don't they you too?

ocmist said...

Yes...Every time!!! My son calls the corgis "Smile Makers..." (His especially, but he's a bit predjudiced.)

I just love that lanky, teenaged look in the one of Beeg when he was about 10 months old... His ears were HUGE!!! He's grown into them a bit more now.

a corgi said...

B.G. I was so glad to have another entry from you to learn more about you; you sound like one special dog! I'm so glad that you were able to stay with your second home; looks like you like your dad a lot!! (secret here, Koda is really my hubby's dog more than mine, he misses him when he's gone)

I'm so sorry about your mom's DIL; I will pray for her


the Corgi Girls said...

Hi pals, we just love your blog! You pups are too funny! Glad to meet you country corgis!

M & I