Friday, January 2, 2009

I'm Dott !!!

Hi, Everyone! Grammy and Papa took my Mom, O.C., and my brother, B.G., on a road trip and left ME home!!! (As if my Mom’s blogging about my “private condition” wasn’t bad enough!!!) Just where does she get off DOING that ! I’m 17 dog years old now and a young lady dog, and don’t need the world knowing my private business!

So, anyway, I decided that I’d sneak some computer time, hack into my mom’s blog, and say a few words for myself. First, let me introduce myself. My name is Dott. My master, Robert, says my full name is Dorothy Joy Wigglebottom, because most “Dott’s” are short for Dorothy, I bring him such joy, 

I’ve got no tail (so wiggle my whole rear end when happy), and my Gramps (Butter Butt) would have left me the last name of Butt, but since I’m a lady, he changed it to “Bottom.” What can I say… He treats me like a Princess and says that’s what I am to him, and he usually just calls me Dott, Dotty, or Dotter, so I can live with it I guess... as long as he keeps putting shredded cheese on my food at night when we go to bed.

My Dad and I wrote a book last year and finally got it published in December. You can see and preview it at

My Dad (Robert) has taken so many pictures of me since I was born, that we were able to use a bunch of them to illustrate the book, except the cover, which Grammy illustrated.

Grammy has a storefront on Lulu, too, to sell prints of some of her pictures of me, my mom, and my brothers there.

Ooops, sounds like they are driving up outside, so I’d better get off and get this published before they come in so she can’t stop me. This will teach them to leave me home !!! Dott


a corgi said...

hi Dott pleased to meet you! you are one beautiful corgi!! Koda wags his tail like that too, LOL (or his lack of tail that is)

I'm glad you went on to your mom's computer so we could meet you; I also like how you and your dad made a book; how cute!! I'm sorry you got left home though; that is not fun; maybe next time you can go on a trip


ocmist said...

Oh, Betty... don't encourage her !!! She says thank you for your comments, though.

Do you really think I should share my blog with her or B.G. soemtimes? I do want to be a good mama to them, and I guess that sharing would be a way to model good behavior.

By the way, Dott calls my Mom, Grammy because Mom's son is Dott's Dad, and she calls my Dad, Papa... She's their grand-Dotter after all... But B.G. calls them Mom and Dad too, because he is Dad's dog... Are you confused yet?