Monday, January 5, 2009

Eat Properly... THAT's no Fun !!!

YUCK !!! Mom says she needs to get back to eating properly now that all the leftovers of turkey, ham, dressing, mashed potatoes, etc., are finished. Actually, she won’t let me have any dressing because it has onions in it and that causes anemia in dogs by breaking down their red blood cells. 

Anyway, that means that she is going back to eating a lot of salad, fruits and veggies because she has been trying to follow God’s rules about eating properly.

She says that following God’s rules will help her in the lifestyle change she is working on. This new “lifestyle” has been helping her to lose weight (50 lbs. so far over the past 2 years). Ok… so it probably IS best for her and her health, BUT she also put ME on a diet because, she says losing weight has helped her back and hips and should help mine too.

Actually, I AM doing better now, but this diet stuff is a real pain in the tush!!! There are VERY FEW things worth begging for in a SALAD!!! She doesn’t put very much meat or cheese on those things, and you can only stomach just so many carrots and apples. At least the dry cherries help ease the pain in my hips and hers. (By the way, those dried things in the bad area are raisins, not cherries...)

Think I’ll go and beg off Dad…

P.S. Mom says to tell all of you that are praying that she appreciates it. Her daughter-in-law is in a Critical Care Unit. They plan to try to remove the ventilator tomorrow to see if she will be able to breathe without help.


a corgi said...

thanks OC for the update about mom's DIL! OC Koda is right with you; he and me are both back on our diets with the new year here and the holidays over; good for your mom losing those 50 pounds!! Koda is not a happy camper either but he is trying to remember the good benefits of being healthier and skinnier; just remember them too!


Dozer and Coop said...

We're with you on the diet - Mum turned over a new leaf (or vegetable) and the only ones suffering are us! No more Hamburger Helper? We aren't sure we can survive much longer!

Keep us posted on your daughter in-law, lots of prayers coming your way.

Love, Dozer, Dottie and Cooper

ocmist said...

Mom says thanks, guys (and girls)for your prayers... DIL has come to several times now and understands what's said and remembers, which indicates there is little if any brain damage. She's totally ticked about the ventilator tube and keeps trying to pull it out, so they keep putting her under because they want to keep it in until they are sure that what caused the original problem is taken care of. Son is a bit calmer.

Hey, what is it about Corgi parents and diets?!! Mom says that we are just "too cute" and she tends to give us (me and the pups) to many treats along with our regular meals. They had a hamburger helper type meal last night and I didn't even get my regular several spoonfuls, though she did let me lick the bowl, with the juice of the tiny bit of it she ate. She ate "lighter food"...but Dad and DM like "BEEF!" (Smart men...)

Corgidogmama~ said...

Good reminder for us all! Corgis are such little piggies, we forget, not to feed them all they desire. Cuteness, gets them in trouble sometimes, food wise, sigh!