Monday, January 19, 2009

She's Left Us!

Mom's left us! Me and Dad took her to an airport after a LONG ride. I found out that is a place where they keep big flying buses that are called "planes," and THAT is what they were talking about before.

I whined and whined and tried to tell her not to go when they got out of the truck, but she cried and told me she had to go, and that Robert and Dad would take care of us until she could come back. She promised she would come back if God lets her, and I know she loves us and will do what she says if she can.

She has called several times and emailed... especially when Robert took pictures of us all moping around and emailed them to her. Dad misses her a lot too, and keeps calling her and even emailed her a letter, which is just short of a miracle in itself.

He told her how much Mama, Dott and I miss her, but so far, he hasn't let me talk to her on the phone... I think tomorrow night, I will insist.

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