Friday, January 2, 2009


Yesterday, I got in a fight with Sadie, and got in trouble. We both ended up getting sent to separate rooms for a while. Robert picked us both up by the scruffs of our necks… how humiliating!?!... and he put me in Mom’s bedroom and Sadie in another bedroom. 

Now that I think about it, it really was HIS fault in the first place! He was playing with Dott in the hall with the red bug light, and then BG joined in chasing it, and THEN Sadie got involved.

Well, I can’t let her play with the pups without getting into the middle of it, to be sure she doesn’t hurt them (can’t trust a big dog like that…) and that hall is kind of cramped for all four of us to run in and make the turn to come back at the end. Anyway, that BIG old klutz bumped me, so, of course, I bit her, and she had the nerve to turn around and growl at me!!! Well, THAT did it… at least for the several seconds it took for Robert to get down the hall to us.

Mom says that since Dott is done with the “P” and is into the “eM eSing” part of being a bitch, (THAT is NOT a dirty word… I’m a Lady and don’t use dirty words… it is the proper word for an adult female dog… my baby is growing up…) we are all under the hormonal influences of the pheromones she is putting off, and are, therefore, very testy right now. 

She told DM that he had to be careful not to let us get into compromising situations for the next few weeks. I think that means that it was his fault… I’m just so irritated and upset lately, and I can’t BELIEVE that Sadie would actually get THAT upset just because I bit her! 

I got in her face again when we got out of our rooms, but Mom got after me and threatened to put me back in the room, so I just went into the front room and flopped on my pad and pouted. At least, when they left to go get Mom’s Wedding ring that Dad had gotten fixed for Christmas, they put Sadie in the front yard while I got the house. 

Mom came back so happy! She loves that ring and had worn it since they got married 33+ years ago… then a couple of months ago, they noticed that several of the prongs were so worn out that any big bump would have knocked out the diamond. She had to take it off and put it up until they could afford to get it fixed, and she’s been pretty sad about it.

Well, she had been praying about that and about having enough money to get hay for the horses, and Dad got a pretty good, unexpected bonus from his job, so God answered her prayers and we got several weeks worth of hay AND her ring fixed. Isn’t God good!!! 

We seem to live on answered prayers around here. Mom says we have to learn to live together, love each other (like it says in I John), and share. Don’t know if I can find that in my heart toward Sadie, but I probably had better remember the rules around here because I don’t like having to stay in my room by myself…

Oh, by the way, have a Happy New Year everyone, from all of our family to all of yours!!!


a corgi said...

OC, you need to forgive Sadie!!! remember what Jesus did!!! and he wasn't guilty of anything........but I think you were only trying to protect the pups and that is a good thing!! I think we all live on answered prayers; I think that's what the Lord wants us to do, right?? thank you Lord for answering OC's mom's prayers for hay and getting her ring fixed!

happy new year to you all!


ocmist said...

You're probably right,Betty, but it really hurt when she stepped on me... She should watch where I'm going! I guess, though, that we were all paying attention to the red bug, and that end of the hall IS pretty cramped, and she probably didn't mean to step on me.

I guess I'm just really jealous of her because she gets to do so much that I can't do anymore, like help Mom with the horses and run and play with MY pups... they just idolize her... I really don't think she'd hurt them, but... I guess I'll try. I know you are right and that is what Jesus says we should do, and that's what Mom keeps telling me, too.