Saturday, January 31, 2009

Notes From Home

My WONDERFUL Honey Bun sent me these notes from home in an email today, and I thought I’d hack OC’s Blog and share them with all of you… So cute… Made me cry… Is this sweet or WHAT!!! (My notes are in the parenthesis)

Hi Love, thought I would send you a few notes from home:

From Dotty: These people DO NOT GET IT !!! I miss Grammy and need my belly rubbed at least 16 hours a day, but they keep doing STUPID stuff like playing on the computer, or watching the box with pictures on it. Papa keeps leaving to do something called “work.” He left for FOUR DAYS once and came back with another DOG’S SMELL ON HIM!!! (My son has a dog, so I haven't gone into TOTAL dog withdrawals... just Corgi ones... sort of... I DO have my memory stick of pics I look at often!!!)

Well, at least I FINALLY got to go to Mimi’s on Thursday and be worshiped by her dogs.(They do… it’s weird the way they run to her and lick her face and roll around on the ground in front of her, and she laps it up like a Queen being paid her due homage…) I love you and am going to wash your brain when you come home in 49 dds. (dds=dog days, and “brain washes” happen when she manages to get her tongue up your nose as she welcomes you home with a VERY thorough face-licking)

From OC: You need to come home NOW!!! I am not getting treated right! When I want loving, I have to fight off these two crazy kids… and as for Sadie, I am too lady-like to use the words needed to describe her… the upstart!!! When you get back, we need to go on a road trip-- just you, Papa, and me, so I will be the center of the world again. I MISS YOU !!!

From BG: Dad came home from work yesterday, snuck in the side door and caught me laying in front of the front door with my nose at the crack waiting to jump up and bounce on it when he got to the door. I tried to tell him that he left you after the long drive by whining a lot, but he kept saying it was all right… but it was NOT!!! YOU were not with us… and now I have to share my time with Dad with Sadie, Dott AND Mama. We did not even get to go somewhere Saturday, as Dad left really early, and was gone forever… at least it seemed like it. I can’t wait for things to be normal around here again. LOVE you and miss you, Mom!

From Sadie: Help I am being mistreated!!! They even threw me outside ALL night one night, just cus I got into a fight with old stuckup, OC. Got to run now!

From (My love) I am counting the days now, but after Monday, I'll count the hours and minutes until you are back with me. I love you very much, honey. I’ll call and write later… love, Me


a corgi said...

(((Linda))) I'm so glad you'll be home soon with your love/and your "little ones"; I know it was important for you to be where you were helping your son and grandchildren....I know there will be several pups so happy to see you!


^..^ Corgi Dog Mama ^..^ said...

I think that maybe, you already got a Valentine.
That was such a sweet post, and you were reminded how much that you're missed....and loved!!

Mango said...

Oh no! Everybody is feeling off. Hope mom comes home to her fur babies soon.