Saturday, January 3, 2009


Why that little RASCAL!!! Hacking MY blog!!! Teenagers these days… WHAT can you do!? I’m just going to have to have a discussion with her Dad about him getting her a blog of her own or something!

I guess I WAS a bit out of line, not thinking about how embarrassed she would be about certain things I mentioned, but I was just so proud that my little girl is growing up. I know that she was ticked because she couldn’t go on the road trip yesterday, but that isn’t MY fault. Mom says that when her kids got to be teenagers, they had some communication problems too, and that is fairly usual for parents and teens. She says that when hormones start setting off fireworks, it’s best to back off and go somewhere and pray about it (which she says she learned from hindsight).

I guess that I’m just a rather outspoken dog… as I’ve said before, they didn’t name me Ornery Cuss for nothing, but this parenting stuff is hard. Teens seem to have a totally different way of looking at the world. Us older folks have learned that we aren’t the only dog in the kennel (eww… kennel, what an awful thought! There must be a different saying that would fit…) Oh, well, you get the picture. Now this might seem strange, or at least a bit hypocritical coming from me, but I know there are other dogs and people that I must learn to live with, it’s just that we each have to know our place in the pecking order and abide by those rules.

Mom says that people are sort of that way too… They don’t acknowledge that God is the “Alpha” or top “dog,” so to speak, and they don’t want to follow His rules so they get into trouble just like I do when I don’t follow Mom’s rules. (And just like Dotty is going to, if she doesn’t get off her A T T I T U D E!!!)

Mom makes the rules because she loves us and doesn’t want us to get hurt, and she knows a lot of things that I don’t know. She’s a lot smarter because she’s able to study and see things from a “higher plane…” than I can. I’ve learned to trust her more and more as I’ve grown and lived with her, and she has proven that she is pretty trustworthy.

Sometimes, I don’t listen to well, when she is giving directions, and then I get hurt (like with that darn goat that hurt my hips). I’ve ended up paying for that lesson for several years now, but Mom just kept on loving me and did all the extra things to take care of me so that I could heal up as much as possible. She says that sometimes we have to reap at least some of what we sow, which I think means that if you don’t follow the rules, and get hurt, then you may have to live with those consequences. Still, she finds me other jobs that I CAN do, so I am still useful and needed by her.

Tonight I just sat by her and loved her and she petted me a lot. She says it helps her keep her blood pressure down when problems crop up. I guess her oldest son’s wife, had some kind of health problem and died (no heartbeat or breathing). They have brought her back a couple of times so far, and she is in the hospital now. Mom’s praying a lot too, and that helps her because she knows that Jesus can be with them when she can’t, and she has learned to trust him. I need to go now to be with Mom…


a corgi said...

Oh OC, I'm sorry about mom's son's wife! I know the Lord is watching over you all; trusting in him through this whole scary ordeal for your family!!

your mom has a great way to saying things! she's a very wise woman; you be sure to listen to her!!! I liked her description of the Lord being the Alpha Dog!! I think we are all guilty of wanting to the be the Alpha Dog of our lives, but he really does know best


Mango said...

Listen, I appreciate that your peoples are pretty powerful because they can put food in bowls and open doors and things, but don't let them get away with too much. It is possible to control them through practiced use of extreme cute face or acts of silliness.

Also, teenagers are doofuses, period. I should know, I live with one.


ocmist said...

Believe me, Mango, O.C. has me wrapped completely around her little dew claw, and you wouldn't BELIEVE the things Dott's Master does for her !!!

Her Dad, my Hubby, wears a t-shirt with a Corgi on it that says "Professional People Trainer..."

By the way, Mango, did O.C. tell how hugable I think you are!!! My sister, who used to do dog rescue work, had a pup that looks just like you did when you were young I'll bet. She found him a great home!!! She called him Smoochie.