Monday, April 13, 2009

Bummer NIGHT as well...

Not only was it a bummer day, Friday, but also a bummer night. We had a big storm with lots of wind and those noisy white snakes that dance across the sky with their big old drums that make so much noise.

Mom says their names are Thunder and Lightening. I’m sure glad that Dad was here when THAT dance started. Those old drums hurt the ears!!!

Robert got all wet when he was unloading the car, and Mom got the groceries put up, everyone fed (from the shopping, luckily, so it was fast). About the time she was half done, the lights went out. She was NOT HAPPY because she had just turned on the computer, and had planned a good two hours of work on it. Apparently, when the white snakes dance, they sometimes steal your lights.

Robert and Dad had to hunt around in the dark, because our emergency backup light didn’t work, and find the flashlights so they could light up canned dulls. THAT was interesting because they don’t smell dull at all! They sort of smell like food or flowers!

Mom went out and fed the horses during a break in the sprinkles, using her flashlight, and then everyone got ready for bed, because when Dad called the light people, they said it would be most of the night before we got our lights back. Now it would have been interesting to go out and watch them chase those noisy dancing snakes down…

The next day was much better because we got to go into town with everyone and let Mom's grandkids, and nieces color eggs. I LOVE little kids, though Dott doesn't care for them except Little Bear. One was my first master's daughter, and we had gotten really close when he had me before he had to give me back, and I wiggled all over my whole body when I got to see her and play with her again.

They hide them and sometimes don’t find all of them, and we get a treat of stinky egg if we find one later on. MMMmmm mmmm!


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Our corgi kids hate storms too. Thunder makes them walk around even lower than they already are!
Usually they go jump on the big bed, and hide out in their little den, or go behind the big recliner or hide in the kneehole of the desk!
They always find a hidey-hole when it thunderboomers out there!

Mango said...

No wonder you don't like loud sounds. Your ears are ginormous!!! Sorry about the power going away. That makes the peoples all stumble bunnies.


Hollie said...

We've had rough storms for the last two nights. The power flickered a few times but didn't go competely out. Thank God! I hate it when that happens.

Infrared Goggles said...

Hope you find a stinky egg!
I tagged you to play a blog game called ONLY 8! Check out my blog to find out how to play!
Warmly, Christiane