Wednesday, April 8, 2009

First Snake of This Year!

It’s really late so Grammy said I had to keep this short tonight as she wants to go to bed, but I convinced her that I just had to tell you about the first snake we’ve had this year!

My master, Robert, was going to go outside through our back patio to water the horses in the back and, as usual, I ran ahead of him down the ramp and over a big old stick. He suddenly got a horrified look on his face and called me to come immediately, I did and he snatched me up so quick I about got what he told Grammy was “whip slashed.” I don’t remember any whips… and he wasn't mad at me...?

Anyway, Master hugged me so tight I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head, and I could hear his heart pitter-pattering like crazy. He went over to that stupid stick that I’d just danced over, and IT MOVED!!! It hid under some stuff in the patio.

He ran in to tell Grammy about the moving stick and told her that there was a “garter snake” in the back patio, and not to have a heart attack like he’d almost had. Grammy told him that she had been expecting to start seeing them soon, and asked if he was sure it was a garter snake and not a rattler like the one that was in there last year. He said yes, because it had a little head and a pointy tail. She said good, because she like them to be around to eat the mice. Don't know if Sadie's gonna like that, cause she loves catching mice.

Then I remembered that nasty old rattler snake that we cornered in the back yard last year. The nasty thing was rattling and snapping at us and Auntie Sadie was having a total fit so BG and I joined in the fun. When I think about it though, Sadie didn’t seem to think it was fun cause she was yelling with what Grammy calls her “ALERT” voice. Grammy came out and made us all go in and then she got her gun and killed it. She said she was afraid that it would bite us.

I heard Papa tell her the other day, that he’d already seen several out in the oilfield lately. Later today, Master saw either the same one or another one about the same size out back.

I’ll have to have Mama OC tell you some of the other snake stories from over the years, some time, but Grammy says this is NOT short and I need to go NOW! I sure love my Master for "saving" me! Night, All!


ClassyChassy said...

Cute story - get them snakes!

Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

I LOVE this photo of the 'Corgi hug' so so so much. Snakes! Yikes. We've had a few run-ins with them as well. There was a very very large (4-5 foot) snake in our kitchen boiler closet last year. My husband tried to catch it but it was too fast and slithered back to from wherever it came from. It came and went every day. I went into the hardware store (lunch time, full of get the picture) I went up to the counter and asked 'How can I get rid of a snake in my house?' "Divorce him!" I heard from one aisle. "I'll come over and get rid of your snake, honey" from another...It was pretty funny, I must say. They sold me these two little sticky pads. The snake just laughed at them. ^..^

ocmist said...

I'm going to have to get another digital camera soon, so I can use original pics of snakes, etc. Taking pics with an old camera and then not having a place that takes less than a week to get them back is NOT good for blogging!!!