Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dott’s Lake Visit continued…

We took a walk by the river and got in a lot of good sniffs even with that stupid leash on, and I finally convinced them that I should get a chance to go down to see the lake, too, so we went down there for awhile. I found some wonderful perfume that some black swimming birds called “mud hens” put on the ground. It turned my ruff some neat colors of green and black. Unfortunately, my Master didn’t appreciate the fragrance and made me go swimming while he rubbed it off.

Then I found another batch in the new area he had taken me to, and tried just a quick dip, hoping he wouldn’t notice, but he made me go swimming AGAIN!!! I am SO ABUSED!!! There ought to be a law against to many bathes in one day!

I didn’t mind getting into the water on my own, though… just not as deep as what he put me in. My bother, uh, brother (though I usually think it ought to be the first way) loved the water and went out into it a lot. We went back to the campground and Grammy made us a good dinner and then we headed for home. All in all, I had a lot of fun!

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ClassyChassy said...

Great mini vacation!