Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We are Lucky Dogs…

Hi… I finally got to get back on here! Mom did several loads of laundry Sunday when we were in town, and that made Dotty really happy because she is in seventh heaven when she can lay in the middle of a bunch of clean laundry.
She really loves the smell of the dryer sheets Mom uses. At least THAT is one perfume that Mom doesn’t seem to mind much… at least not if Dott’s feet are clean when she gets up there.

Mom piles several loads up on the couch so she can sort and fold it, and Dott loves to play “King of the Hill” on it. I don’t know why SHE gets to play on it and I don’t! They all think she is so “cute” because she is so little. Robert says she is his “forever puppy,” and that he had always wanted a “toy Corgi.”

Mom tells me we each were made by God to have a special purpose for our lives and mine is to be her helper, so I shouldn’t get jealous because if I was really little, like Dott, I wouldn’t be big and strong enough to do the work that needs to be done for her. Dad tells me I’m just right for him, too, though he gets a bit grumpy when I give him CPR in the morning to get him up and going.

After hearing some of the stories Auntie Sadie tells of her life before she came here, and the stories some of the foster dogs we’ve had here waiting for their forever homes, I’m just so glad that our family loves us so much. We don’t have to worry about food, shelter, water, and we get plenty of love! I hear Mom thanking God for us all the time, and I sure am glad that she feels that way, cause we feel the same way about our people!


Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

You know, someone told me that if you put an original scent 'bounce' sheet in your pocket it naturally repels mosquitos when you are outside. I've never tried it though.

Hollie said...

Cute photos!!!!!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Your stories and pics are just priceless.
Dott really is a toy corgi, isn't she?
That big hunka hunka is a good ol' boy too!
Simply adore your blog!

Alicia said...

That was too cute!!!

When we were at Pet Smart the other day, the training lady asked if Mocha was part Corgi! Of course, we don't know exactly what she is, but she does have a little trait of Chihuahua too! What do you think???