Friday, April 17, 2009

Wow... What a Day!

Today was a really stimulating day. This morning, we got a chance to go out for our morning run while Robert got the mail. That is always a blast because we have so much energy stored up from a good night’s sleep.

Dott and I gang up on Auntie Sadie and she is just so happy to be out running free that she will do what Mom calls “Monkey Tailing”… if you are a Corgi, it is called frapping.

This tends to tick off mama so she yells and screams at everyone to quit it, which tends to make Robert yell back at her to “hush up!!!” Mama talks a lot now-a-days… LOUDLY!!! Grandpa Buddy used to do that, too, the last year or so he was around. Mom wonders if that is an “older” corgi trait… something about seein’ a nillity? I think she is just frustrated cause she can’t play much anymore, herself.

Anyway, after breakfast, Mom started getting ready to go somewhere, again. She apparently had more re-tire mints papers to do. We all did our best to be totally pitiful and begged with our eyes and guess what! She let us go this time!

We were so excited when we got our collar IDs. We drove a long time and the weather was fairly nice so they left the windows down pretty far and there were all sorts of good sniffs that we passed by… cows in the fields, and especially the diarrheas with all the cows. Mom says that’s where milk comes from.
She and Robert didn’t think THOSE sniffs were very good, but that is one of Dott’s favorite perfumes. She loves it when she finds a good patty out the back of the side pasture where there have been a lot of cows on the BLM land there lately.

We went to Mom’s old office and found out that Dad had come over in his truck. They went into the building while Robert stayed in the car with us. After that, we went and got a late lunch (Mom got us a whole hamburger to share) and went to a park to eat. THAT was AWESOME!!! … except for the leashes.

There were bunches of “smack talking” fuzzies out there… fat, sassy fuzzies that had no sense at all. Just sat there in plain sight “twittering” at us… STUPID squirrels… had us all quivering and ready to attack. We know just how tasty those rascals are… NASTY thieving fuzzies! They are few and far between at home now-a-days, and I could just “taste” them… made me DROOL!!!

After eating, we all went on a walk. We saw the strangest thing out there! There were some people out there that were really stiff. They were MAJORLY WEIRD!!! Some looked scared and some looked determined. One little girl had started to go through a puzzle, and somehow got frozen in mid-step. There was a happy family at the end, but they were still frozen.

None of us trusted those weird people. Mom and Robert walked over to them and looked at them closely and read some metal papers with words about them. I guess the papers got hit with whatever froze those people. We couldn’t go to far away, since we were on leashes, or we would have “beat feet” out of there!

Dott had been there with Robert a little while before Mom came over with mama and me. She told us that she still didn’t trust them, but that they hadn’t moved the whole time she’d been there, and that her Master had even touched them.

The three of us carefully snuck up on them, ready to run at the slightest movement. We had our “Mohawk’s”, as Mom calls them, up for a while. None of them moved, and after several minutes, mama got close enough to sniff them. There were a few pee mails on them, so I guess those poor people had been frozen quite a while ago. Nothing happened, but Dott and I had to check out each one separately just to be sure they were all frozen!

I tell you, THAT was one of the most peculiar things I’ve ever seen… I’ll bet even the mighty Mango would have been “weirded out” over those frozen people, and he is the BIGGEST, mightiest dog we know of! I heard Mom and Robert talking about that strange place. Robert told Mom that it was a Cancer Memorial, and he took a lot of pictures. Mom LOVES art things… especially what she called, “statue hairy.” This also meant a lot to her because her mother lost her fight with cancer as did my grandma, Mist and grandpa, Buddy.

Dad met us at the park… he’d still had some work to take care of for a bit before coming there. He picked us up and brought us home. He took us through a car bath place, which is kind of scary, but I’m starting to get used to. It really freaked out poor Dotty, and she crouched down in the seat and shook even though Dad and I tried to tell her it was ok.

Mom and Robert had to go and meet Mom’s niece and when they came home, they were all excited about seeing the new baby move and make faces and stuff. It is some kind of new techno stuff that takes 3-D pictures of a baby when it is still inside of its mom. I guess they thought it was pretty neat.

As I said when I started, this was really an exciting day, with all kind of new things in it for all of us. I wish we could go with Mom all the time if she’s going to do such different things when she is out. Hope you had as great a day as we did!


Hollie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!!! Thanks for sharing!

Infrared Goggles said...

Teggie would looove to help you guys chase the smack-talking fuzzies, but she is a baby and has to chase the squeak-talking stuffies... Thanks for the great story!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

REally great pics and text today. Interesting!!
Love your posts, always a good time here.