Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It’s NASTY HOT!!!!

It's has been so beautiful outside lately… we actually had a spring this year. We’ve gotten to run and play outside… it’s been a blast! Usually, we go straight from winter to summer… at least the past couple of years that Dott and I remember. Mama says that’s the way it usually is as far as she remembers, too.

One of Mom’s horses is turning a different color. Remember the “snow” picture of Tuffy, that big old palid- mino horse that Mom is watching for her son? He was a light cream color when he came and all winter long, and now, he is turning dark gold! It’s weird to watch! When we shed, we all stay the same color, but the horses seem to get darker. The red ones are just sort of darker red. Mom calls it chestnut, but that sound more like food than a color.

It was starting to get a bit cold with so much of our winter coats gone, but as of today, I don’t think we will have THAT problem for awhile. At least Mama is moving a lot better today. Last Sunday (not this Sunday, but the one before) there was snow on the mountains about an hour from us, and today, the temperature got up to the 90’s!!!

We were WIPED by the time we got back from our morning run to the mailbox! We drank a ton of water and then plopped and stretched out all over the living room and panted for half an hour. Mom said it was like running an obstacle course to walk from one end of the room to the other.

Since our water is still not running, we can’t use our cooler, so we just had fans going all day. My grandpa, Bud, used to love to lay out in front of them when it was hot. They didn’t put one down low today, so I didn’t get a chance to try it.

Robert had to make extra water runs with the big barrels in the truck to fill the horses’ water barrels because they are hot and drinking like “cam melts.” I didn’t know horses melted! They still look as big as usual to me.

When our people got back from their Bible Study, they said that there had been more snakes out on the road. They had that strange dog smell on them… again!) This is getting a bit old! They go every week and always come back smelling of a strange dog... sometimes, two! They call the usual one Daisy, but I know a dog when I smell one and that DEFINITELY is NOT a flower!

Dott followed Dad all over pushing on his leg with her nose, and sniffing very pointedly to let him know that she was not happy with him. She refused to get into his lap for a while too. Oops, Mom says I have to stop now, so I will finish this blog tomorrow… its supposed to still be hot so we should be here most all day anyway.


Mango said...

Uh oh, are they sneaking out to play with doggies that are not you?

Those must be special horses that tell you what time of year it is by their color. That's cool.


ClassyChassy said...

Love that fan picture - what a hoot!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Oh these photos are great!
Love the fan pic!
It is like an obstacle course, trying to step over dog logs, isn't it?

Hollie said...

Cute entry! I'm sitting here this morning with the heat on.