Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bummer Day!

Yesterday started out as a Bummer, and stayed that way ALL DAY! It had been kind of windy and rainy all night, but there was a bit of sun shining through the clouds by mid-morning and we all thought that we would be able to get our morning run with Robert while he walked out to the post office box to get the mail. It is almost a quarter of a mile walk, and he almost always takes us so that we can run and play in the front pasture.

Well, he started to call all of us out to go with him, and then he saw that, Dancer, the crazy young Arab, had somehow gotten out and our front driveway gate was closed, which means that he had gone visiting to the neighbor’s and they’d had to bring him home. He didn’t want any of us to get hurt or spook Dancer, so we HAD TO STAY IN THE HOUSE, instead of go on the walk! Awooooo! NOT FAIR!

He got the mail and then had to chase Dancer back up the driveway and put him back in the pasture. The funny thing, he told Mom, is that none of the gates were open, and the fence was up with no breaks, so they can’t figure out how he got out. They are really hoping that he hasn’t learned how to jump because Mom says he could get badly hurt if he doesn’t clear the barbed wire fence we have.

After that, they had to rush around to get ready to go on a road trip out to the big town. Something about “paperwork” and tack ez, and more “paperwork” for dis-agility retired-mints, and then shopping. I normally get to go shopping when they go, but they said that the paperwork stops meant I’d be in the car too long. I could tell Mom thought about it, and I did my best “sad, please take me,” look, but Robert talked her out of it… RATS!!!

I know what “paperwork” around here is, but we haven’t had to do any of that since we got old enough to use the doggy door. I know Mom doesn’t use paper for her work either… No one has said anything about agility around here for us, though Mom used to say Auntie Sadie would have made a good agility dog, and Robert says that Dott would be too. I would have been glad to retire some mints if she had any! Mom’s going to order my “Helper Dog” tags and then I should get to go most places with her…

Anyway, they were gone all afternoon. At least Dad got home late in the afternoon, but he was tired and by then it was really raining, so we still didn’t get to go out. He did try to play with me a little bit, but Mama always makes so much noise and everyone else wants to play too, so we get in a big argument, and then he quits playing before we have a fight. At least I got to snuggle with him for awhile.

The day wasn’t a TOTAL bust because Mom brought home chicken, carrots and rawhide chewies to bribe her way back into our good graces… Now who can hold a grudge for long with that kind of bribe?! NOT ME, that’s for sure!


ClassyChassy said...

That 'best sad look' should have worked! It would have worked at OUR house, anyways!!!

Infrared Goggles said...

Love those ears and sad face! How can you resist???

^..^Corgidogmama said...

These pictures and text are just priceless.
The saga continues, I'm sure!
Oh....those faces!