Saturday, June 13, 2009

BG’s Report on the Home Front:

I came back from combat to find that “Doug Dog,” is trying to horn in on my Mom’s affections in many sneaky ways. I am constantly having to be on the lookout that he stays out of my Dad’s chair, away from my Mom, and out of OUR waterbed!

Take this morning… I absolutely HAD to go outside for a few minutes, and what did I find upon my return? That DOG had been on Mom’s bed! I could smell him.

He had gotten up there and ROLLED all over Dad’s side of the bed! I got in there just in time to see him smirk and jump down.

Mom keeps telling me to “be nice…” and I am trying to be, but REALLY! Is NOTHING sacred?! THAT is our BED!!!

Sure, he is lonely and wants someone to love on him. I’m sure that he really craves a “truly HIS person…” but Mom and Dad are MY people!

And, he keeps bugging my sister, Dott. She is trying to be nice too, because our people keep telling us we have to be.

He follows her around all the time unless she goes into her room through her little door that isn’t big enough for the rest of us, or gets on her recliner by Mom’s computer in the Front Room, where Mom won’t let him get to her.

I guess he IS sad because he doesn’t have his own person. I hope that we will either find his people, though no one has advertised for him, or that he will be able to go to the shelter on the coast where the dogs Mom’’s Sister takes find excellent homes right away.

They have waiting lists for some breeds, and the homes are screened to be sure they are good ones.

I think they'd better hurry though because Mom has a tendency (as mentioned before) to fall in love with the foster animals she takes in...

Sadie plays with him, and is pretty nice to him, and she tells me I should be nice to him too. I GUESS, I could TRY to be nicer.

It shouldn’t be much longer, and we DO want to give his people, if he has some that want him, a chance to find him. I would hate for someone not to let MY people have a chance to find me if I got lost…

NOTE from Dott: Martha, we would be happy to have you or Bailey join the CAF (Corgi Air Force) as it is run like the Foreign legion and anyone who wants to join is welcome, but since you are so far away, you might want to start a Bassett Bombardier Group… what do you think? Would you need permission from OWAS Commander Tank?


Martha Basset said...

Poor Doug Dog! He must be feeling sad - even worse when nobody seems to be looking for him! You know if we got lost our humans would be frantic.
That is probably why he can be a bit of a pain sometimes.
We think he had better find a home soon cos your mum will end up loving him - we already love him and we havent even met him!
We know how much happier we are now that we have a home - we all need to belong to that special someone.
Oh dear - lets hope he finds his forever home soon.
We were very excited by Dott's suggestion of a Basset Bombardier Group!
Yes we must go off and ask Tank - is he the Commander for the whole world wide web?
We do hope so.
Have a lovely weekend over there in corgi country.
Martha & Bailey xxx

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Doug is one lukhky fella!

I'm sure he'll find someone to be his furever person - even if he hasn't found them yet!

Please be sure to teach him well!


the TN Bull Terrors said...

Doug Dog sure is cute, & ya'll are great for lettin him have a chance for his own peoples. Keep up the good work!

Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzaBella ^..^

chicamom85 said...

Sasha here from the Michigan OWAS group. BG I would not want anyone else in my house and the nerve of the other dog to roll in the bed. That is my job, I would put my paw down right there. But as I am a rescue dog myself, my heart has to go out to the stranger, so please be nice and my Mom and I hope that a home is found soon. It brings back sad memories for me. Above all however keep your nose on the job at hand, SQUIRRELS!

Licks and sniffs, Sasha(new recruit)

a corgi said...

poor Doug; he must be so lonesome missing his family; I'm glad you are trying to get along with him even though he is trying to take over your house/bed!! I'm hopeful he will either be reunited soon or get a new home with a loving family


Kritter Keeper said...

you have a good heart! the poor dog might want to stay with you all!!! seems like a love bug. and so cute!