Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Intel, but No Tank…

Sorry that this Report has taken so long to put together. Mom ended up having to work as a substitute for a lady at her church, and since her internal clock runs at night and not in the early morning, she is having some MAJOR transition problems, and has been “wiped” when she gets home. At least that’s what she says, though I haven’t seen any wipes come out, unless they attack her as she collapses for a nap when she gets home.

BG had a mystery injury which made him limp for several days. Mom couldn’t find a single thing wrong… no swelling, redness, heat, etc. so she has just been observing and he is doing better now.

Dott’s been called by nature and is getting heated up, so there is the logistics of trying to keep hormonal dogs under control, and blogger hasn't let us upload our vids for our report though we tried for several hours. Mom's going to try and help us again, today. Well, enough of the excuses… we will have to catch you up on the home front later.

OWAS Report by OC:

As per my last report, we had gone up to the mountains in hope that the intel we had gotten about Tank’s whereabouts would pan out.

We spent time sniffing out the area, and checking everything out thoroughly for squirrels, and heard them fairly constantly in the trees.

After a time, our contact, “Spot”, showed up, carefully checking around him for squirrel agents…

Align CenterWe all put on a bit of a show for the humans,

but did manage to get close enough for an information transfer.

BG and I discussed a bit of the information “Spot” had passed on, but had to wait until we got home to check the contents of the microchip he gave us.

We are still working on the ramifications of the picture contained on the microchip “Spot” passed us, and doing further investigation…
Official OWAS Report Concluded… OC

After making contact, we were able to get in a little R & R while Dad enjoyed his special Day. Of course we kept our eyes and ears open, but we enjoyed wading in the creek, and drinking that clean, cold mountain stream water was just heavenly.

It was so peaceful and calm up there.

The creek was lined with little wild roses in bloom, as well as other wildflowers, which Mom and Dad thought were very pretty.

We love our humans and were so glad that they had fun. We did too, AND got important information.


chicamom85 said...

Excellant report, I love the informative videos. My Mom says to give your Mom a break whatever that means because Moms work really hard. Just ignore my Mom, I do. It looks like your scouting mission had a bit of fun in it. I might like to visit that area some day myself.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

chicamom85 said...

p.s. I hope BG is ok, it might be a good fake for attention if so, right on.


ocmist said...

I think that he might have jumped off the picnic table, landed wrong and twisted something. He is putting weight on his leg more and more now. The vid was taken after the first couple of days when he was already starting to touch the ground with his foot. Poor Baby (OC's Mom)

ClassyChassy said...

Thanks for the report! I always enjoy seeing what the dogs are up to! Interesting squirrel picture - amazing bionics!

The Beasts- Royal, Brock, Alki & Iggy said...


Hi there corgis! We are 4 fellow dog bloggers, & corgi fans (2 of our best friends are corgis!) & love your blog. Just wanted to say hi!

The Beasts; Royal, Brock, Alki & Iggy

p.s.- we HATE squirrels.