Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Grammy’s got a new thing called a scale, but it doesn’t look like it belongs on either a fish OR a lizard.

Apparently, if you stand on it, it will tell you how much you weigh, and since Mama OC and BG are on diets, they have to use it every once in a while.

Robert is being pretty good about it, and takes us for our morning mail-run walk (so we can get anything out of us that might need to come out) before we weigh.
He says that will help... especially when we get all worked up if the neighbor dogs threaten!

They weigh us by having Robert weigh, and then he picks us up and holds us while Grammy looks at the scale.

They weighed me first. I don’t have any problems with my weight. They all say I eat birds, which I don’t unless Auntie catches one and shares…Mmm… maybe what they said was “like a bird.” I think I've just got a “discerning palette.” Grammy says I’m just totally picky. Check out this svelte body...

BG checked out the scale pretty closely, and then had his turn.
He’s not called “Chunky Butt” around here for nothing!

Anyway, Mama was grumbling about having to be weighed, and Auntie was kind of “snickering” in the background, which REALLY ticked Mama off. BG tried to distract Auntie and get her to play with him, but Mama was already ready to chew Auntie’s face off when Robert put her back down.

BG and I almost got things calmed down between Mama and Auntie… until Auntie reached over and said something into Mama’s ear.

I had to get between them so that Mama wouldn’t totally go off on Auntie. I did my best to distract Auntie so that she would quit teasing Mama, and I talked to them both until they decided to drop it.

I did my best to distract Auntie so that she would quit teasing Mama, and at least there wasn’t a big fight. Aren’t you proud of me?


Kritter Keeper said...

what cute babies! i would like to hold them! what do the neighbor dogs do? are they nice or mean?

Martha Basset said...

We dont like those scale things in our house - we dont know what they are for but our mum stands on them and is then is a bad mood!
We enjoyed your post and seeing your videos. We liked seeing the horses and you all running about barking!
Martha & Bailey xx

a corgi said...

we have one of those scales here at our house too, OC and I tell you Koda and me avoid it as much as possible. I'm so chicken I make my hubby hold Koda on one of those rather than me step on them myself.

enjoyed the pictures and you telling this story! I hope you all have a great day


Alicia said...

Linda...that was so cute!! Your puppies are adorable!!

Meg said...

I don't know who's who! I need a cast of characters.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

What a crew! Love 'em!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Khwite the khute khorgi khrew!