Friday, June 26, 2009

It was a Trick... We Hope!

Since OWAS has been disbanded, I’ll just catch you up on what is going on here with our Corgi Country Squirrel Wars.

You will be happy to hear that we found out, through more of our contacts, that “Spot” was actually a double agent-- a squirrel in a dog suit. I THOUGHT that he was awful little, and terribly nervous!

We believe that the squirrels were trying to frighten us with their faked up picture of a warrior robot squirrel, but we have found that they really don’t have the technology for that, and we don’t believe that they came from a future where the squirrels have taken over the world… we hope… but aren’t so sure now that they have taken over Dozer’s place, etc.

Anyway, since, as stated in our 100 Dog Years War History, we have been at this for a long time, and don’t plan to give up, at least in this area, we are still doing our best with the remnants of what is left of the OWAS technology we have. We are thankful to have had it and honored that we were able for awhile, to join forces with all you other brave dogs out there.

As I have mentioned before, our squirrel wars started about 14 years ago, when Mom started noticing that her pecan tree wasn’t putting out as many pecans as it used to, and THEN she found HUGE PILES of pecan shells beside the squirrel holes just outside our back fence.

Since Sadie came a few years ago, she has gotten more, since that tree is in the yard and Sadie guards it… though she does tend to eat some of the pecans herself at times. (She’s taught BG & Dott how to shell them, and they really aren’t to bad) Still, Mom can pick them off the tree before they fall now, where the squirrels climbed the trees and got them before she got the chance before.

Mom might have let that pass, but then she was looking out the kitchen window into the enclosed back porch, and saw a squirrel sitting up on the table where she used to keep 3 gallon plastic bins with various emergency foods. The little sucker had one paw holding up the lid, and the other paw was inside grabbing a bag of instant oatmeal. When she went outside and looked into the bin, ALL of the bags (it had BEEN full) were gone with only a few scattered oat flakes left!

She got another bin that was huge and made of really heavy plastic. She put aluminum sheets on the inside, and put the emergency food (we are only a few miles from the San Andreas fault line) in THAT a year or so ago.

A month or so ago, she found that they had EATEN THROUGH the back side of THAT!!!

They’ve chewed holes in the panels we put over the window into the hay room so that they can get in to eat on our hay and the horse’s grain until we put THAT in big trash cans with lids.

What REALLY ticked Mom off was that they ATE her $140 handwoven, rawhide Peruvian Bosal that she had gotten for riding Cory, since he is a Peruvian Paso Horse. It had been on the wall of the tack room. She was down for a long time a few years ago with her back problems, and one of her sons had the horses. When they came back and she went into the tack room, all she found was the very end of the eaten reins!!! She was NOT happy!!!

There are a bunch of other things they’ve done… too much to list, but suffice it to say, SHE has NO PROBLEM with us waging war on the renegade squirrels around here. She says that maybe tree squirrels and red squirrels and grey squirrels… ones that aren’t ground squirrels… are nicer, so we should try to be tolerant of those that like them. She even had a chipmunk as a pet that she raised when she was a kid, so she can see some people liking them... And, I guess they DID save Hector Wheelie (See Mango's Wed. blogs)...


chicamom85 said...

Are pecans good? They look good. I still don't trust those thieving furry little rodents and I don't think you should either. I will always be on my guard and protect my family as I am sure you will be doing also. I am going to try and find some pecans now.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Mango said...

I think there must be some rogue gang of squirrel thugs living at your place. Ours tend to keep their distance and not mess with my stuff.

Stay alert little short legged doggies.


a corgi said...

amazing how clever those squirrels were to get into your emergency stash (wise that you have one living so close to the fault). Wow!! I can see why war would have to be declared and continually fought against them

yum with having a pecan tree!

just was talking with our neighbor this morning about our wildlife in the area and he says he traps the squirrels that come into his yard and then takes them to the park to let them out since they are always eating the food he puts out for the birds


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Those tree lobsters are sooooo freakin' rude!

Tank woo fur the history lesson!


Martha Basset said...

You do have to watch those squirrels - they are getting into everything.
Martha & Bailey

We are having some trouble getting your blog to load - might just be our computer - all the blogs with music are a problem for us!!!

ocmist said...

So sorry, Martha. I've been wondering about that and have been thinking about taking it off. I probably will if it is causing people problems. I might try just putting on a couple of songs and see if that is better first. Let me know! Linda (OC's Mom)

Allison (Dog Mom) said...

Hey--tanks fur visitin' arr bloggie! It seemz dat da skwirrel battle iz big and feerss. If we all iz wurking togefur, maybee we can mayk a diffrenss.

Gus and Waldo

Meg said...

Well...I can see why you might have a problem or two with squirrels!! No wonder you have a squirrel patrol.