Tuesday, June 9, 2009

VERY BUSY weekend...

This was a VERY BUSY weekend! On Saturday, Mom got several calls fairly early.

First her sister called to say that they (she and her friend that does dog rescues) had found a Corgi running around and the people in the area had told them that he had been out there several days. Mom had told them before, that if they needed foster care for a week or so for any corgi or corgi mixes they found, we would do it.

It hasn’t been too bad so far, because the ones that have come have been pups or large, outdoor dogs. One of my brothers, Zen ( the black one) came back for a couple of months while his Mom found another place to live that took dogs, and it only took a day or to, for us to start getting along again.

Robert went on into town and picked up the corgi we are calling Doug. WE found all this out, when he got home and started to introduce us… We are not really happy about this one at all! For one thing, he is a full male, and he has a bit of an attitude.

Now, I ask you, if someone is doing you a FAVOR and letting you into THEIR OWN home, shouldn’t you show a little appreciation!

Doug hasn’t really been mean or anything, but he keeps marking EVERYTHING… including IN THE HOUSE. Mom is NOT thrilled about THAT!

They are working on that, but when WE try to tell him while they are talking to him about something, they get mad at us!

Dott hates hearing the word “NO,” and goes into her “Chi-shivers” as Mom calls them. She’s very nervous around him anyway, because he keeps following her around everywhere she goes. She finally told him in no uncertain terms to "Get your nose out of my TUSH!!!"

I guess that I should try to be nice to him since he doesn’t have a home… at least as far as we know. That is being checked on, and he will go to a No-kill shelter on the coast to find a new home if no one claims him.

The second call was from a young man about Dancer. Mom had put Dancer (aka. Crazy Horse) on Craigslist because she wanted him to have a good home where someone would have the time and ability to train him. He wanted to be loved on and have someone to pay attention to him all the time, and would chase old Cory all over the pastures. This was really bad for Cory’s bad leg.

Though he was a very smart horse, he was also pretty hyper type, too, and needed someone to challenge him and give him a chance to feel useful. With Mom’s back problems, she just couldn’t be on her feet long enough to work with him, or take the chance of being yanked around by an unbroken young horse.

The young man came over to see him early Saturday afternoon. He really liked him and decided to buy him, so he went down into the little town near us to get his uncle’s trailer so that he could haul him to his place, about 40 miles away.

That trailer was to short, and Dancer was not trained to load, and bumped his head the first time he thought about going in, so we ended up borrowing an open topped stock trailer from our neighbor, and finally got him loaded after about 2 ½ hours.

Mom was very impressed with the way the young man handled Dancer, talking to him and not pushing him too hard, etc. We hauled him to his new home (I got to go) very slowly so that he wouldn’t have a problem with the wind in his eyes or ears, and Mom got to see the beautiful, young Paso Fino that the young man had trained, and that also helped her to feel better about letting Dancer go.

She still cried a little and hugged and petted me a lot, because Mom tends to fall in love with all the animals she takes in. I was happy to help her get through her sadness, though, and snuggled up to her very close, giving her little licks and telling her I loved her.

This is getting pretty long, so I will probably have to finish it later. Mom has to use the computer a lot lately, what with getting things ready for her CafePress Shop, writing her Bible Study blog on Proverbs, Twittering, email, and Facebook, so our time is limited. We really need high speed internet or better yet, our own computer! BG


Mango said...

You are doing a good service to let that poor little orphan dog stay with you for a while. Just don't let him push you around too much.

I am glad Dancer found a good home, but your mom must be very sad right now.


Meg said...

I would have cried, too.

a corgi said...

I'm glad you found a loving home for Dancer and I understand your reasoning for him to go to a new home, but I know it saddened you too; they become members of our families

so kind of you all to share your home with Doug for a few days; I do not think Koda would have been half as kind as you guys were


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'm with Mango!

Tank woo fur sharing and kharing!


Martha Basset said...

You are doing a great job trying to help Doug but we know sometimes male dogs with their 'bits' can be a bit dominant! Lets hope he settles.
We understand that your mom gets attached to the animals ours would be the same and is full of admiration for foster carers.
It is such a selfless thing to do - putting the animals first even though it is hard for you.
Martha & Bailey xxx

Kritter Keeper said...

i am sorry about dancer and i pray the young man gives him the best home ever...will you visit to check on him?

ocmist said...

Yes, and he promised to bring him by once he is trained. His uncle only lives about 2 miles from us. His little Paso Fino was magnificent! Linda (OC's Mom)