Friday, June 5, 2009

Injured Hero…

Yesterday my son, BG, saved me from those nasty neighbor dogs. They’ve been a pain for quite a while, but Robert had been able to yell at them and get them to go home over the past couple of years if they came out. A month or so ago, they added a new half-grown Australian Cattle Dog to the mix. He is a real pain, and doesn’t listen very well… even to his own people.

Anyway, when we went out for our mail run with Robert, I wasn’t feeling real chipper (stormy weather has moved in and I’ve gotten stiff).

I only walked down about halfway to the box, then sat down to wait for the others to come back. Robert didn’t notice because he was watching them and getting the mail.

The neighbor dogs saw me there by myself, and decided to come across to attack me! Robert turned when he heard them coming and started to yell at them, and that got Sadie’s and my pup’s attention. They all turned and headed back toward me at full speed.

BG and Sadie saw that to head them off before they got to me, they would have to break the rules and go through the fence. They ducked through in a big hurry, and cut those mean dogs off, just before they got to the fence line… about 15 feet from me.

The two older ones saw BG and Sadie closing in and Robert right behind them, and decided to head for home. The young one stopped, undecided for a few minutes, which gave Robert a chance to get close enough to make him decide to follow the others.
We came on home and a little later, Robert noticed that BG had gotten a gash from the barbed wire when he had gone through. We looked at the pictures he had taken and could clearly see it on some of them when we enlarged them. It had sliced him on his left hip, clear through his skin and was about an inch and a half long.
Out here in the country, Mom has had to learn to do first aid and minor surgeries. She had to do a little surgery on Beeg. She cleaned up, disinfected, shaved the wound, deadened the area with a topical, and then put in a couple of stitches. He will be taking penicillin for the next week, and is not to happy about the pair of modified underwear that he has to wear to keep him out of the wound.

I am so proud of him… and even little Dott was ready to fight them (as usual). The two are really big Australian Shepherds… about 3 times BG’s size and 6-7 times Dott’s. I suppose I should thank Sadie… sort of… but I think that Robert did enough of that, so I probably won’t.

Mom was really proud and happy with BG because he laid so still and was so good during all the things she had to do to get him fixed up. The only time he wiggled was each time she bit him in the butt with the needle, but that was really quick both times and he laid very still while she tied the stitches.

I wanted to show the details, but she and Robert were to busy to take any pictures until after everything was done. BG isn’t to happy with his new britches, but Mom doesn’t want him to pull on his stitches.


Martha Basset said...

Oh my goodness, how awful to be attacked! We are really sorry this has happened but agree you are a hero!
Take it easy and get better soon.
Martha & Bailey xxx

Meg said...

I'm glad everything turned out OK, but those britches are funny!!

ClassyChassy said...

Now those panties are ingenuity at its finest! Glad everyone is okay, and that is a true HERO in the dog kingdom!!!

Kritter Keeper said...

poor baby, would it be possible to install red brand horse fence with the small rectangular squares on your side? his little pants are so cute!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Oh no!

I bet that sooo made fur some excitement -

Woo are lukhy - furry lukhky -

It is also a great thing you've got a vet tekhh type on site!

Happy Healing!


a corgi said...

oh my goodness, what an adventure for you all, OC! those mean old dogs! I'm so glad Robert was there to help you and that your other family members were there to fight along side! I hope those other dogs stay away from you guys now!

I admire your mom for being able to put stitches into BG! That would take a lot of patient I think to try to stitch up a dog! He looks cute with his modified bandage and I hope he heals quickly


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Love the panties.
My little girl corgi and I were walking our quiet neighborhood 2 yrs. ago on Mother's Day.
A pit bull, who wasn't supposed to be living in the rental property that it was, dashed out of a house, and attacked us. I was on the ground, and it bit my girl on her front paw. It was a nightmare! I got those people evicted, and the dogs gone. 2 years later, my corgi still will not walk past our drive...she's still spooked and so am I!

Infrared Goggles said...

I LOVE the britches, poor thing looks adorable, hope he mends quickly! :)

Angela said...

I hate to hear that!!! You are soooo lucky that your momma knows how to fix you up!!!

Get well soon!!!

Dozer and Coop said...

Your Mum rocks! We'd let her operate on us anytime. Now the underwear thing is a little strange but our Mum says it is tres fashionable. Kind of reminds of us a little person with lederhosen or somethun.

Love you, Dozer, Dottie and Cooper

JAN'S PLACE said...

what great corgis.. they are wonderdogs!!

Mango said...

That is super scary. I hate it when there are mean dogs around. We have a new dog (a big old German Shepherd) in our neighborhood. His owner makes him live in his garage (no wonder he's grouchy) and when we see him on walkies we go the other way.

Good thing your mom is so handy, even making that nice outfit for you.

Get better soon.