Friday, May 29, 2009

Just a Little Snack…

Like Mama OC told you a while back, Mom has had us ALL on a diet. She isn’t putting out the food bowls now and leaving them out. She puts them down, watches us eat, and if we walk away (like to check out someone else’s bowl, which is simply a NORMAL part of eating) she picks the bowl up and puts it away! We are getting desperate!

Yesterday evening, Auntie Sadie decided that she was going to do something about it, and went hunting. Mom noticed she wasn’t around, but she was busy catching up on emails, and I kept on distracting her if she looked up.

Auntie was lucky and caught a half grown rabbit. She brought it in (very quietly) and took it into Mom and Dad’s bedroom to clean out the innards and then eat her fill. Finally, she let me have some. Boy was I a happy camper! I brought out the head and part of the skin and laid down beside Mom’s foot to eat.

I figured that she might get the hint if she saw that we were doing OUR part in getting food for ourselves. She was so busy that she didn’t notice for awhile. Then, Dad decided he was going to get up from his chair and go to bed, so he had her look around to make sure none of us were under the foot part of his recliner... and that’s when she noticed me chewing on the bunny’s head an inch or so from her foot.

Good grief! She’s seen dead rabbit parts before… maybe not in the living room… inches from her foot… SUDDENLY… Did you know that Mom’s can ROAR!!! I HAVE big ears! I USED TO hear perfectly well! I did the wise thing and levitated to the other end of the room and THEN peeked back around the corner.

She calmed down a bit and told me to stay there, then mumbled something about getting the camera because no one would believe it. I just wanted to get my rabbit head and go outside, but she had Dad keep watch until she took (or tried to take) pictures using that new camera that is supposed to have a light... but she couldn’t get it to work. She finally found a flashlight and tried that way. She told me to take it outside, but after her first reaction, I didn't think I should go near it.

THEN, she grabbed it and threw it outside! MY RABBIT HEAD!!! AND I’M STARVING!!! Needless to say, after all of that, Dad wasn’t to happy with Auntie Sadie for cleaning the innards out of her meal on the floor beside his bed, which he found when he finally got in there. (No pics cause Mom said you wouldn't appreciate them...)

Dad’s can ROAR too! Sadie disappeared… Mom had to go get a ziplock bag and pick up the pieces, etc. Neither of them are very happy with me and Auntie today… Dott had already gone to bed and Mama made herself pretty scarce too when the “grisly discovery” as Mom calls it, was made. Sadie wasn't happy to find out that she is ineligible for the hunting award because she's part of the family, too.

Mama’s mad at Auntie for getting me in trouble and “corrupting a minor.” I’m not sure what that means because I really don’t dig enough to be called a miner... at least I don’t think so…

Thursday, May 28, 2009

“Top 10 Blogs that Make My Heart Smile” Award/s

Angela at West Virginia Treasures gave us this “Top 10 Blogs that Make My Heart Smile” Award. That is so sweet! Thanks so much Angela. Her blog is very beautiful, with lots of interesting info and pictures on W. Virginia and the “treasures” she has found there. Mom really loves it.

The rules for this award are ~~~

1. The winner may put the logo on their blog
2.Put a link to the person who sent you the award
3.Nominate 10 blogs
4. Leave a message for your nominees for: Top Ten Blogs that Makes Me Smile

We have so many blogs we love to read, that it was very hard to narrow it down to only ten, but here are my picks (Some of my picks were picked by Angela in HER top ten so I didn't put them in here... like Expressly Corgi..):

1. Check out the relentlessly HUGE
Mango and his family’s adventures
Cathy Santarsiero and The Christmas Corgi… Her corgi artwork will crack you UP!!!
The life and times of Dozer, Cooper and Dottie ... Quite an interesting mix of personalities!
My Favorite People Are Dogs ... Life with Cooper and Carly, the Cooper Creek Cardigans (Just won Dott's hunting award)
5. Infrared Goggles photography and Corgi Puppy Teggy

Travis: A Dog Like No Other – blog of an Australian Dog with TONS of friends and contests (He looks a lot like BG in his pics, but he is really big in reality)
Coco the Princess Blog -Teacup Chihuahua and her sisters. They host the Friday Diva Contest
8. The famous (or imaginative)
Diego Dog : Another BIG little dog!
9. Khyra the Siberian Husky’s blog- Friend to all and has very interesting misc. info as well!
10. Benny’s Big Beautiful Blog: This Corgi just moved to California from Singapore. His people do Canine Massage Therapy

Congratulations to all who won!!! Dott, give them all "a hand!"

Now, please pass this award along to the Ten Blogs that Makes Your Heart Smile!!! OC

(Mom in background SCREECHING: Yuck! BG! How Gross!!! GET THAT OUT OF HERE!!!)

Uh, oh… Someone will fill you in tomorrow… I’ve got to go see what my son’s been up to…See ya!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Award for Cooper…

I’ve decided to start a club. It will be the “Dott’s Mighty Hunter Club Award.” We were going to call it “Dott’s Mighty Corgi Hunter Club Award,” but we have gotten so many other doggy breed friends that I took the Corgi part off.

Today’s award is for Cooper (who IS a Corgi... a cardigan) from “My Favorite People Are Dogs Blog.”

Since, apparently, he is new at this, I did go ahead and give him some adivce in his comment section. You can check if you are interested.

I know that we have read about a few other hunting dogs out there over the past month or so, like BG, who thinks HE should get this award too, but Mom says we can't give someone on our own blog an award as it's a "con-flicked of in-tourists." Anyway, if you have an “I got ‘em... hunting post," let me know and I will post an award for you too!

Mom's NOT real happy about this as she hates it when we catch something, but WE think that it's pretty neat, and I'm sure most of you doggy friends think it's quite an accomplishment too! After all, it IS our blog... Dott

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

I just wanted to say that around Corgi Country, we support our Troops, and are thankful for people like Dad who served their country in our armed services.

My Dad is a veteran from the Vietnam Era, and he was despised and rejected during that time, though he was just trying to serve our country. Now, people are making it up to our veterans and giving them the honor I believe they deserve and deserved.

My Dad is a wonderful and brave man and we are proud to call him our Dad! He will serve tomorrow in our town’s American Legion Honor Squad salute to the Veteran’s at the Cemetery, as he did last year.

My Mom and Dad have several friends that they remember on Memorial Day that served their country and are gone now, so we just wanted to take time to pay them tribute.

Proud to be the American Pembroke Welsh Corgis of Corgi Country! OC, BG & Dott

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dott's Godiva Diva Contest Entry for this week...

Coco came over and said I still had time to put in my Diva Contest pics for this week’s contest, so here goes…

In the morning, after Master gets up, I go in and go to sleep with Grammy (she works online until 2-3 a.m. so she sleeps in more than he does)

I like to do things MY way. I enjoy hunting… I figure if the lady that ran for Vice President can hunt, then so can I!

And have a special spot on top of the couch where I can keep watch out of the window.

I go with Master down to get the mail,

and tell those neighbor dogs that they’d best not fuss with ME!!!

If I come and beg while Grammy is working,

and put my cold nose on her elbow enough, she always gives me treats.

I also am a published author of my own book!

When it’s time for bed, Master fixes up my own special bowl EVERY NIGHT with my crunchies on the bottom, covered by shredded cheese and then puts a smiley face of bits of my favorite dog jerky treats on top. I go and kiss Papa goodnight, then go to Grammy and kiss her goodnight (and get a jerky treat from her) and then follow Master and my special bowl into the bedroom. There is a door made just for me so that I am the only one that can get into his room.

In MY room, I sleep on satin sheets!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Mom’s Back on That “Diet” kick Again…

DARN! Mom’s back on that “Diet” kick again! She kept wondering why I wasn’t losing weight and seemed to be gaining it, and she started paying closer attention (SPYING on me!) and caught me sneaking some of the pup’s food.

Dott, especially, tends to leave some of hers… especially if someone forgets to put her shredded cheese or some other goody on top. NOW, Mom is putting down the food bowls, WATCHING us eat, and if we don’t eat right away, she PICKS THEM BACK UP (said in a wailing tone) and puts them away!

And she doesn’t give ME nearly enough to feed a rodent!!! (Note from Mom: Aren’t you laying it on a bit thick, OC?) Ok… So she does give me carrots, a slice of yam, or some roasted chicken breast jerky as snacks in between those two TINY drops of food she feeds me in the morning and evening.

I tell you, I’m STARVING out here! Horse apples are fine for small snacks, but they aren’t very filling!

Carrots aren’t too bad,
and the pups like them a lot,
but I’M A CORGI…
not a RABBIT!

Mango, Please... come help me! You should be big enough to make her listen! Maybe if you, Travis and Khyra

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Miserably HOT!!!

It has been miserably hot here! Auntie Sadie told us that while we are all at the beach and nice and cool, she was sweltering in over 100 degreen heat. I know that the heat has sucked all the green out of anything on the ground, so I guess that’s what she’s talking about. Poor Auntie… she hardly ever gets to go anywhere.

Grammy’s TV has been talking about breaking a lot of records. Apparently, if it gets to hot, some of those old black things that she likes to play sometimes, gets broken. All I know is that it’s too hot to go outside much at all the past few days unless it’s at night, and Grammy doesn’t like it if I’m out to long at night because she says I’m the size of a Jackrabbit and a hawk or owl might try to get me.

Speaking of Jack’s, the other day when we got home a little before dusk, there were two HUGE old Jackrabbits by the stock-gate down our driveway. My Master got out to open the gate and since we’d seen them, Grammy let me and BG out too, and we chased them clear across the pasture.

To bad they had such a huge head start on us. We almost caught one anyway, but Grammy called us back. She told Master that I had gone so fast, she was almost afraid I’d catch one and that, since it was bigger than me, it might hurt me.

I’m sure I could have held onto it long enough for Beeg to get there and help me… THAT would have been a MAJOR feast! I guess Grammy would have probably made us give it up anyway before it got ripe enough though. She’s funny that way.

Today I had a horrendous experience! I’ve been begging Master to take me on a “water run” with him for a long time… he has to go each day to haul water in big barrels in the truck until we can get our waterline fixed—I think BG might have mentioned that before.

Anyway, he went ahead and took me this time. He put me in the back of the truck while he was hooking up the hose to the waterline at the meter, and put the other end of the hose into one of the big barrels. I was so happy to be with him and finally find out what he has been doing. He turned on the water and something he called a “surge” happened and the hose turned into a huge, living snake that thrashed all over the place!!!

He ended up all wet, and I just barely dodged out of the way of the water so that I wasn’t drowned, but I still got a little wet. Now I don’t mind getting into the water on my own, but THAT thing was SCARY!!! I shook all the way home, and hid when I got here. Master felt really bad and kissed up all day…

Grammy was extra nice to me, too, and finally coaxed me out with jerky treats. I forgave Master, but I don’t know if I’ll want to get into the back part of the truck next time. I think I’ll stay in the seat if he takes me again.

Mama had a really hard night last night because she had run around a little with us yesterday afternoon. Grammy had to carry her to bed, and gave her more of her medicine. It made Grammy cry. Mama felt better today. She did take it pretty easy all day, only getting up when she had to go outside for a few minutes or get a drink. Tonight, Grammy wouldn’t let her go out when she went to feed the horses, and that made Mama sad.