Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Prayer Request…

When we first started blogging, our very first blog found us two wonderful new friends. The first one to comment was Betty from A Corgi in Southern California, and the second was Nancy from Our Life: Dozer and Cooper’s blog. We have happily followed them the past few years through ups and downs, along with adding so many more of you.  We have been so blessed and have gotten close to so many through our blog.  The support we have seen from this community for everyone has been awesome, and now it is needed again.

We just found out that Koda, Betty’s corgi, has been diagnosed with Lymphoma, a type of cancer. They are going to try chemotherapy and see how things go. Some dogs have gone into permanent remission with this treatment. Please go by and read her post, and help support her with prayers for the family and for Koda.

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Country Corgi’s Day…

This morning started out with a mail run for me and Mercy. Dad (Robert) lets us go with him when he goes down to get the mail because we listen to him even when those neighbor dogs come out and yell nasty things at us.  We get a bit excited...

First, of course, we must leave peemail…  and do a quick check on the enemy's position...

Then we head down the drive to the mailbox… 

Double check the position of the enemy… 

Ooooo! Check out that double rainbow! 

Wow! The grain hay our neighbor planted for us is starting to sprout! 

After GrandPaw got the mail, we noticed some kind of critter – probably a ground squirrel or chipmunk- had a new hole in the dirt by the driveway… 

It’s still in there! I’ll get it! 

I’m going in! 

Mom! GrandPaw is calling us. We’d better get going. 

Daaaadddd… I wasn’t finished yet!

Dad… I am NOT happy with you calling us in before I caught that critter! 

I’m going to go chew on a rawhide and pretend IT’S the critter!

Later, we went out back so Dad could let Cory out of his pen. 

Tuffy had been up the hill grazing, and came charging down when he saw Cory loose!

Pip got in his way and got his foot stepped on! He was really lucky he wasn’t hurt badly, but he tucked and rolled as Tuffy thundered over him. Grammy checked for broken bones and didn't find any, so she put frozen Otter Pops around his leg and wrapped it. She held him for about an hour, wrapped in a blanket, to keep him from getting shocky since he was shivering. After he settled, he went in and laid on the bed for several hours, then chewed off the bandage that held those frozen things on his leg and just barely has a limp now.

This evening, while Grammy was getting ready to hang up Papa’s work clothing in the little closet in the living room, she got a surprise. Apparently a country critter decided that it’s been to cold to stay outside, so it came in and decided to stay in the closet for a while. SURPRISE!

Grammy double checked it’s tail and then decided that it could stay since it will take care of any mice that might decide to live in that closet. 

Well, have a good day! We did! Except, maybe, Grammy...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mr. Mango’s Request…

Since Mama OC is sleeping a lot lately and probably won’t notice, and since I, Dott, have taken over as Alpha corgi here in Corgi Country, I have decided to honor Mr. Mango’s request in our last post's comments, to also share some things about our Auntie Sadie.

(1) Hi, everyone! My name is Sadie aka. Silly Sadie, Shady Sadie Lady, or AOL (This is what they call me in OC’s hearing and refers to the fact that I am pitch black and it’s hard to take a picture of me… hence Absence Of Light.)

(2) I am about 7 years old and was a rescued dog. (This picture was from 2 days after I came here about 6 years ago. I was pretty thin.) Grammy had just lost her old “Shadow” who took the Bridge at 17 years old. She had gotten him when he wasn’t even two months old, and really missed him.

He was a Border Collie/Shepherd mix. She had also trained a black Border Collie when she was in High School that she really loved, and she said I looked a lot like them.

(3) I was totally thrilled to be rescued into a home that loves their dogs like Grammy and Papa love us, but OC, who had loved Shadow, and had recently been hurt and couldn’t do her “herding of the goats” job, got really jealous of me spending time with Grammy and “That young whipper snapper taking MY job!!!...” Corgis have LONG memories, and she has never gotten over that time… :(

(4) I am VERY SMART (like most Border Collies, I’m told) and learn things very quickly… sometimes just by watching without any formal training! I learned to bring things to Grammy, herd the goats (when we had them) and the horses, and do tricks that Grammy teaches the corgis.

I also learned to be a gentle, loving Auntie to the corgi pups. (BG & Dott when they were pups, and the new pups, Gimli, Mercy & Pip, now.)

(5) I will admit that sometimes I get a kick out of “being especially nice” to OC (the old biddie) by going up to her, licking her face and smiling at Grammy, while OC grumbles and fusses and Dott keeps a close eye to see that a fight doesn’t start.… :)

(6) Now that OC can’t go out running with us very often (not at all this past winter) I get to play with Grammy when we go out on runs and that is like heaven to me! I just get so thrilled that they say I “get goofy” and “monkey tail” all over the place.

(7) I really DO try to stay out of fights and run to get behind Grammy whenever one starts now-a-days. I do tend to warn them and then defend myself, some, when one or more of the corgis (especially OC) starts gnawing on my legs during the middle of a fight.

Thank you, Mr. Mango, for asking about me so that Her Highness, Dott, allowed me to tell a little about myself, too!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Dozer Gave us An Award!

Our pal, Dozer, gave us an award! We convinced Grammy that now she HAD to let us do a post! Besides, she’s been sick for so long and is starting to feel better now, but there is no TELLING when she will ever get things “caught up” and let us start posting regularly. We are working on convincing her to try letting us do some Wordless Wednesday and Silent Saturday posts at least. We miss all of you SO MUCH!!!!

Apparently one must share 7 things about yourself as part of accepting this award. There are so many of us that we will have to see how this works out. We have decided that each of us will put down four things, so here goes…


(1) I’m almost 12 years old… only two months more.

(2) I’m in a wheelchair now to support my hind end, and may soon have to go into one to support my whole body since my shoulder is starting to have problems.

(3) I do NOT like Sadie, the Border Collie that lives here! (This is no big secret for those who have known us for sometime.)

(4) I do NOT think it is fair that I can’t go out on squirrel patrol anymore, and let EVERYONE know about it during the whole time the rest are outside. I’m beginning to think they’ve changed my name to “SHUT UP, OC!”


(1) I’m 4 and a half years old, and BG stands for Bud’s Grandson.

(2) I’m a helper dog for Grammy and pick things up for her from the floor so she doesn’t have to bend down so much since that hurts her back and hip. (if I can beat Sadie and Gimli to them.)

(3) I LOVE my Dad, and spend most of every evening on HIS lap!

(4) I’ve been having trouble convincing Gimli that I am top male dog in this family!

Little Dott

(1) I have taken over as the Alpha Dog in this household even though I am the smallest. They ALL listen to ME, and I can usually break up fights by putting myself in between whoever is fighting (unless it’s a bunch of them fighting and my Dad won’t LET me stop them!)

(2) I’m the mother of four pups, three of which live here with us in Corgi Country. They are ALL much bigger than me.  Here is a three generation "girl" picture.

(3) I’ve got all the humans in this household TOTALLY wrapped around my little dew claw!

(4) I’m very literary and have written and published a book, AND have my OWN facebook page with 597 people following me!


(1) I am 16 months old and was the firstborn of Mama Dott’s litter. I am the biggest of all the pups. (What do you think of my smile?)

(2) I had an infection for several months that made me lose most of the muscles in my head until it looked like a skeleton. It also thickened my nose and jaw some, so I look a little different than the other corgis, especially since my sister, Mercy, is an ear assassin and BROKE one of my ears down. Grammy loves me anyway, though!

(3) I am very smart and am learning very quickly how to be a helper dog for Grammy. This, sometimes causes some problems because I try to pick up things she drops and so does Uncle BG at the same time and then we get upset at each other.

(4) Since I am bigger, I think that I should be top male, and Uncle BG and I are having some major discussions about this!


(1) I’m the same age as Gimli and Pippin, was the second pup born, was one of two girls, and have an “angel” with outstretched wings marking on the back of my neck, so Dad (Robert) called me Mercy… as in the angel of Mercy.

(2) I was BORN an alpha dog, and have no place to put my “alpha-ness” which tends to make me grouchy.

(3) Dad has decided to say I am “smiling” and “purring” when around the other dogs. I DO love my Dad, Grammy and Papa, and my Uncle BG, and generally get along fairly well with Mama Dott.

(4) I HAVE learned to do “high fives” and give “kisses,” but, like Mama Dott, I am NOT a servant and refuse to do things that might make people think I am!!!


(1) I was third born, and am smaller than any of the other pups… almost as small as Mama Dott!

(2) I’m Papa’s dog, and LIVE for him and his return from work. I will even leave my dinner if he is going to bed, so Grammy often has to bring it into the bedroom for me to finish if she forgets and feeds us late.

(3) Everyone says that I am “a bit hyper…” This is NOT true. I just don’t like to be still (unless it is on Papa’s lap.)

(4) I LOVE my Unca BG and try to do everything he does… at least in regards to Papa… not Grammy, though she IS pretty good about treats!

We would like to pass this award onto some friends of ours, but since we’ve been off of here for so long, we don’t know who has already gotten it and who hasn’t. Since ALL the blogs we follow are so “Stylish” and interesting, feel free to pick it up for your blog if you don’t already have it, and thanks again, Dozer for giving it to us (and "figuratively" kicking Grammy in the tush so she would let us post again!)

PS:  We just heard some bad news about our friend, Twix!  She is very sick and needs prayers and possible ideas as to what is wrong as the vets are stumped at this time.  You can go to her blog to read about it HERE!