Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Woefully Neglected! By OC

We were woefully neglected ALL weekend! We probably only got about 60% of their attention during the whole time!

Friday, we got to go into Mimi’s house and play with Kody Bear for several hours and then, when his cousins got there, they all took off and left us there while they went to dinner for Mick’s birthday… (KB’s dad and Grammy & Papa’s son)

And, they DIDN’T EVEN BRING SOME BACK FOR US! Sure, we got some Doggy Treats and Jerky, but no Fajitas or tortillas… not even a bean or some rice!

Saturday, after we had breakfast with Grammy and Papa, Grammy took me and Dott, and left the rest with Papa while Robert took her into town to go with Mimi to a Baby Shower. It was for Kody’s new sister that is supposed to show up in a month or two. Don’t know HOW they gave her a shower if she isn’t even here yet!? Dott and I had to stay at Mimi’s house.

At that other house, Grammy saw a really rare dog that she says was HUGE! He weighs about 160 lbs. already and he isn’t even a year old yet. Grammy said he looked sort of like someone took a HUGE Great Dane and put a BIG Pit Bull head on it. She looked them up and those are two of the breeds that were used in “making” this breed of dog that is used to hunt big game and cougars. His name is “Ocho” and he is an Argentinean Dogo. She got a picture of him on a Queen Sized bed, and he makes the bed look small.

He was all white and they told her that he has to have sunscreen put on him so he doesn’t burn, but he plays in their BIG people pool all the time. Can you IMAGINE… she went and visited ANOTHER dog!

Then, Papa went and picked up Grammy and they went to a Horse Spit All to visit with Papa’s sister before her serge jury. I guess they DID think about us a little, because they stopped by and got us some more jerky treats on the way home.

While Papa was holding Pippin that evening, they noticed that he had somehow gotten a rip in his skin beside where he used to keep his nards, so Grammy cleaned and doctored that. It doesn’t seem to be bothering him, but he is taking antibiotics and they are keeping an eye on it. Papa says he might have gotten it when he ran next door and attacked the neighbor dogs by his little self. He still seems to feel that one extra-small corgi should be able to take down THREE big Australian Shepherds!

On Sunday, after giving BG, me, Gimli and Pippin our medicines and treatments, we went into town for them to go to church and then had some lunch at Mimi’s. They checked by phone, on Papa’s sister, and she had all her kids there and was out of that surge jury place. She still has to stay at the Horse Spit All for ten more days at least, they said. She still needs a lots of prayer, Grammy says, and she also said to tell everyone “Thank You so much for the prayers you have all been saying for her.”

They came home fairly early, but did they play with us then? NO! Grammy took a nap and Papa read a new book Mimi had gotten for him! BG, Gimli and I went in with Grammy and took a nap too, while Pippin stayed out with his Papa.

At least they shared a little of their fruit (cantaloupe, watermelon and Honeydew Melon) and toasted cheese sandwiches with us for dinner…

 Oh, by the way, if you want to read a really interesting blog post, try this one at Yassy’s. It was on unique foods and drinks: Smoked Salmon Vodka and Bacon Chocolate.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Time Out for More Prayer…

We have been saddened to learn that two of our corgi friends have taken the Rainbow Bridge this week, and that their families are hurting from the loss of their dear loved ones. Though we believe that our wonderful friends, Dottie from “Our Life: Dozer and Coop,” and Bridget, from “Christmas Corgi” are running, pain free, beyond the Bridge, we ask that their friends keep their families in their hearts and prayers during these coming weeks.

We also would like to ask for prayers for our Papa’s sister who is going in for a major surgery this morning (Sunday 7/24/10). She has been in the hospital for the past week, and an infection is causing quite a problem, so they are going in to take it out. We are praying that God will help give her doctors wisdom and guide their hands, and that there be NO complications. We also ask Him be with her and touch her, and that she heals quickly and completely.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Obstacle Course Addition… By Gimli

GrandPaw Robert made a new addition to our Obstacle Course. He added a 10 foot balance beam to one end of it.

Mama Dott and I really like it, and Pip uses it too!

Mercy isn’t quite so sure about it.

Her GrandPaw, Robert, is working with her, but it looks like it will take some time!

Maybe she did get a bit of a scare while she was away,

and lost some of her confidence.

She’s still a grumpy “teenager” around me and Pip, and it doesn’t help that I like to show off on the new beam,

and try to “help” her see that there is nothing to it!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

She’s HOME… and in BIG TROUBLE! By Dott

Here is the link to the conclusion of Mango’s Big Adventure: My Big Adventure – Conclusion

We hope that you all followed along to see ALL of what was happening over there with Mercy and the rest of the gang. 

We were on the edge of our seats with everything that was going on, and were very relieved to read this final post and see that our wayward Miss Mercy, hadn’t gotten herself maimed or injured, and was on her way home with the rest, in Dennis the Vizsla’s private jet. As you can see, she met a LOT of our blogging furiends!

We are so glad, too, that the Lacie Beast’s hold on our friend’s minds was able to be lifted from them and that they are all back to normal again! We just KNEW that Khyra, Twinkie, Zep, and Chrome wouldn’t do something like this because they are just way to sweet!

It is both sad and SCARY that the Lacie Beast is still loose out there coming up with some other dastardly plan! Actually, she has probably given up on dastardly plans because her people Dad is in the hospital, and we ask that any of you that pray, please drop by and visit and pray for him.

We also want to thank Mango and Dexter’s Mom for doing such an awesome job in helping to chronicle this adventure while Mango and Dexter were busy living it! We think she did an awesome job!!! Take a bow, Mango Mom!!!

One thing is certain, Miss Mercy is going to be grounded for a LONG time, and probably be doing a lot of extra chores around here, too.

No, boys, that does NOT mean that she will be your slave, and if you want to KEEP those noses on your faces, you’d better NOT push her about this!

Mercy has no business getting involved with someone that’s several times her age, and Papa had a LONG talk with her…

 She's still got a bit of an attitude, but is rather disillusioned with Dexter because he didn’t jump in on his own to help save Mr. Mango. If you’ve been with us very long, you know that everyone around here “really looks UP to, Mr. Mango.” (pun intended).

We also want to say congratulations to Jackal, Zep and Chrome’s canine friend, for cornering a nasty, vicious possum so that it could be dispatched, and  to award him one of Dott’s Mighty Hunter Awards. We haven’t given out this award for quite a while, but if you have a “Mighty Hunter” among your furiends, let us know.

We are hoping to start our “Gimli’s Grab-bag of Games” next week, and we are still waiting for our winners of the Pippin's Peek at the Past Puzzles...

and of our Birthday Drawing to email us with their addresses so that we can get their prizes out to them… Hint, hint…

P.S. As we were finishing this post, we just got the news that Mango had a seizure the other night. He went to the ER where they checked him out and is home now. Please keep Mango and his Mom in your prayers. His Mom asked all of his friends if they had any kind of info on this sort of thing, and she got all kinds of information. Grammy copied and pasted it to keep for her own information. She plans to consolidate it and put it in her doggy health info folder. She suggests it might be wise for others to do this too, because it’s always good to know what to do in any kind of emergency. There was good info for cleaning up wet potty stains and smells, too ... many that are natural.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Is This Princess Leah... Or is it Our Mercy?!

Fourth Installment of Mango's Big Adventure 

Yep!  MY niece is right in the midst of the trouble all right!  We are just hoping that she doesn't get hurt!

Note from Dott to Dexter:

We are speechless over here! The boys are actually "rooting" for their sister! They are also fussing at each other, saying that this adventure is WAY better than going to the beach was! 

I am proud of her, but still want to RING HER LITTLE NECK for running off like this! Please be careful all of you! When the evil Lacie Beast is involved, from what we've seen in your other adventures, things can be dangerous, but hopefully she is gone now. We still can't believe this of Khyra and Twinkie!

Dott and the rest of the Country Corgis minus one VERY MUCH IN TROUBLE young lady corgi!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Mercy Is Getting in Deeper...

My Big Adventure; a Shocking Discovery and Capture

THIS is what we saw as we were reading through this third installment of Mango's Big Adventure...  Mercy is pretty busy in THIS one! Looks like she jumped into the middle of things with ALL FOUR FEET!


 Note to Mango's people...

Oh NO!!! See, I told you that daughter of mine was a hand full!!! Never does what she's told! At least it looks like her stubbornness is coming in handy for a change. She IS a pushy little thing!       Dott 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

OH NO! What is Mercy up to NOW?!

My Big Adventure Journey and Arrival at a Curious Destination 
Second Installment of Mango's Big Adventure which Mercy is in the middle of...

After reading this second installment of Mango's Big Adventure, Dott wrote to Mango: 

   Oh, THANK YOU, Mango, for leaving her at your estate while you go to find out what dastardly things are going on! I really appreciate your being able to talk her into doing that because she can be awfully hard headed at times!

Mercy's Mama Dott   

BUT THEN Mercy left this message...

STAY here?! Stay HERE!? With Tucker and Trouble Kitty? I think NOT!!! I didn't come all the way across the country to NOT be near my Honey Bunny! I'm no wimpy little princess that can't hold my own in an adventure! We will see about THIS!


We are so worried about what she will do now!!! 


When we got back from our trip to the beach, we found out that Mercy was GONE!!! We couldn’t find her anywhere! Dott had gone into town, too, with Robert, and stayed with him during the day, while Mercy was left at home with Sadie. 

Dott found a note from her when she and Robert got home. The note said that Mercy had gotten really upset that she was left behind at home with Sadie, and that she was leaving to go to Master Chew Sits to go visit with Dexter at the Mango Estate!

Dott was really upset and also mad that her “teenaged” daughter would do something so stupid! She’s been mooning around here for several weeks now with a “crush” on Dexter, talking about how tall (to a corgi), dark, and handsome he is.

Mango had mentioned that Dexter had been receiving text messages from her, too, but we never dreamed that she would take off and GO there!

We got in touch with Mango right away, and found out that she had told him that she had permission to go, and he said he would keep an eye on her, but that there was some kind of problem that had come up, so he couldn’t get her back here right away.

If you want to read more, about what is going on, here is the link to the beginning of Mango’s Big Adventure (Summer 2010)!
   We are on the edge of our seats reading about what is going on with my wayward niece!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hurray! The BEACH! By OC

Sunday, after going to church and having a quick lunch, Papa and Grammy grabbed Auntie Mimi (Grammy’s sister) and Pippin, Gimli, Grandma OC and me, and we went to the Beach at Pismo!

It was WONDERFUL! It was 98 here at home AND raining with lots of lightening in the sky, so I was really happy that we left! It was so pretty there and COOL!!! They said it only got to 68 there!

We took Auntie Mimi with us because her birthday is this week, and we love her and thought that she might like to go to a pretty beach and be cool. She walked with us and took lots of pictures. We think that she enjoyed herself a lot and we loved having her with us, too!

When we first got there, we
went for a walk. I was so excited, and wanted to go, so they put my wheelchair on, and off we went.

I got to sniff around and check out things just like everyone else. It was so much fun! I even got a really good run in!

I don’t get out to much anymore since it turned so hot, and since they decided to keep me and Sadie separated completely, so that I can’t get to her anymore after that last fight. I still yell at her when she comes into the room… at least until they get out the squirt bottle…

Anyway, after a while, we all went back to the car, sat down and visited.

Then Grammy decided to take Gimli out by himself so he could get a good look at the water.

The rest of us had to stay with Papa and Mimi at the car. We were NOT happy, and Pippin really wanted to go out too!

He talked to Papa and convinced him to call Grammy back and take him out too, but then he didn’t like it when the water came up to get him!

Then Papa came back and took both BG and Pippin for a walk up the beach… When they got back, BG grabbed Papa’s chair!

I TOLD him that he had better get out of it…

But he just sat there and looked smug!

We sat and visited for awhile more, and then Papa took Pip out for a while for some alone time with him.

Then, Papa took BG out for some alone time with him, and while we were watching Papa walking BG, the pups noticed some people coming down the beach with a Basset Hound.

They thought maybe it was Martha or Bailey, and so we called out to it, but it turned out to be a boy basset.

When it got time, for dinner, they took Mimi to their favorite Fish and Chips place by the pier. We had to stay in the car while they ate, but we were pretty tired, so didn’t mind too much. We KNEW we’d get jerky treats when they got back to the car. All in all, it really was a wonderful day at the beach, and we all enjoyed ourselves! 

P.S. We saw some people with 3 corgis come onto the beach, but they were quite a ways up from us and to far the even get a picture of them...  Grammy was NOT happy!