Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Got to Help Bring in the Wood...

Yesterday was an alright day… I had a fun afternoon, running and playing with my pups, even though I still had to warn that Sadie dog to take it easy, and be careful, and watch out… essentially, I had to be in her face a  lot…

Mom thinks I’m jealous of the way the pups like to play with her so much, but I’m just making sure that she realizes who is the boss dog around here!!! She may be a lot bigger, size wise, than I am, but I can take her on anytime…
(Mom says I have a Napoleon complex… something about a big attitude in a small person or something like that) I think I’m just a normal Corgi…

We got to help Mom get in some more firewood for the woodstove we use to stay warm. I’d prefer to do it myself, but now that the pups (and that pushy Sadie dog) know that I get paid in Jerky treats, they horn in and do a lot of it to.

Mom feeds the long wood to Dott’s Master, Robert, a little at a time, so that he can cut it with the chainsaw, and after they get it all cut, she lets us pick up the wood we can carry, and give it to her. She puts it in a big box and lets Robert carry it into the house. 

That way, she doesn’t have to do a lot of bending with her sore back… and I get jerky treats and lots of love… which is my idea of heaven… I’m from a long line of working dogs after all, and we like having meaningful work to do.

I wasn’t real happy with being left home again yesterday evening, but they won’t let me go to their Bible Study for some reason. What really gets me, though, is that they come home smelling of “strange dog,” and if other dogs can be there, why can’t I?!!! 
I really gave her the “nosing over” when she got home and some major dirty looks. She SAYS that the people with the Bible Study have a dog that stays outside while visitors are there, and just greets people when they are going to and from their cars.

She says they are studying I John about loving others, and she just can’t be rude to their dog, etc. Hurumpphh…!

(Linda’s note: She’s a really sweet, one-eyed brindle boxer named Daisy and is a total love bug!!!)

Well, it’s late again, (after 1 a.m.) so I better close for tonight. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about my fight with Sadie… Good night !!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

"Little Bear," My Favorite Kid...

Yesterday, Mom’s grandson, “Little Bear,” as she calls him, came over and spent most of the day after church. She hasn’t seen him except for a few hours at Christmas because he has such a HUGE extended family and everyone loves seeing the little guy (he’s 5) when he gets to come to town for a visit (His family moved a couple of months ago when his dad got a job a couple of hours drive away).

That is one kid I really like! For his age, he is so quiet and kind around us dogs. He loves to just sit down for awhile and have us do our tricks and then gives us the jerky treats that Mom cuts into little pieces for him. His parents and my Mom have done a really good job of teaching him how to behave around us. Mom just loves having him come over too.

They did all kinds of things she’s been saving up to do with him, like looking closely at the tarantula Dott’s Master found a week or so ago that had died, and picking some of the tomatoes that he had helped Mom plant several months ago.

We went out and got to run around while he gathered wood in his little wagon, which he loves to do. Then he helped his Papa (Dad) start a fire in the woodstove we use to warm the house. 

We all went out, when it got dark and looked at the stars… there was a HUGE one out (actually, Mom said it was the planet, Jupiter) and she told “Bear” about the big star that they saw when Jesus was born. We all listened to the coyotes singing, but after a few minutes of that, “Bear” got nervous, so we went in… Mom wouldn’t let us bark at them anyway, so what was the use of staying out there? I hate those old coyotes. There is one that lives on the hill to the west of us about 150 yards away (about a town block) and we see her coming across our side pasture sometimes and warn her not come to close… She just looks at us… MAKES ME SOOOOO MAD!!!! I bark so hard sometimes that I’m bouncing!!! Wish Mom would let me at her… My kids, and Auntie Sadie feel the same way… I’ll bet we could handle her if Mom would let us, but she is careful not to let us out around dusk when that nasty critter might be around.

That pasture coyote even has the nerve to invite some of her friends over at times, and they all sit around by the circle pen out back (about 100 ft. from the back fence) and sing… at least until Dad goes out and shoots off a round over their heads into the hill behind them (there is nothing but BLM land—all rolling hills-- for miles back behind our little hill)… They don’t like guns and will leave pretty fast, so we can all go back to bed… For some reason Dad doesn’t like it when we do our job, and have a fit at them in the middle of the night… especially when he has to get up between 4 and 5 in the morning to go to work.

Christmas Tea Message continued...

As promised, I'm going to let my Mom finish sharing the message she believes God gave her . It seems that I was right about letting her share it, as I've had lots of comments for her about it. Hope you like the rest of it as well, and that it touches your heart with God's love for you, as much as my Mom touches my heart with her love for me.

Thank you all for your comments, and thanks, OC, for letting me have this opportunity to share. Today I want to finish the subject I started yesterday … how people and God’s promises are often like roses...

People have a tendency to want to do things their own way… force open the rose before it is time for it to bloom, but when we do, we really mess it up. If we do mess things up, but turn and ask God for help, He will graciously come and do a miracle for us a lot of times, IF we humble ourselves, pray, seek His face, repent, and turn from our sins. Remember, sin is doing what we aren’t supposed to do according to God’s Word, OR not doing what we ARE supposed to do.

Wouldn’t it be better to follow Him from the beginning, and “let the rose open” in HIS time instead of messing things up first and THEN asking for His help.

If you have a Rosebud that God has given you… a person that He has given you to love; a friend, child, husband, etc., that you want to see in full bloom NOW, remember the Rose of Sharon that was given to Mary… He grew in God’s time… He had to FEEL the thorns to know what they feel like to us, and He is STILL patiently waiting on GOD’S time to receive the fulfillment of HIS destiny… To become that King that will bring peace to this world…

It must be hard for Him to see all the sin and suffering that is going on down here, but Jesus is waiting until God is ready to take the Roses from the garden in this world to the banquet feast of Heaven…

We need to trust God to bring that Rosebud that we love to its full bloom… We are the gardeners and caretakers, as the first man was in God’s garden… Maybe we were always meant to be caretakers of the things that God gives us to do… We are to: water by giving them the living water of life (through our modeling), feed (by teaching them the Word of God), and pull out some weeds (like when our kids are little and we are bringing them up before they leave our care).
One thing, though, that we need to remember, is that God said that once the weeds have grown up with the wheat and become part of the field, HE will do the reaping and separating in their lives. All children will sin and have to make their own choices as they grow up, but even after they leave OUR care… they never leave HIS!
We are to continue to do our part of the job: water -- feed -- care for (show HIS love through our lives) those Roses. We need to be VERY careful about pruning (judging), and let the MASTER gardener do that part of the gardening.

Sometimes, as we tend the Roses that God has given us to tend, we may get pricked by the thorns, but that doesn’t mean that we should quit tending them… They still need the water and food of God’s love to come to full bloom. This is very important to remember, especially if you do foster care.

Roses are beautiful when they are cared for properly. Wouldn’t you love to be able to put a beautiful Rose, or two… or a dozen… in our Lord’s hands…when He calls us to that Heavenly Banquet?

Roses are to share as well… Once they have bloomed in our hearts… like the promises of God’s Love, Joy, Peace, the gardener usually gives them to others to enrich their lives.

Go and pour out the perfume of the Rose of Sharon on those lives He brings to you, and don’t show them the thorns of self…

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mom's Christmas Tea Message

Look... My Mom drew my picture!

Today, I decided to let my Mom share the message the Lord gave her for the Ladie's Christmas Tea at her church. Actually, it was a bit long, so it may take a couple of days, but she really worked on it for awhile and so many women said that it touched them, so I thought she should share it. Hope it speaks to you, too.

Our Women’s Christmas Tea was a very nice evening. There were a lot of close friends and family which was good because it was the first time I'd ever spoken to a group. They had asked me to present a message and this is what I feel the Lord had me share with them.

The message was about Roses and how God’s people and His promises to us are a lot like them. Roses come in many different kinds, each being beautiful in its own way. Roses, like people, have different looks and colors, and most of them have some thorns which are there for their protection. Often people develop thorns to protect themselves through life. Sometimes it is because of the abuse or neglect of others in their lives, and sometimes it is because of the trials of life… our environment, illnesses or accidents that happen. People tend to use their thorns keep others away so that they don’t get to close, and maybe hurt them again. The people who care for them must learn to work carefully around people like that, and ask for God’s wisdom, love and patience to help them grow into the beautiful roses that God meant them to be. I especially found this to be true with many of the foster children we have had in our home.

Roses come from many different places, like people’s different cultures. They are developed in many different types of soils, some being healthy or like a “hot house” environment which tends to grow delicate blooms and some in poor soil which tends to develop blooms that might not be as frilly to look at, but often end up hardier and stronger.

One thing that is interesting about roses is that they can’t be forced open ahead of time, or they will die. When we have children, friends (either old friends or new ones), or even enemies, we need to live a life that will leave a beautiful scent that will draw them toward God through the example of our lives, instead of trying to force them to be what we want them to be when WE want them to be that way.

Forcing “the rosebud” will cause it to die or not reach the full potential that God meant for it to have. It is often hard to wait for God’s timing, but He always knows what is best. He will lead us, and/or those we love and care about, or show us the way to the place that will bring about the Joy, Love, and Peace that He came so long ago in that manger to give us.
Sometimes, the promises God gives, have thorns to protect US from trying to pick them before they are ready… to teach us patience or other lessons we need to learn before we are mature enough to handle the promise. We are God’s children, and like children, we need to mature enough to be responsible when we receive a promise. You wouldn’t give a car to a five year old not matter how much he begged for it (at least not if you are a wise parent) even though you may promise to give one to them eventually.

Some of the promises that God gives us, were given at the time of His son’s birth which I celebrate this season. Other promises that He has given are still to come, like Jesus’ promise to return. The following are a few of the promises we have been given.

Peace: John 14: 26 & 27 The Counselor, the Holy Spirit, which I will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you… Peace I give to you… not as the world gives. Don’t let your hearts be troubled or afraid.

Love & Joy: John 15:10 & 11 If you obey my commands, you will remain in my love, as I have obeyed my father’s commands and remain in His love. I have told you this so that my joy will be in you AND that YOUR joy may be complete.

Our family: Prov. 22: 6 Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (When “old”—not necessarily when a teen, when they are often thorny and may hurt us for a while)

Healing: Prov. 3: 7 & 8 Do NOT be wise in your own eyes! Fear the Lord and shun evil. This will bring health to your body, and nourishment to your bones.

Mary was given a promise. The promise was that she would bear the Son of God, and that he would be the Messiah. Jewish people, at that time, thought that “The Messiah” was coming as a reigning King that was going to wipe out their enemies and bring peace. They didn’t think about the writings of Isaiah 52: 13 thru all of Chapter 53, where God’s chosen one is shown to be a suffering servant first. These scriptures describe, clearly, Jesus’ life and crucifixion, over five hundred years before it happened. The promise of the reigning Messiah is one that is still going to be fulfilled when Jesus returns.
Still, this must have been very confusing to Mary… King’s aren’t born of poor people… They aren’t born in stables… OR, maybe they have been. Let’s take a quick look at some of the Jewish people’s leaders (God’s Roses…)

There was Joseph, who was born 11th in the line of his family, at a time when the first born was given the blessing. He was given a promise in a dream. He was a cocky, bragging boy, (trying to force the petals…). He had to go through years of prison for things he didn’t do to become the man God used to save His people.

Joseph's story is found in Gen. 37 & 39 – 50. In Gen. 50:20, Joseph says, “You meant it for harm, but God intended it for good. To accomplish what is now being done – the saving of many lives…” Sometimes, God can use the hard things in our lives (thorns) to protect us, as Joseph was protected from murderous brothers when they decided not kill him but to sell him into slavery.
Saul started out as a young man, out looking for his father’s donkeys, when he was called and chosen to be king. He also tried to force the growth by doing it his own way. He never did stop trying, and never turned back to God. He started to consult witches (totally forbidden by God) and ended up being a twisted bunch of thorns. The blooms of his promise died and he ended up insane

David, Esther, Moses… so many of the people God used had lived hard or sinful lives, but were given a promise from God in their early years and after a time… in God’s perfect time… when they continued to submit to Him or turn back to Him when they made a mistake, He came through and they became the man or woman of God that touched the people in their world for His glory.

It probably took Mary awhile to come to understand that God OFTEN uses the simple things of this world to bring about the highest changes. Very seldom, if at all, do people understand the way that God is going to work (or is working) in their lives. God’s ways are NOT our ways… He asks us to “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean NOT on your own understanding, but in all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight …”Proverbs 3: 5 & 6

This is getting pretty long for tonight, so I will try to finish it up tomorrow. I hope it is making sense… This message really spoke to me and touched my heart, and that’s why I wanted to share it with you. Have a wonderful day with the roses in your life…

Dad Was Home.... Yahoo!!

Yahoo !!! Dad took the day off work, and sat around a couple of hours this morning watching TV… He held us and petted us… We don’t always get a lot of time with Dad as he works a lot. My son, BG, especially, loves having his Dad home. He is his Dad’s dog, just like his grandma used to be, and loves it when he gets the chance to go to work with him (rare now), or spend any extra time with him.

Dott’s master played with the pups with his laser light for a while. He is very careful not to get it in their eyes so they don’t get injured, but BG, Sadie and Dott just love chasing that “little red bug” around the house, skidding around the kitchen floor and ripping at full speed down the hall. 

They chase flies or moths the same way, leaping and jumping around. It’s funny, too, when they catch one of the real bugs because they will get a weird look on their little faces and then spit it out real quick. I’m a bit more dignified now… Darn hips!!!

Later, when Mom was feeding the horses, that showoff, Sadie caught a mouse. She plays with them like a cat, pitching them up in the air and catching them. Mom always praises her when she gets one, because she catches them in the house, too. That is one of the problems of living in the country with fields all around… the mice come in the doggy door. It irritates me no end for her to get treats for catching the nasty little things.

After Mom finished feeding the horses, our people walked us around the pastures, and we got to run and play. The pups and that idiot “Auntie Sadie” as they call her, ran around like crazy dogs, checking every big rabbit hole, weasel hole, and squirrel hole. 

I even did some checking myself… can’t let them think I’ve got to many problems. I’m pretty stiff tonight, but Mom gave me my cheese (which she hides some medicine in… like I don’t know…) so it’s not to bad. She put me up on the mattress and covered me with a warm blanket over my hips too, so I’m feeling better now.

Well, got to go for now… Hope you had a great day like I did, with the ones I love all around me!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Our Christmas Traditions

Today was Christmas and, as is our Christmas Tradition, we all went to Mimi’s house. The whole family gathers… our family, my aunt’s and uncle’s (humans), cousins (humans), and most of their dogs. It gets pretty exciting with so many people (at least 18) and dogs (at least 8) around. I’m not crazy about some of those dogs or some of the little kids that get a bit rambunctious. Our extended family, though, are all animal lovers and usually keep a pretty good eye on the kids to be sure that they learn appropriate behavior toward their furry friends.

Sometimes, though, the younger pups and kids aren’t very careful around some of us elders, and my hips don’t do well being bumped and knocked around.  Mom understands that I’ve been going to Mimi’s whenever we’ve gone into town since I was a tiny puppy, so she won’t leave me home. 

Before she got hurt, and she was going to work every day, I spent almost all day there with Mimi’s two Chihuahua mix pups ( Dolly and Kisses) and their mom (before she passed away a month or so ago.)

It’s Naunie’s dogs that are a pain! They live next door to Mimi’s. She has an old, grouchy Yellow Lab named Daisy, a middle-aged grouchy Shih Tzu called Mia, and a one year old, HUGE, Weimaraner that is all legs and energy. 

That Molly pup is completely INSANE, runs around wildly, doesn’t watch where she is going, bumps into people, sticks her WHOLE HEAD into a water bowl to drink and then sloshes water ALL over the place. She generally ends up getting kicked outside after a short time. She almost knocked my Mom down last time she came over.

Mom and the others played a song called “The Gift” by Randy Travis The chorus says: “He was the Son God sent to one and all, put on this earth to hang there on that cross… born to die so we could live. He had the birthday, we got the gift. On our Savior’s birthday, we got the gift..” After that, they all sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and prayed to thank God for sending Jesus to earth to pay for people’s sins so that they can go to Heaven. They always make it a point to let the children know the real reason for this season before opening the Christmas gifts.

There was plenty of food and we all got a lot of handouts. We got my favorite chicken jerky treats and there were squeaky toys, too. I helped clean up the wrapping paper after everyone opened their gifts.  This year, I had to compete with my son, B.G. because he has learned to help too.

I learned that from Mimi’s old Chihuahua mix, Beast, who was totally brilliant and a good friend… an Einstein of dogs. I get a tiny bite of jerky whenever I give Mom a piece of paper (or anything else that hits the floor).

It was a nice day, in spite of the rambunctious young ones. I hope that you had a Merry Christmas, too!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

They Left ME Home...

It’s just not fair!!! I got left home both yesterday AND today !!! Mom told me that she didn’t want me to have to sit in the car while they were doing their shopping, and they THINK they snuck Dott out without me noticing, but I’M NOT STUPID!!!

Mom apologized profusely when she got home and said that it was Dott’s Master that had decided to take her, and she game me some chewies, and lots of lovin’ but I was still a bit miffed. They better have done some of that shopping for ME!

At least Mom went out and played with me some, after she fed the horses this morning, and I got to chase my favorite toy bowling ball all over the yard. My kids keep wanting to play with MY ball, and I have to make sure that they don’t get it, and then I’m all “stove up” afterwards from “overdoing” as Mom calls it. Sure I’m 10 years old now, but I’m still a Corgi and I can do anything I set my heart on… It’s just that I don’t FEEL like getting up by the evening after playing a hard game of ball.

And then, they left me again today! I don’t know what a funeral is, but both Dad AND Mom said I couldn’t go. At least Mom is home a lot more now, since she got her back hurt, than she used to be. I know she misses the special kids she used to work with at that school, though. She talks to me about a lot of things, and they have a really special place in her heart. She still goes to the school sometimes, to read and play with them.

Well it’s really late, so I better get to bed. I just have to wait FOREVER to get a chance at the computer!