Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dad came out while we were walking...

Thought I'd show you the video that Mom took of us greeting Dad. He got home while we were out in the side pasture playing... We all LOVE Dad!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Praise God, Mom found it!

Mom was REALLY happy this morning! She was going around praising God A LOT… She has been looking for a Money Order for over $300 that had been misplaced several days ago, and since it was to pay for health insurance and was due by tomorrow, she was getting a bit stressed. She kept praying and telling God she knew that He would help her find it because she knows that He is the one that provided the insurance for her in the first place, but she had about cleaned the whole front room and hadn’t been able to find it all week.

Robert kept saying that he was SURE he had given it to her, but she couldn’t remember that. Today, she started looking in the old envelope that he had put all the receipts for bills he’d taken care of the day he got the Money Order, and THERE IT WAS! She was SO THANKFUL!!!

She got some other paperwork for her retirement together, and went with Robert to the big city. It is called Bakersfield, and they had to drive an hour to get there… AND they didn’t take ME! They said that it was business and I would have had to spend a lot of time in the car, and I really hate that. Still, I hate it when they leave me behind, too. I could have guarded the car or something.

Mom did a lot of mumbling when she got back about cities, and road makers following drunken mice around mazes, and putting on blindfolds and then pointing at maps to decide which roads should be one way roads, etc. I gathered she wasn’t happy trying to find a “Hall of Records” and parking spaces near it so she could prove she’s been married to Dad for over 33 years. She hates cities anyway. She says she told Dad she would follow him anywhere EXCEPT a big city, before they got married. She only goes when it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!

At least she got home safe this evening and we all greeted her and welcomed her back until she begged for mercy… something about needing hearing aids soon?

PS... I guess God knew she needed to work on the house cause she just found out tonight, that her sister, that she hasn't seen in over a year, is coming this weekend... She says there's always a reason for what God does when we are trying to put Him first...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dad walked with us today…

Dad got home a little early today and went out walking with us after Mom fed the horses this afternoon. We showed him all of our favorite holes. Dott found out a “fuzzy” was under an old truck door by the truck parts pile and about went nuts trying to get under there and get it. She was laying on her side kicking and squirming and whining. Dad finally had mercy on her and lifted it up. The rabbit was up inside, but jumped out of a hole, ran into Dad’s leg, then right in front of me and headed off across the pasture.

You should have seen Dotter run. She flattens her little ears back, yip, yip, yips, and turns into a little red and white streak of lightening. I took out after her, but only made it about ½ of the way across the pasture by the time she hit the back of the other side and Mom and Dad called her back. I thought she wasn’t going to come for a few minutes. Dad had to use his BIG BELLOWY voice… TWICE!

BG and Sadie were up on the hill behind where Mom and Dad were and didn’t see the rabbit when it took off. It was only a half-grown one, but still almost as big as Dott. Dad said that Dott had run almost as fast as my Mama, Mist. She was HIS dog, heart and soul, and she was fast enough to catch a bird, so that was a pretty good compliment.

Poor BG was pretty disgusted that he’d missed the excitement. He’s trying to be really good and stay close to Mom, and, actually, so was Dott until her “fuzzy” ran right past her nose… Mom probably wouldn’t have had a problem about it if Dott hadn’t kept on trying to sneak off into the pasture where the bunny disappeared, after we had left that area.

It was a beautiful day outside today, with lots of little pasture plants growing that have little white, purple and yellow flowers. Mom and Dad strolled around together slowly and laughed at us a lot as we poked around. Dad said I would probably regret that rabbit chase, and I think he was right… I’m pretty stiff tonight. Think I’ll get Mom to give me my pill and go to bed early. Night All!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Got Carried Away...

My turn to blog, Mama said, but first, I had to post a picture for Mango of Dott in my Napa (car parts) hat. Yes, Mango, my sister, Dotty is pretty creepy… :) Definitely doesn’t need a “creeper…”

Mom is starting to let me out when she goes out to feed the horses now. Before, she would only take Sadie, but she says that I seem to have respect for the horses, and I should be able to move fast enough to stay out of their way. I learned to keep an eye on the big animals around here when I was only a year old and a goat snuck up behind me and butted me right in the tush.

Today, Mom let us run while she did some maintenance on the horses… They are already starting to shed, and she thinks they looked a bit scruffy, so she worked on them with the shedder tool, while we got to run around and play. We managed to spook a “fuzzy,” as Dott calls them, out of the woodpile, and took off after it. Mom wasn’t too happy at how long it took to listen to her yells and get back to her.

It was Dott’s fault! I just got carried away in the passion of the moment… When Auntie Sadie and Dott split with that little yip of Dott’s goin’, I just couldn’t help myself. Dott came back all proud of herself, but I could tell Mom was ticked, and circled pretty wide while she used the “B-D words (Bad Dogs)” on us, but Dott just wiggled up to her and dropped and rolled over and batted her eyes, so Mom forgave her, (What a kiss up !!!) and then I knew it was safe to come over, too.

Mom says that she will just have to leave Dott in the yard tomorrow, again. She told me, really sternly, that I better listen better, or she was going to leave me in there, too. I hope she could tell that I, at least, was suitably sorry, so I don’t get shut up tomorrow, too.

Robert says it’s not HIS little, sweet Dott, that causes the problem… it’s our Auntie Sadie that leads us astray. He spoils Dott sumpthin’ awful!!!

Mom is a pretty forgiving person, but we DO have to listen, and be obedient, or we will get in trouble. She says it is because she loves us that we have to follow her rules. I guess she IS wiser than us, though sometimes it is just so much fun to do things that we know we shouldn’t. So far, nothing really bad has happened… still, I guess it COULD be a major problem if that coyote came out and we were too far away from home, or out on the hill where she might catch us by sneaking up in all the sagebrush.

I guess I’ll try to listen to Mom better… sometimes, though, it seems so hard when everyone else is doing stuff that looks like so much fun. She says that Sadie is bigger, older, more experienced. That is why she gets to do more than we do, and when we get wiser and more obedient, then we will get to do more, too. It’s so hard to wait, though…

Saturday, February 21, 2009

There are FUZZIES under the car!

Hi, All! Mama is finally letting me write a blog, legally. I was grounded off of the computer FOREVER after hacking her blog over a MONTH ago!!! Guess I won’t do that again. She is pretty solid on discipline and said I had to “reap what I sowed.”

She explained that was something like when the neighbor came over and planted a bunch of seeds in our back pasture and now with all the rain we’ve had, we are getting a pretty good growth of grain hay.
She said that when it is finished growing, it will save Grammy and Papa a lot of money because the horses will “reap,” which I figure means to get A LOT to eat because a bunch of LITTLE seeds were put in the ground.

She says if you sow good seed, you get a good crop, but if you sow bad seed (like hacking her blog) then you reap “a bad crop,” which in this case means discipline. She says she has to discipline me because she loves me and wants me to be better. Anyway, now that I’ve been forgiven, and stayed away from the computer, Mama is going to let me try writing this blog today.

I thought I’d tell you about the “Fuzzy Under the Car.” We have an old car in the back of the side pasture that one of my Master’s brothers got many years ago. He doesn’t want Grammy to get rid of it because “someday” he plans to have it shipped to TX where he lives now. Anyway, it’s been sitting forever, and the tires are flat and a “fuzzy family” has gotten under there and built several homes. All the dirt has built up so that none of us Corgis… even little me, can’t get under there, but we KNOW they are there!!!

It DRIVES ME NUTS knowing they are under there! We can hear them, and we can smell them.

The other day, Grammy took us all out and we KNOW one of those fuzzies was under there, so all of us went wild trying to get it to come out. We circled and barked and jumped on the car, trying to force it out. I even convinced Grammy to open the door and did a thorough search of the interior, but it was under the frame, and Grammy got upset when I thought about digging through the floor. She made me get out.

Then, I convinced her to open up the hood, and I did a VERY thorough inspection of any possible routes down into the underside, but there was no way I could fit. Talk about frustrating !!! Mama was trying to dig under from the outside, and Sadie was too. BG kept on running around and up on the car hood, barking, but nothing we could do would flush those rascally Fuzzies!!!

We probably would have fussed at those nasty fuzzies all night if Grammy hadn’t MADE us go in, but one of these days, I WILL get one out there. I almost caught one that came out from under the woodpile the other day. Sadie and I have caught them in the yard a few times and they taste WONDERFUL. I don’t know why Grammy got so upset the last time, when we brought her the head… It is one of the best parts we could have given her!

Grammy won’t even say the word, “Rabbit” anymore because it sets us ALL off.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Catching up on Old Friends...

Now that it’s warmed up an extra 10 degrees the past couple of days, I’m feeling MUCH better… almost back to my old, bouncy self, in fact. Mom is having to be careful not to trip over me again, which seems to be making her happier too. That’s strange because she used to be upset when I was “in her way” all the time. Wish she’d make up her mind!!!

I’ve been having a blast catching up on my blogging buddies lives, too. As I mentioned before, I really enjoyed the Dog Blog Show that Mango put on to try to stem the tide of unfairness perpetrated by the Westminster Show. In reading their comments, I got to meet so many new dogs and go to their blogs to get to know them better. I think they did a real service to their readers, as well as giving us a lot enjoyment at
MangoMinster itself.

I must say, though, that I did sneak a peek at the Westminster Show just to get a chance to see
Hawk, the Swedish Vallhund. I am a fan of the Hawk, too, and loved getting to see him get an Award of Merit there. Congratulations, Hawk Team!!!

That Carly, pup, from
My Favorite People are Dogs, is a funny girl, and I’ve enjoyed her trying her hand at blogging lately… love the pics of her brother, Cooper, too. Don’t think I’ve caught her Boston brother’s name, yet. I follow another blog with a "Cooper" in it, though he isn't a corgi. His brother, Dozer, who IS a Corgi, does most of the blogging, actually, but I enjoy reading about their adventures, too, in Our Life: Dozer and Cooper. I don't know about that Dozer, though... a bit of a rebel, I think!

My Mom is really missing Betty’s blog at
A Corgi in Southern California, but understands that sometimes we need some time to recenter on the important things in this life. Cathy’s Christmas Corgi blog has had a ton of beautiful pics that we both enjoyed looking at, though Mom says she probably gained several pounds just looking at all the delicious looking food. We both really love the “Snow Angel Corgis” that Miss Bridget made.

Well, it's getting late, so I better close this for now. It's already the beginning of a new day, and time for my nice warm bed... Night, All!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Finally... A Sunny Day!!!

My Mom decided to close down her blog on and start a new blog on Blogger. It is going to be a Bible Study on Wisdom that goes through the Book of Proverbs. If you get a chance, or are interested, please be sure to check out the link in the “My Links” area on the side. I’m sure she would love to hear your comments.

As for us, we finally have a day without rain. It’s been so cold and wet the past week or so that we haven’t been able to go outside to play much. This cold doesn’t bother the pups or Sadie much, but it’s really getting to my old bones lately and I’d just rather stay on Mom’s nice, soft, WARM, waterbed. I think it kind of worries Mom, some, that I’m not out in my usual spot by her feet, but I just haven’t felt like coming out much lately.

She is trying really hard to make me comfortable when I do come out. She got me a 2 inch Memory foam pad to lay on, and keeps chasing Sadie off whenever I do come out. She also puts a baby blanket over my hips when I’m laying on it. Maybe, now that the sun has come out, I’ll start feeling better.

I think that she is also having flashbacks because this is the month that my Mama, Mist, took the Rainbow Bridge two years ago, and that my Dad, Bud, took the Rainbow Bridge last year. She is being so careful of what I eat and giving me vitamins and meds for my hips… I LOVE the extra attention, and getting dinner in bed, but I don’t like it that she is worried for me.

I’ve even caught her crying when she thinks I’m not looking. Of course, she is also still praying about her son and grand-daughters, and now about her Brother-in-law, who is in the hospital with a serious leg infection. She’s also been sick herself, so maybe it’s just a whole lot of things adding up. She says she knows that everything is in God’s hands and that He works things out for the best for everyone…

We went out this morning for awhile and I felt pretty good. I ran around and played with my son, BG, and sniffed, and looked for lizards, squirrels and rabbits. I used to be able to catch them when they’d flush out from under the woodpile, but now I run for a short ways and then let the others finish the chase. Mom’s going to call us back before we leave the back pasture anyway.

I love looking at my beautiful, powerful looking son when he is running around out there. He is so sweet to me, too, and always comes back and licks my face and tries to play fairly gently with me when I’m feeling good. He’s got so many muscles now… Mom says she thinks he would have made a good breed model… The American Corgi.

That always starts a new argument because then Robert will pipe up with, “if anyone should be a ‘new” breed, it would be a toy 'American Corgi’ like Dott and Dax ( Visit him and his Mom at The Jellybean Soup Co.) We will have to think about that for the next MangoMinster Show. (By the way, kudos to Mango and Mango's Mom for a wonderful, fun to read job!)

Monday, February 16, 2009


Things are starting to get back to normal around here. Mom’s not been feeling really well because she caught some kind of bug while she was gone, and then got a bad kink in her neck last week, but she is finally starting to feel better I guess, because today she started doing a lot of catch up cleaning around the house.

This is a good thing for us because with her bad back, she relies a lot on us which means lots of jerky snacks being handed out. It was a lot of fun for awhile… UNTIL, she brought out that loud, scary, home-wrecking, dust bunny-eating machine she uses. I attacked it as usual, of course, which BG helped me with.

I can’t seem to convince Mom that it is a dangerous monster, but if you get too close to it, it will suck the air right out of you! (I know because I snuck up on it once, when I was little and she had put it down to do something else for a minute.) She does seem to do a pretty good job of keeping it under control, though now.

That machine really SUCKS! The poor old Daddy Long-legs didn’t have a chance!!! They must have thought a tornado or a black hole had hit. That noisy tube just wiped out bunches of their homes. Since she’s been gone for so long, they really had a chance to get a big old city goin’, but I guess it didn’t do them much good, because yell and bounce as they did, that deafening contraption slurped 'em right up.

And that whole herd of dust bunnies we had been cultivating… they didn’t have any better luck than those poor Daddy Long-legs did. That is going to take down a lot of chances for Sadie to earn jerky. (Awwww… poor Sadie… snicker…) She could always count on them as a backup source of “work.” Personally, I don’t like to herd dust bunnies, “cauth they thtick on the tongue,” if you know what I mean. Mom’s always saying she’s afraid Sadie’s going to get a hairball like a cat, the suck-up….

I don’t think Dott was too happy with the situation because she doesn’t “DO” work. SHE is the “Princess” around here, and today was a work day. Mom was nice though, and did give her a couple of chances to “look cute” by doing some of her tricks, so she did get some snacks, but, over all, she ended up pouting in her recliner a lot of the time because her Master didn’t take her either, when he went into town.

It rained all day, too, so she couldn’t go outside much. She did get to go out on a road trip with her Master, Papa and BG. They had to go dump some straw bales the church had used in the Christmas Parade, and like I said, it rained all day, so they "HAD" to take the 4-wheel drive truck out on the muddy back roads to do it. She came back and said that there were COWS out there and she and BG got to "Tell them," so I guess the day wasn't ALL bad for her.

Friday, February 13, 2009

I AM a herding dog after all...

It isn’t FAIR !!! The other day, a couple of those huge old horses came over to the gate when Mom was going out to feed them. When she opened the gate, they started crowding and she told them to get back, so I went past her and bit Tuffy on the pastern (ankle to those who don’t know horse’s parts). Sadie did the same thing, but Mom yelled at ME!!! THEN, she chewed me out for going out of the gate, when I was just protecting HER!!!

She said that I scared her because she is afraid I can’t move fast like I used to so that I can’t stay out of their way if they did kick at me. She used to let me herd those old goats around all the time, and she lets Sadie and BG move the horses.

Now, it’s true that Tuffy is a lot taller than even Mom, and I may not be able to move real fast anymore, but I’ll bet I could handle him and Dancer if she would let me try!!! Two of those horses are old and slow anyway, and they don’t really kick AT you…. just sort of toward you if you nip at them too much…

Of course, they get mad at Sadie because she will bite them if they don’t do what she says WHEN she says it. The young, wild one (Dancer) MIGHT be a bit much to handle, but I could at least TRY!! I could probably do it… Mom says that’s the Napoleon complex that corgis have that makes me tell her that…. Hurrump!!!

NOW, she won’t let me go out of the gate until the two horses are in their corrals. She trusts old Cory. She doesn’t let Dott out either because she tends to do like I do and take shortcuts underneath them. We get to go out and run in the pastures once they are in their pens though, so that is fun.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mom's Home !!!

It's really late, but I just wanted to let everyone know that we brought Mom home Friday night, safe and sound!!! Dad took BG and me to go get her. I've heard Mom say a picture is worth a thousand words... Wonder what a video is worth...

Do you think we were happy or what?


In case you have dial-up like I do (SLOW) here is a still.

Oh, and today we actually got snow! My kids have never seen it... I'm not sure that they were very impressed. Dott ran in it a few minutes and then came in and shivered, and BG was only out for a few minutes longer than that. The cold gets to these old bones of mine, so I didn't stay out long either. I'll try for a video of that...

Hurray!!! We figured it out!!!

Have a good evening!!!