Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ABUSE!!! and 100th Post!

Help! I am being TOTALLY ABUSED!!! Can I help it if my body has betrayed me?!! Can I help it if I am a GIRL! I didn't PLAN this!

I have been LEFT home for two WEEKS now! They have tried to separate me from my chosen LOVE! He whispers such sweet things in my ears when he gets close enough, but my STUPID BROTHER keeps warning him to stay away from me, and Grammy, Papa and Daddy are watching me like hawks, though Mom said something about shutting the barn door after the horse is gone!

For Crying OUT LOUD!!! I’m going to be 21 dog years old in just a couple of weeks! Don’t you think I should be able to go out with the dog of my dreams?

I know I was a bit rude to him when he first came, but he has told me that he forgives me and that he LOVES me! I slipped out with him for just a few minutes the other day when everyone was busy, and you would think that I had committed some kind of horrible crime!

Now they put him in the front yard or in a different part of the house with a COUPLE of shut doors/gates between us, or else they keep him on a leash, and get after us whenever I talk to him or he talks to me.

Grammy says that he is leaving in a day or two! What will I do?! Wooooo!!! I am so depressed! Dott

ell, I say good riddance! I TOLD Mom and Dad that Doug would cause problems! Of course, when we took him in, we didn't know that Dott would get heated up, and he was supposed to have left last week!

I was willing to give him a chance cause I felt sorry for him, but he has overstayed his welcome!

Dott has been acting like such a “tart” and no matter how hard we’ve all tried, she managed to get outside for a couple of minutes and that was all it took!

Everyone is so upset and I feel like a failure. I really TRIED to keep them apart, but everyone thought I was just being jealous.

On to other topics! It is sizzling around here (which is why Doug was inside). The big town near here got up to 110 degrees today and it was up to a little over 104 here (we are in the hills above the towns). We spent yesterday after church at Mimi’s (I was the only one who got to go in to town) and we had Little Bear , so I got a chance to play with him again… I LOVE that kid!

Also, Mom noticed, the other day, that this is our 100th Post! Goodness, we couldn’t believe it when she told us. With all that’s been going on around here, it completely slipped up on us before we knew it! We never even put together a contest or anything… Wouldn’t that be Mom’s job anyway?

She told us to let her think about it and she will try to come up with something by our next post, and if it is a contest, it will run through post 105. She will put up the details in our next post.

Friday, June 26, 2009

It was a Trick... We Hope!

Since OWAS has been disbanded, I’ll just catch you up on what is going on here with our Corgi Country Squirrel Wars.

You will be happy to hear that we found out, through more of our contacts, that “Spot” was actually a double agent-- a squirrel in a dog suit. I THOUGHT that he was awful little, and terribly nervous!

We believe that the squirrels were trying to frighten us with their faked up picture of a warrior robot squirrel, but we have found that they really don’t have the technology for that, and we don’t believe that they came from a future where the squirrels have taken over the world… we hope… but aren’t so sure now that they have taken over Dozer’s place, etc.

Anyway, since, as stated in our 100 Dog Years War History, we have been at this for a long time, and don’t plan to give up, at least in this area, we are still doing our best with the remnants of what is left of the OWAS technology we have. We are thankful to have had it and honored that we were able for awhile, to join forces with all you other brave dogs out there.

As I have mentioned before, our squirrel wars started about 14 years ago, when Mom started noticing that her pecan tree wasn’t putting out as many pecans as it used to, and THEN she found HUGE PILES of pecan shells beside the squirrel holes just outside our back fence.

Since Sadie came a few years ago, she has gotten more, since that tree is in the yard and Sadie guards it… though she does tend to eat some of the pecans herself at times. (She’s taught BG & Dott how to shell them, and they really aren’t to bad) Still, Mom can pick them off the tree before they fall now, where the squirrels climbed the trees and got them before she got the chance before.

Mom might have let that pass, but then she was looking out the kitchen window into the enclosed back porch, and saw a squirrel sitting up on the table where she used to keep 3 gallon plastic bins with various emergency foods. The little sucker had one paw holding up the lid, and the other paw was inside grabbing a bag of instant oatmeal. When she went outside and looked into the bin, ALL of the bags (it had BEEN full) were gone with only a few scattered oat flakes left!

She got another bin that was huge and made of really heavy plastic. She put aluminum sheets on the inside, and put the emergency food (we are only a few miles from the San Andreas fault line) in THAT a year or so ago.

A month or so ago, she found that they had EATEN THROUGH the back side of THAT!!!

They’ve chewed holes in the panels we put over the window into the hay room so that they can get in to eat on our hay and the horse’s grain until we put THAT in big trash cans with lids.

What REALLY ticked Mom off was that they ATE her $140 handwoven, rawhide Peruvian Bosal that she had gotten for riding Cory, since he is a Peruvian Paso Horse. It had been on the wall of the tack room. She was down for a long time a few years ago with her back problems, and one of her sons had the horses. When they came back and she went into the tack room, all she found was the very end of the eaten reins!!! She was NOT happy!!!

There are a bunch of other things they’ve done… too much to list, but suffice it to say, SHE has NO PROBLEM with us waging war on the renegade squirrels around here. She says that maybe tree squirrels and red squirrels and grey squirrels… ones that aren’t ground squirrels… are nicer, so we should try to be tolerant of those that like them. She even had a chipmunk as a pet that she raised when she was a kid, so she can see some people liking them... And, I guess they DID save Hector Wheelie (See Mango's Wed. blogs)...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Intel, but No Tank…

Sorry that this Report has taken so long to put together. Mom ended up having to work as a substitute for a lady at her church, and since her internal clock runs at night and not in the early morning, she is having some MAJOR transition problems, and has been “wiped” when she gets home. At least that’s what she says, though I haven’t seen any wipes come out, unless they attack her as she collapses for a nap when she gets home.

BG had a mystery injury which made him limp for several days. Mom couldn’t find a single thing wrong… no swelling, redness, heat, etc. so she has just been observing and he is doing better now.

Dott’s been called by nature and is getting heated up, so there is the logistics of trying to keep hormonal dogs under control, and blogger hasn't let us upload our vids for our report though we tried for several hours. Mom's going to try and help us again, today. Well, enough of the excuses… we will have to catch you up on the home front later.

OWAS Report by OC:

As per my last report, we had gone up to the mountains in hope that the intel we had gotten about Tank’s whereabouts would pan out.

We spent time sniffing out the area, and checking everything out thoroughly for squirrels, and heard them fairly constantly in the trees.

After a time, our contact, “Spot”, showed up, carefully checking around him for squirrel agents…

Align CenterWe all put on a bit of a show for the humans,

but did manage to get close enough for an information transfer.

BG and I discussed a bit of the information “Spot” had passed on, but had to wait until we got home to check the contents of the microchip he gave us.

We are still working on the ramifications of the picture contained on the microchip “Spot” passed us, and doing further investigation…
Official OWAS Report Concluded… OC

After making contact, we were able to get in a little R & R while Dad enjoyed his special Day. Of course we kept our eyes and ears open, but we enjoyed wading in the creek, and drinking that clean, cold mountain stream water was just heavenly.

It was so peaceful and calm up there.

The creek was lined with little wild roses in bloom, as well as other wildflowers, which Mom and Dad thought were very pretty.

We love our humans and were so glad that they had fun. We did too, AND got important information.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Quick Saturday Report... More Later!

OC's Report:

We got an intelligence report from a courier that was shot at and damaged by the squirrels.

The report said that Commander Tank may be being held by Squirrels in the rugged mountains about an hour's drive from us.

We convinced Mom to take Dad (for his Father's Day gift) up to the mountains to relax... while we checked out the reports. Oh... Happy Father's Day, Dad...

Sure enough, there were squirrels chattering away in the trees up there!

We heard them, but weren't able to make out what they were saying other than they were very excited about something.

Full report later... OC Out!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mighty Hunter Award to Kinsey...

We were over visiting at PenPets and read about Kinsey, the little 12 pound Bear Hunter. She scared off a bear that was raiding their bird feeders. We love to visit her Mom's blog anyway because of all the beautiful animal drawings and wood cuttings her Mom makes! In honor of this little warrior's Mighty Deed, we, here at Country Corgis, hereby award Dott's Mighty Hunter award to fiesty little Kinsey... Be careful girl!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

100 Dog Years War

Thursday OWAS Report
BG reporting :

Dott is very busy perfecting her liver treat formula. She field tested it on Mango, with his permission, as a WMD, though she hasn't told anyone her exact formula. She is trying to work out how to allow for the more compact members of OWAS, like myself, to produce enough gas to be an effective weapon. We will distribute it as soon as this happens, and may be sending out test samples to test potency among differing breeds. Consider this TOP SECRET, so only those directly involved in the testing will know the truth. (Hope their masters will be tolerant!)

While the rest of us get a little R & R, I thought I would catch you up on the history of our family’s 100 Dog Year War with the squirrels. Our battle started way back, in the days of cat –i– pults and tre-bow-shays, with Grandpa Buddy and Grandma Misty manning the huge “feline” flinging machines. As they had not yet mastered photography, here is a period drawing of one of their battles. You can even see JR, the cat that thought he was a dog. He loved OC as a grand-daughter and taught her a lot when she was a pup.

Time moved on, and they mastered new technology. First, gun powder, then the combustion engine, and finally the thing that all dogs have dreamed of for millennia... FLIGHT! This was perfected around OC’s prime and here we have a photo of OC in her old fighter... notice the string of squirrels on her plane. Even at that time, she was an ace pilot.

The Dog years rolled on, like they were putting on a new perfume. We got a brave and powerful ally, when Sadie joined the ranks. She had special training in tooth to claw fighting from her youth living by herself in the wild, and her coat made her the perfect Covert Ops member.

As you may know, there has always been tension between the Air Force and Covert Ops... one likes to make a big show of the battle and fly to the rescue, while the other likes to keep things on the "down low," and make precision strikes in the heart of enemy territory. This may be a part of what fuels Mama OC’s dislike of Sadie?

The fierce battle raged on. The squirrels kept trying to take us down and our grandparents pushed back. Our Grandma Mist took her trip across the Rainbow Bridge before we were born, but Grandpa Bud told us she was a fighter to the end. This is what we were born into... this life long battle with the squirrels. Our Grandpa Bud put us through our paces from the time we were old enough to walk.

So we grew up primed and ready for action. The battle was hard fought and I think it finally got the best of Grandpa Bud. He took his trip across the Rainbow Bridge, but we bravely fought on, now with Mama OC leading us. The main problem was funding. We had to make do with what we had, even modifying other machines into our weapons of war. Notice the modifications to this old tractor...

This type of ingenuity is what earned us the title of “The C-Team.” We did what we could, until Dott stumbled upon Commander Tank’s mighty effort. We joined as quickly as possible, for the support, and as we were already running low on supplies, and we LOVE having the new technology!

Well that about raps things up… Oh yeah, I almost forgot, because Doug is here we thought we could use him in the fight. I even gave him a special bullet RESISTANT vest.

BG signing out.

Note: As Researched by Robert Brock