Tuesday, August 31, 2010

They’re Leaving AGAIN!

Do you BELIEVE it?! Papa & Grammy are leaving again, probably for at least one night. They plan to take Grandma OC with them because of the extra care she needs, but not the rest of us!

It seems that they want to see their newest grand-daughter that was born last night! The baby’s name is Anna Elizabeth and weighed 7 lbs. and 9 oz. She was 20 inches long and has black hair (Grammy says “at least for now…”) She is supposed to go home from the horse spit all today, which is probably a good idea cause little babies shouldn’t be around a lot of horse spit. This picture was taken by a cellphone and she wasn’t very happy, just being born and probably COLD!

They better come back tomorrow because it will be our BIRTHDAY!!! We will be one year old, and you don’t think they would miss THAT do you?!!! 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Happiness! By OC

Since that last fight several months ago, in May, Grammy has made it a rule that I am never to be allowed in the same open area as that “Absence of Light” or AOL dog!

I guess I really scared Grammy. I got pretty chewed up that time, and she still cries when she looks at the pictures. Actually I was hurt by Mercy who got mixed up and attacked me because Grammy was holding AOL down and yelling at ME to get back and no one else was home to help her.

(Grammy: For those who don’t know, OC is talking about Sadie, our Border Collie. OC has a MAJOR problem with her. She really brings out the “Green-eyed Jealousy Monster” in OC.

When in OC’s presence, AOL is the name we use because OC has a barking fit if we even say Sadie’s name out loud. OC is the one who attacks Sadie, who only fights to protect herself.)

Our house is built in a way that makes it fairly easy to keep that other dog out of MY area.

I usually have the bedrooms, hallway, and part of the living room that they have fenced off so that I can be in beside Grammy when she is on the computer, while AOL has the kitchen (which allows her to go outside) and the rest of the living room, because, apparently, Grammy likes her.

When I have to go outside, AOL gets shut into the living room, and the hall door is opened into the kitchen so that I can go out.

Sometimes, I get depressed and sad being locked up all the time…

When Grammy notices that I am really mopey, she will sometimes let me come out into the living room and sit on Papa’s lap so that I am, once again, a part of the family! That always makes me so HAPPY!

Ahhhhhhh....Queen of my Domain again!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grammy… It’s ME… Gimli!

Grammy has been so busy! She’s had no time for me, her new puppy. The one who needs attention!

I’ve been so BORED!

Finally she sat down at the computer. Ah, HA! She’s within my reach!

Hey! Grammy… I NEED attention!

I LOVE you… Don’t you love ME? 

Very good! You FINALLY got the hint! That jerky will help…

I knew you loved me… 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Abject IMPORTANT Apologies…

Note from Grammy: I want you all to know that I have been played for a fool, and worse, I have passed along the wrong information to all of you. I am so very sorry for this, and want you all to know that it was an honest mistake.

All of those cute little comments that I translated from the Chinese characters, were accurate translations of those Chinese characters BUT if someone happens to click on the underlined periods AFTER the characters, it will take you to sites you DO NOT want to go to!!! 

I accidentally clicked on that area while trying to copy and paste a section into the translator, and it went to another site. I checked a few more of those underlined period parts on other comments, and the same thing happened. Even on the comments that had SEEMED appropriate on my Bible Study Blog, the underlined period area went to BAD sites!

I want everyone to know that I am so very sorry for giving everyone the wrong information about those comments, and if you get comments that have a string of periods that are underlined, I would suggest that you delete them immediately! I have cleaned them ALL off of anywhere on my blogs, and think that the new spam filter should catch anymore that show up.

Please forgive me … I am horrified by all of this! Grammy... cleaning up a polluted Corgi Country...

Message from me to Chinese readers:  I do NOT appreciate those people who have been using my blogs to connect to bad sites!  From now on, my spam blocker will be on and I will check even the parts with the underlined periods.  If I find any such links to one of those type of sites, they will be blocked and reported!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fun Time At Home… By BG

I love to play with Grammy when we are home. The only problem is that there are a BUNCH of us Corgis and when Grammy has time to play, EVERYONE wants her attention!

I’ll get a few moments of playing, and then Gimli will get jealous and try to horn in…

or Dott…

or Pippin…

Still, we love to play with her and with each other while she’s watching…

I’m TRYING to SLEEP! by Gimli



What! What was that LIGHT! 

Don't you know that you should let sleeping dogs lie...?

Friday, August 13, 2010

We’ve GOT IT!

Mama Dott and I have MASTERED the WHOLE Obstacle Course, including the Balance Beam!


Yep! I FINALLY can do it with NO PROBLEMS!

My brothers will show you that they can do it later, but since Gimli was laughing at me the last time, Grammy said I could show you all first. 

How was that? 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Sting...

I want to thank everyone that has been praying for my Sister-in-Law. She is doing MUCH better. She is off of the ventilator, out of ICU, and into a regular room. She is quite weak, and still has a bit of pneumonia. They said she may have to go into a rehab to get stronger and learn to deal with some stuff, but she is definitely on the mend. We would appreciate some continued prayer for a while.

Also, we want to award our friend, Mayzie, a Mighty Hunter's Award for treeing one of those majorly NASTY Raccoons when she found it IN her yard! Those can be dangerous and we feel she did an awesome job of keeping her people safe from the little bandit!