Saturday, September 25, 2010

Explanation and Mercy's Getting Better...

Grammy:   I've written an "Explanation of my Blogging Absence" on my Country Grammy's Blog in case anyone is interested. 

We will be on here whenever we can herd Grammy over to the computer, but she says she's going to be awfully busy with people stuff,  like she's been the past few weeks.

Please don't forget us if we aren't able to visit or get on here very often for a while... We love and miss everyone!

Mercy is doing better and better... By the way, her ears broke out in small blisters, too, and that is why they are looking pretty moth-eaten around the edges...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Twinkie’s Tongue Contest by BG

Grammy got a lot of pictures to share their Anniversary Trip with you, but that will have to wait until the next time, because we have to get our entries in for Twinkie Tinydog’s Tongue Contest.  Twinkie is hosting a Pet Photo Contest in honor of National Dog Week, and she wants everyone to:


I get to host this post because they DIDN’T take me on their trip! (Which STUNK!!!) Anyway, here goes! This is my best tongue shot. What do you think, Twink? Gee, I’m a poet and didn’t know it! I am BG, and I’m a 4 year old Chorgi (Corgi/Chihuahua/Doxie Mix).

Here is my sister, Dorothy Joy Wigglebottom with her BIGGEST smiley face after a rabbit chase. She is the same age/breed as I am cause we were from the same batch of puppies.

This is my Mama, OC (Ornery Cuss) and her big smiley face after doing squirrel patrol in our side pasture a couple of years ago.

Now for the Pups. Actually, these guys and their sister are a whole year old now, so I suppose they aren’t, technically, pups, but they are still young whipper snappers to me! I am listing them in birth order, oldest to youngest:

These of Gimli and Mercy were taken after they had been running the Obstacle course in our back yard:
Gimli:  (Awww… come on, Unca Beeg… NOT the big NOSE picture!!!  How embarrassing!) 
Mercy: (Thanks, Uncle BG, for show off one of my pretty posing pictures!  Blinks her big eyes...)

And, last but not least, our little Pippin, MY protégé! BIG old yawn! 
 Pippin:  (Is this big enough, Unca Beeg... Is it?  IS IT!?)

Well, Twinkie... What do you think? 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mercy’s Better by Gimli

Grammy says that they are pretty sure it was a spider bite now. The blisters have opened and drained, the swelling is going down, the main part is scabbing over more, and the edges are starting to heal.

She is taking and antihistamine (Benadryl), and antibiotic (Penicillin), and a pain reliever (Torbugesic syrup). Grammy cleaned it off 3-4 times a day with peroxide, and then covered it with a homeopathic mixture of olive oil, Melaleuca Oil, and MSM powder for the first 4 days.

Olive Oil: natural antibiotic that fights infections, soothes inflammation, and stops pain (“The Healing Powers of Olive Oil” by Cal Orey.)

For burns, sores, cuts, scratches, sore feet, chapped hands, rough, broken or sunburnt skins an application of olive oil will have a wonderful healing effect. Sufferers from earache find a few drops of warm olive oil work wonders.

Melaleuca Oil: Also known as tea tree oil, is truly nature's natural antiseptic. This topical oil, which comes from an Australian tree called the tea tree, is naturally safe oil that is effective as an antibiotic, anti-viral, and fungicide… Tea tree oil can also be used for animals; Bites, cuts, stings, rashes, dermatitis, lice, mange, ringworm, fleas, and ticks are just a few of its veterinary uses.

After that, she bought an herbal healing balm called “All Good Goop” by elemental herbs. It has calendula, comfrey, lavender, plantain, yarrow, extra virgin olive oil, Beeswax and Vitamin E. 

Lavender is used for treating depression, amenorrhea, burns, acne, rashes, arthritis, athlete's foot, carpal tunnel syndrome, psoriasis, vaginitis, insomnia, pain, palpitations, anxiety and nervousness. As massage oil, lavender relaxes muscles and eases tension.

She uses that several times a day now, and Mercy doesn’t need the pain reliever anymore. Several of these things also help to prevent/overcome scaring.

Grammy and Papa are going to be going to a Mountain Bed and Breakfast get-a-way for their 35th Anniversary this weekend. It is called The Old Bear Bed and Breakfast and is very dog friendly. 

The people have two dogs of their own and said Grammy and Papa could bring OC, Pippin and me with them. There will be another guest with two other dogs, too. It sounds like fun because they said they have a big fenced lawn area where we can run free.  I can hardly wait to leave!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Remembering 9/11, our Cousin, Mia and Mercy

Grammy had put up a post to Remember 9/11 on her Country Grammy's Blog, and meant to post a link to THAT today, but then we heard from her sister, Naunie, that her little Shih Tzu, Mia, had taken the Rainbow Bridge this morning and things got sidetracked.  

We DID get our flag put up in the frontyard for the day, and if you would like to read the 9/11 Tribute that she did, you can go HERE.

Little Mia has been fighting a bad case of Pancreatitis valiantly for the past week, as those of you from our Facebook friends know.  She decided that she needed to take the Rainbow Bridge this morning, and we are very sad for our Auntie, today.  We will see you later, Sweet Little Mia.  Run Free!

Grammy has also been busy taking care of Mercy, who has done something nasty to her nose.  We don't know if it was a spider bite, cat scratch, garter snake bite, or wasp sting (Tarantula Hawks are all over again).  It started off with a bunch of little scratch type marks on top of her nose, but the next day it got a lot worse.

She has to take several medicines (antihistamines and antibiotics) and have it cleaned off and medicated a couple of times a day.  She is eating well and has no fever.  She also had injured her leg the other day, but that is doing well now and she is putting weight on it again.  She will need to go to the vet on Monday if there isn't any improvement on her nose.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Soapy Saturday continued...

It's NOT FAIR!  BG got HIS bath BEFORE Papa came out with the camera!  I was having a blast, playing with the water hose while Grammy soaped and washed everyone else!

Suddenly, she called MY name...  Uh, OH...

She turned the hose on me... I guess I HAD gotten a bit muddy on my toes... :(

GRAMMY!!!  You KNOW I HATE baths!

Do you SEE the LOOK in these eyes!  I am NOT happy!  I'm going to be all fluffy for a WEEK now!