Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quick Catchup… By Dott

We are so sorry we’ve been offline for so long. Grammy’s been having some major health issues, but is doing better now.

She was in the hospital for a while, but we tried to make sure Papa didn’t get to lonely.

They say it was something about a “Congested heart failed her,” but it really didn’t fail her cause she’s still here and around, though she DOES have a LONG oxygen tail that follows her everywhere. We keep tripping over it.

She says that at least they served her good food while she was there, 

but that she missed us big BUNCHES. I know WE missed HER bunches!

Neither BG nor Gimli have been in a fight (though they’ve grumbled a bit at each other) since she got home. I think they are afraid she left because of them and they don’t want her to leave again. They stay right near her as much of the time as they can.

Mama OC HATES to have Grammy out of her sight now, and barks and barks until she can see her again.

We are all so glad she is home!

Our grain hay is growing really BIG now since we have had a lot of rain and then some nice sunny days.

The horses are eating in areas that are fenced off from the growing hay, but I’ll bet they can hardly wait to get out into it!

The wildflowers have started to grow in our fields, so pretty soon the hillsides will be full of them, too!

Of course, that also means the weeds are growing, too! These behind BG are almost as tall as my Dad, Robert, and HE is over 6 feet tall!

He pulled a bunch of them up, while BG supervised.

Grammy had him put them on the table so she could pick Mallow “peas” from them to cook for dinner. She also used some of the smaller, tender green leaves and cooked them up with onions, bacon, and tomatoes (like she does with spinach) for dinner too.

WE just love to eat the peas fresh from the bush, now that she showed them to us!

We went to Mimi’s this weekend, after church, and Mick and Jenn, came by with Kody and Anna. It was a surprise, and Grammy was really happy to see them! Anna is growing so FAST!

Well, you are pretty much caught up for now. We sure have missed everyone, but we don’t want to bug Grammy to much as she is resting a lot right now. Have a good week!