Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yummy CORN and Otter Pops! By Gimli

Grammy cooked some corn the other night and we got to eat some of it!

It was TOTALLY yummy! She didn’t think to get out the camera until after I’d already eaten a whole cob of it, but she did get a few vids of me and some of the others getting some of the second cob.

I really enjoyed that corn…

Mercy only got a little taste because Grammy wouldn’t let her take it away for herself, and she got mad and left to pout!

Pippin chewed off the rest of THAT cob!

After we finished the Corn and some of Papa’s Butterscotch pudding, Pippin also got some of Papa’s Jelly Belly yellow Otter Pop, too! Hey man, what’s with THAT! 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pippin’s Peek at the Past #4 Winners!

We only had 2 winners this time, though 3 others got really close, only missing one question of the three each.

Congratulations to:
1. Dory and Mama from Dory’s Backyard
2. Ruby and Penny from Ruby & Penny – 2 Mini dachshunds

You two can copy and take this Winner’s Badge to your blog if you’d like, and your names will be put into the drawing for the Grand Prize in just a couple more weeks!

We want to thank Ruby & Penny, and Betty & Koda for pointing out that our link wasn’t working AGAIN, fairly early so we could get it fixed. I’m so sorry about that.

The Questions & Answers were:

1. What did the pups find in the back yard? A tarantula

2. What was BG’s little ex-mistress doing in the picture? Riding a horse

3. What did they find in the tackroom when they went to feed the horses? A snake

I think some got fooled by the “BG’s little ex-mistress” part cause Sadie was sniffing the tarantula in one of the pictures, but she isn’t BG’s ex-mistress, and some were fooled by the “doing in the picture” part because the WORDS DID say that she was helping to feed when we found the snake. 

You 3 were SO CLOSE!!! I guess it was a bit harder than I thought, but at least those that missed THIS time, have gotten it right at least some of the other times, and everyone still has another chance to get your name in during our Fifth and LAST Pippin’s Peek at the Past Puzzle.

So far, here is the rundown on the Weekly Winners:

Mango   (1) from #2
Chatty Crone   (1) from #2
Angela   (1) from #2
That Corgi   (2) from #2 and #3
Khyra   (1) from #2
Ruby & Penny (3) from #2, #3, & #4
Rudy (2) from #2 and #3
Dory (2) from #2 and #4
Mayzie (1) from #3

Congratulations to all of you!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pippin’s Peek at the Past #4 … My Name

For today’s “Peek at the Past” I want to take you back to our post on some of the critters we’ve found around here. This same post is when I got my name changed from Neelix to Pippin!

Here are the questions for this week’s “Peek at the Past”:

1. What did the pups find in the back yard? _________
2. What was BG’s little ex-mistress doing in the picture? ________
3. What did they find in the tackroom when they went to feed the horses? ____________

For new readers/players, here are the rules: There will be 5 sessions, (this is the 4th one) and the winners who answer all questions in each puzzle correctly, will each get a Badge to display for the weekly wins. At the end of the 5 sessions, all of the winner’s names will be put into a Corgi Toss and the Grand Prize Winner will be chosen. (It was possible to have 5 entries if you'd gotten each week's questions correct.)

The Grand Prize Winner will get their choice of one of two prizes…

1. A “Little Dott Finds A Home” book  OR

2. A $15 Gift Certificate to our Country Corgi CafePress Shop We’ve added a LOT of new designs – here are a few…  Also, if you have a picture of your dog, and would like a design made, let me know, and I will work with you on it. 



A $10 donation in your name to the Unity Thrift and Outreach Dog Rescue that Grammy’s Sister works with. They take 50+ dogs and puppies to no-kill shelters on the coast in various cities every month (over 1,000 dogs saved already) and have helped pay for over 400 spays/neuters this past year!

The following link is to a Newspaper Article about Linda Hodges (Trixie) and Unity Thrift and Outreach if you’d like to know more.  (Auntie Naunie is just to Mrs. Hodges right, in the purplish blue top.)

Remember, too, that I put on comment moderation during the game so that everyone has an equal chance of coming up with the answers. I will moderate and show the comments after Midnight on Friday, so you have until then to get in your guesses for this week’s contest! Good Luck, Everyone!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

BBQ & Road Trip!

Friday evening, it was so pretty outside that Papa decided he would try his new gas BBQ grill. (It’s not really “new” but Manuel just gave it to us recently, so it’s new for us…)

He’d gone to the store on the way home from work and gotten some pork steaks to cook. Grammy cut up potatoes, carrots, and onions and wrapped them, with a bit of bacon and butter, in some heavy duty aluminum foil. She also cored an apple, put in cinnamon, a bit of sugar and a bit of butter, and wrapped that in foil, too, so that Papa could grill them.

They shared some with us, and BOY, WAS IT GOOD!!!

Poor Sadie had to stay in the yard because Grandma OC was out with us. Actually, we pups could only be out, a few at a time on leashes, because our people didn’t want us out of their sight since the neighbor’s dogs were loose over at their place, and they didn’t want us ganging up and heading over there.

We all sat outside for a while after and talked.

Mama Dott listens, so she was loose, but she kept her eyes open for rabbits out in the front pasture. She had to stay close, so she had to crouch to see under the car.

Afterwards, we all went in and snoozed with full tummies while our people watched a movie on the TV.

On Saturday, Papa decided to take us (BG, Gimli, Mercy & Pip) on a road trip. We went to the Big Town where the Kern River runs through some of the parks, and we got to go and play in it!

We had lots of fun! There were some really pretty flowers in the Water Lily pads.

We got to see some people in what Grammy called “inner tubes” floating down the river, but Grammy was taking pictures of us watching them and didn’t get pictures of them.

Then we went to a store to buy a BBQ utensil set since it was on sale at 60% off the regular price. Papa was really happy with it, and plans to BBQ quite often now… Yippeeeeeeeee!!!!

Look for Pippin's Peek at the Past #4 tomorrow...

Monday, June 21, 2010

We Found a SNAKE! By Mercy

The other day, we were out in the front yard and guess what I found! It was a long, living rope, that moved and wiggled, and it was right by our front yard fence!

I called Auntie Sadie and she said that it was a SNAKE! She said they can be very bad and not to get to close. She said you need to be ready to jump back cause they might try to jump at you and BITE you!

She started yelling at it and alerting our people, so Mama Dott and I helped her.

Pretty soon, GrandPaw Robert came out and took a look. Apparently this one wasn’t the really bad kind of snake and he told us we were good to have told him about it!

He went in and got the flashy box and took pictures, then chased it off into the woodpile so it can catch mice and maybe keep the bad kind of snakes away.