Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Old Bear Bed and Breakfast by Pippin

We just looked through our old posts and realized that we never shared our trip to the Old Bear Bed and Breakfast! We mentioned that we were going, but then things came up when we got back, like that tongue contest, and we never got to share our pictures and the fun we had on Grammy and Papa’s anniversary trip.

We were so excited when Grammy talked to the lady and found out that they accepted dogs and that THREE of us could go! We got all packed up and drove for about an hour and got way up in the mountains! There were so many trees to smell that we could hardly wait to get out of the car!

Finally, we got there and met David and their two dogs, Heidi, a beautiful husky/shepherd mix, and … (Hmmm...I can’t remember…) a Dalmatian mix.

Papa and Grammy talked to David for a while, and then he showed Papa up to our room, while Grammy got Grandma OC and us out and into their backyard so we could play and sniff around.

There were squirrels in the big trees, and a really strange smell that we learned later was a big black bear that had rummaged through their trashcans the day before!

We had a lot of fun running around in their yard, and checking out their place, including their outdoor spa. David came out and talked with Grammy and Papa while we ran and played.

After a while, we went up to the room, where Papa had taken our bags. It was called the Cowboy Room and had a Western theme. Maxine, the lady of the house, is very artistic and has done a beautiful job of decorating the whole house. Grammy was truly enchanted!

Grammy had brought one of our quilts to put on OUR side of the big bed so that we could lay up there without getting hair on their beautiful quilts. We shared the big bed with Papa, while Grammy used the smaller bed.

We relaxed there for a while, and then got in the car and drove a few blocks away to a restaurant, where Grammy and Papa had a really good dinner. They even brought us out some pieces of steak!

Another couple came in and they had two dogs with them, too. One was named Colonel Mustard and he was a big pit/mastiff mix from the looks of him, and his sister was a tiny little Yorkie! Colonel Mustard was also a helper dog and would fetch things for his master and open and close doors, too. Grammy didn’t get any pictures of them, though.

Later, a couple from France came in, and we met them in the morning. The lady spoke mostly French, but she was a retired nurse for severely handicapped children, so Grammy and her had something in common, and Grammy enjoyed talking to her. Grammy really loves the homey feeling of a Bed and Breakfast that has friendly people running it!

We went back to the B&B and had OUR dinner and then went to bed. The next morning, we got up and Grammy took us outside for a potty trip. We played for a little bit with the dog toys that they have out there for their guest’s dogs. I really TOLD their squirrel toy!

Then we went back in and got Papa up and he came out and played with us for a bit.

After that, they went into the dining room and had a wonderful  breakfast. It sure SMELLED good!!!  Grammy told us that the lady had made a wonderful Omelet casserole with ham and cheese, onions, and bell pepper.

There were Toasted English Muffins, Fried Hash Browns, and a WONDERFUL compote (Grammy called it) with a flaky crust on the bottom, a layer of warm peach jam, fresh fruit and then yogurt on the top. Grammy thought it was “heavenly!” (They had asked the night before about allergies, likes and dislikes, etc.) Grandma OC got to go into the dining room with them.

It was really cute the way that Heidi followed her Mom around and had eyes only for her!


We enjoyed ourselves SO MUCH!!! Lots of people come up there from all over Southern and Central California and now we know why! It’s wonderful there,  the people are so friendly, and best of all, WE get to go, too! Grammy says they want to go again sometime soon!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Kody Bear Weekend! By Gimli

As Unca BG told you, Kody Bear got to come down and visit Grammy and Papa for the weekend a couple of weeks ago. It was a surprise to Grammy AND to us when Papa walked in with him! 

We had a wonderful time with him! Here’s some pictures from Sunday: Grammy and I were playing with Mimi’s “Alf,” and then she threw it to Kody…

 I kissed him until I DID finally get it back!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Alert! Alert! ALERT!!!

We just received our book from Bella the Westie, in the mail, and we are SO IMPRESSED!!!! 

It is a WONDERFUL little book of pictures of so many cute, sweet dogs, and has such uplifting sayings, quotes and verses! We really enjoyed seeing so many of our Dear friends… Martha and Bailey, Dory… way too many to even list here!

THIS will be a GREAT book to sit down and read if you are feeling down or tired, etc. because it will soon have a smile on your face, and hope and love renewed in your heart! Grammy loves the wisdom of Mother Theresa, and there are some of her quotes in it, too.

We are so thrilled and proud to have been invited to be included in it, too! We got to add to the happiness that this book will bring to anyone who gets the opportunity to read it!

The pups really liked it too! They said it is a good book to read before going to sleep so that you will have good dreams! Grammy is thinking about getting a few to give out as Christmas gifts, even!

Thank you, so much Bella, for including us and for making this world a happier, more loving place to live! 
The Country Corgis

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Silent Saturday… Almost

Look at what GrandPaw Robert made for/of us…




 Pippin, Gimli & BG

We also heard on Facebook, that our little friend, Twinkie Tiny Dog, is feeling poorly and not eating, so if you would all please send prayers, crossed paws, and healing thoughts for her, we would appreciate it.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Busy Week…Part 1 By BG

This has been a very busy week for Grammy and a kind of boring one for us. Grammy and Papa’s oldest son had driven from Florida to CA for his 20 year Class Reunion and to be here for Kody Bear’s baby sister’s Dedication up in their town

He spent the rest of the week up there visiting, but Grammy had gotten so behind with all the other stuff she’s been doing, that she had to spend the week cleaning… and do THAT without water, cause our waterline broke again!

We DID get to go out on a few Squirrel Patrols, and those were a LOT of fun. Even Grandma OC got to come out and go with us one time.

We got a chance to see that new “Train Thing” that Grammy had been talking about. It is REALLY BIG!!! It would make a great Mango Cave!

A big truck had brought it in a few weeks ago, and put it in the back of our side pasture. 

That is where they had been putting all the stuff they’d brought from Papa’s Auntie’s house.

It is our opinion that it is NOT a good thing. It looks like it was specifically MADE to become a Squirrel and/or rabbit condo!!!

Mama Dott and little Pippin CAN get under one end of it, but Grammy and GrandPaw don’t like that because they are afraid of spiders and snakes under there, so, after these pictures, they decided they would put a piece of board there to keep them out. THAT will leave holes that are just right for rabbits and squirrels and leave US no way to get to them.

THIS IS HORRIBLE!!! Can you just imagine those nasty things sitting right there just out of reach and TEASING US?!?! 

It is bad enough that they try that under that old “Dart” car of Grammy’s other son. At least we can usually manage to spook them out from under THERE with enough circling and digging…

The inside of that thing is like a huge room and it is really stuffy.

There are all sorts of smells in there, too, but we can only go in when Papa or someone else is going in. Other than that, they close the door and it is dirt and water tight.

It was a lot more fun this weekend, because Little Kody Bear got to come on Friday and he stayed until today (Monday.) We’ll have to fill you in on how our weekend went the next time.