Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Tidbits…

Dott: We had lot of fun at the Pup Scout meeting Thursday at Candy and Captain’s blog, I Need a Sugar Fix. Brutus led the singing, Miss Bailey tried to teach us kitty etiquette, and, we got a pawsome Squirrel Badge for being dedicated to the “Eradication of Squirrels” which Grammy says means we want to WIPE THEM OUT!! Thanks to Candy, Captain, and their Mama Martine, for hosting!

We are definitely at war with the squirrels as you may recall. You can go HERE to read about our 100 Years Squirrel Wars (dog years) if you didn’t catch it the first time around. This was during Tank’s OWAS (Operation Whack A Squirrel) last June.

Just look at what they recently did to the trashcan that Grammy was keeping the horse’s grain in! Isn’t that DISGUSTING!

THIS happened during the Big Road Trip they took this past January, when I was distracted by being heated up and was very shorthanded around here. Now, Grammy puts it in a BIG metal barrel with a heavy metal lid that even SHE has a little trouble lifting.

This was out the side door window where we can see out, but not GET out to chase them off, and neither Grammy nor GrandPaw Robert tend to listen to us a lot of times when we TELL them that there are squirrels out there. They usually think we are just yelling at the dogs next door!

Gimli: Grammy is starting to put some stinky cream on my ear, and neck hair around my ear, to see if we can stop the Ear Assassin from breaking down my ear.

Pippin: I LOVE Sundays because my Papa is home and I can snuggle with him and give him corgi kisses!

BG: Today was a beautiful day and from up on the top of our Obstacle Course, I could see forever...

Mercy: I HATE it that GrandPaw Robert is going to have to leave us again in the morning, but he says that Papa does it all the time and he needs to be able to get money too, now that Grammy's Worker's Comp. money has quit coming. She is well enough that he doesn't have to stay home and help her anymore, and is getting her retired mints.

OC: The storm has finally stopped around here. We got a lot of rain so Grammy is really happy about that! The wild flowers will soon be blooming all over this area and the wildflower tours will start. We already have a bunch of fiddleneck blooming out by the front gate!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dad ESCAPED!!! By Dott

Guess WHAT!!! Dad ESCAPED from that evil “Job” person that’s held him captive for the past week! I wonder if he used the foil hat if it WAS aliens like Dozer suggested, and that’s how he escaped?

Twinkietinydog, he DIDN’T bring home any bacon, by the way, but thanks for offering to come and help find him. I wouldn’t have wanted you to cut short your Paris trip, though, and he’s home now! Thank you, too, Dory and Bilbo for putting up signs in your Texas neighborhood, and all you doggy pals from Piappies World too, for your offer of help.

Jazz, Angela’s corgi, from W. V. Treasures, we thank you too, for your offer of forming a search party! Mango, I did take your advice and listened over and over, but I couldn’t find a clue. We have so many friends out there! I’m just so glad that he escaped and was able to drive home yesterday evening.

He says that he made a deal with that “Job” and they will let him come home every night if he works for them all day long during the week now. I will be sad when he is gone, but he says that they will give him money, and then he can pay for more things to help Grammy and Papa, and fix his car, and buy ME and Mercy treats and things we need.

We will have to see how this all works out, but for now, he is home and safe… and Mercy and m
e are SOOOoooo happy to have him back!!!

Here is a video of us that Grammy took when he got home…

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Got a Message… By Dott

I got a message from my Dad! I just know that he is in trouble and is being held as a hostage by that person call “Job!”

Grammy got an email and it had some of those grainy pictures from some webcam thingy like when a person is being held hostage, and he kept repeating over and over that he loved me, and he was sorry he’d had to leave me.

I listened to it several times trying to see if there was any kind of message that he was sending to me in some kind of code… but I couldn't figure it out!

I think Dozer was correct and we are trying to track back and get a message to him to put on a hat of foil to keep the alien’s from attacking his brain so that he can think of a way to escape. Have any of you out there seen him?!? If you see this, Dad, try to put on a foil hat and see if you can escape!!!

I’m trying to talk the rest of the Corgi Crew around here to help me find him and rescue him, too… I’ve GOT TO SAVE MY DAD FROM THIS EVIL “JOB” person!!!

Wordless Wednesday… Sort of...

Mercy, Gimli and I LOVE the oranges from Mimi’s tree. They are very sweet and HUGE this year!

They are MINE and you can’t have any!

Come on Grammy and help me peel this!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Miss Mercy Mystery Monday #1 Answer

Well, the mystery wasn’t about Gimli’s ear, which is flopped down again. As we wrote at the bottom of the last post,

Grammy doesn’t know who is pulling on his ear until it no longer stands up… AGAIN! It had come up during the time they were on their Road Trip when no one was able to get hold of it and pull it until it stayed bent, and that is why she thinks it was me!

My Dad points out that Pippin was to busy being nervous to play really hard, so HE didn’t have a chance at breaking it down either while they were gone.

Mama Dott was upset in THAT picture, because it was HER Dad that was packing and not Papa. She is afraid that the aliens have caused her Dad (my GrandPaw) to disappear. Grammy told us that GrandPaw got a job and had to go for a week’s long training session, but Mama Dott still doesn’t believe that HER dad would leave her for that long. She went to bed early and is pouting on his bed tonight, but THAT wasn’t the mystery…

Do you remember the tidbit picture of all of us standing outside the bathroom door wondering what was going on with Sadie and Grammy in there? THAT is what the mystery picture was about! No one got it, so no prizes THIS week!

Remember we have told you that we live up against a lot of BLM land? (Bureau of Land Management federal land) There are many miles of it behind us and the ranchers around here lease the land during the year to run cattle on it.

The day before yesterday, there was a herd of cattle up against our back fence in the side pasture, and we had a fit for a long time! They were back there MOOING & MOOING, and no one would let us out so that we could chase them away!

Finally, they left, and THEN it rained for a few hours. (Anyone have a wild guess now?) By the early evening, it had started to dry out some so Grammy, not having thought all this stuff through, decided to let us all go out to run in the pasture.

Next thing she knows, she looks up (from watching OC so that she didn’t overdo) and sees Sadie in the distance on the other side of the fence doing that head first dive into something on the ground, with Pippin copying her a bit to the side of where she was. Grammy started yelling a “RECALL,” but Auntie Sadie got in a couple more dives before tearing herself away from her wonderful pile of Rain Soaked Gooey COWPIE Perfume!

Needless to say, Grammy was NOT a happy camper! It was pretty cold (supposed to snow in the hills behind us) so she couldn’t wash Sadie off outside, and had to bring her into the bathroom.

OC knew that Sadie was in TROUBLE, so she was in her face all the way in, telling her off, while Grammy tried to be sure that a big RUMBLE didn’t get started, while trying to keep Sadie at arm length.

Grammy called GrandPaw Robert (who has a VERY WEAK STOMACH) out to help her, and he got all of us into the living room and shut the door so Grammy could bring in Sadie at arm length from her, but not let her TOUCH anything else through the house on the way to the bathroom.

Auntie Sadie REFUSED to get into the tub, and Grammy couldn’t even TRY to lift her with the problems SHE has, so she got Sadie’s front half in by throwing several pieces of jerky in and then GrandPaw had to pick up her BACK end into the tub, while gagging. Grammy shut the sliding doors while GrandPaw Robert ran outside to puke.

She finally got Sadie washed down, towel dried and then blown dry with the hair dryer. Poor Auntie Sadie was totally humiliated… c
an’t you tell?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Miss Mercy Mystery Monday #1

Did you see our “Tidbit” Post from the last time?

Let’s see if you can put together one of those “tidbits” with this picture today to figure out my “Miss Mercy
Mystery Monday” mystery.

What do YOU think this is? Do you think you know what happened?

PeeEss... We aren't sure WHO the ear assassin is. Grammy thinks it's me, but my GrandPaw keeps standing up for me and I'm not telling! It could be Pippin after all... Besides, Grammy's threatening to wire someone's jaw shut if we keep breaking down Gimli's ear... :(

PeeEssEss... It's Dott's Dad, Robert, who was packing the bag...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tidbits from the Whole Crew…

The Ear Assassin is back, and Grammy is NOT happy!!!

Papa, aren’t you GLAD I’m home… Huh, Papa… Huh… AREN’T YOU!?!?

BG LOVES his Dad… and Vice Versa!

Pippin checks his friend’s blogs over Grammy’s shoulder…

What going on in the bathroom with Grammy and Sadie?

Three A.M. and you are FINALLY coming to bed, Grammy?

Why is Dad packing?!?!