Friday, January 29, 2010

We’re HOME!!!! by BG

We are home… FINALLY! THAT was quite a trip! We got home about midnight last night and then had to unload the car of all the stuff we took with us. Grammy didn’t get to bed until 1 a.m. and she’d only gotten 3 ½ hours of sleep the night before.

We left Sunday afternoon instead of early that morning, because they found a problem with the trailer Dad was going to haul, and had to fix it at the last minute. We had left the house early in the morning because Robert had to take us over and then get back to church as he runs the LCD for the songs and sermon every Sunday.

We played around the “yard” while our people loaded all of our stuff into the cab of the BIG truck we were going in. About the time everything got loaded, Dad’s supervisor that was doing a last minute check of the trailer we were hauling, found some kind of big problem, and they had to do a lot of quick running around to find parts to get it fixed before we left.

Dad wasn’t to happy because we were already leaving later than he’d hoped too, and we only had 4 days to get all the way across the U.S. He had to have the trailer in Jacksonville, Florida by 4 p.m. on Thursday, the 21st so that it could be loaded on the ship that would take it overseas.

While Dad got more and more stressed, waiting for the trailer to be fixed, WE all got to run and play, so we didn’t mind too much that we didn’t leave at 8 a.m. like Dad had planned.

Actually, we didn’t leave Bakersfield until AFTER 1 p.m.

We got as far as Quartzsite, Arizona that night… About 355 miles. We got to stop about every 3 hours or so and get out to go potty and get a drink of water, and we got some hamburger or ham biscuits whenever Mom and Dad had breakfast or dinner in a restaurant, as well as our doggy kibbles at night.

Monday morning, we left Quartsite and continued driving down I-10 through Arizona and New Mexico. Pippin is waiting for his Papa to get back from the restaurant with our mid-day snack in this pic. We made it to a Rest Stop just past El Paso, TX by that night… another 570 miles or so…

Early Tuesday morning, we left the Rest Stop and headed deeper into Texas. THAT is a BIG state!!! About the time we got to Fort Stockton, Dad noticed a problem with the truck’s temperature gauge. He called Ryder (The company they rented the truck from) and we went to a shop there in Ft. Stockton to have it checked. They said it wasn’t serious, but we had to go to San Antonio to their big shop to have them fix it.

Dad was NOT happy about losing almost 5 hours of driving time since he was on a tight schedule, but we got to get out and play while they worked on the truck, so WE didn’t think it was to bad.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Trip Update

I just got a call from the travelers.
They asked me to post a picture of were they are in their trip.

I will try to twitter updates but I have been having problems logging in.
Check along the side for them.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our BIG day! By Gimli

Pippin and I had a really BIG day today with all kinds of new things in it! First, Papa left to go move a trailer, and after a little while, Grammy and Robert put our collars on US and put us into the car. We always have to wear a collar when we go in the car for some reason.

Anyway, we took a looonnnggg old trip ( I got sick, cause I’d just eaten) and finally got to a big place… turns out, it is where Papa’s job office is! We got out to check out the flowers and grass… we haven’t seen much of that around here, and Grammy kept telling us to “go potty,” but we really didn’t feel like it.

Suddenly, Papa came out and Pippin was very happy and wiggled all over him (not widdled, wiggled… he has been known in the past to do the other, so I just want it clear.) They put us on leashes (we STILL don’t like those very much) and went into what
they called a big shop, where people work on trucks that are HUGE! Papa’s head only comes a little above the BOTTOM of the door!

Papa, we found out, is going to DRIVE that HUGE truck, and WE are going with him and Grammy. They had borrowed a painting ladder that was about 5 ft. tall (they said) and has large steps. Grammy can step on the bottom one, then on a truck step, then a ladder step, and then another truck step and another ladder step and she can get up into the seats of the truck!

arently, we are going to get into that HUGE truck and drive a long time, (Grammy says about 10 DAYS!) and go from California to Florida… wherever THAT is… and back! Mango, didn’t you just go to Florida and go swimming there? I wonder if WE will get to go swimming? Do you see how little Papa looks by that BIG thing?

Anyway, we got to check out the cab (that’s what they call the room where you sleep and eat and drive!) Bet you didn’t know you could DRIVE a huge ROOM! It’s got TWO BUNK BEDS in it! and even Papa and Robert can walk around in there! I guess Papa used to drive those big trucks for a long time (Grammy: 32 years), but he says he’s never gotten to drive anything THIS nice before.

We finished checking out that “cab,” and then we got to meet a lot of new people and they were pretty nice and Pippin wiggled all over, but I was a bit more careful until I saw Pip getting all the sugar, and Grammy said it was ok, and THEN I let them pet me too. Grammy says I’ve got to get used to people and that she will be sure that I don’t get hurt, and that they won’t hurt her… I was just trying to protect her.

After THAT, Pippin stayed with Papa, who had to drive the trailer around to get it weighed and hooked up to the oil testing trailer he is hauling. He got home pretty late, and Mercy and BG really loved up on him!

I went to several stores with Robert and Grammy to do some shopping (for dog & horse food, and a little people food.) Since I wore Unca BG’s vest and Grammy told them how I was training to be a service dog, I got to go in a cart. I was real good and Grammy was proud of me.

We even went into a DOG STORE… actually, there were cats, and fish and stuff too, but MOSTLY it was for dogs and had all kinds of toys and chewies in it… I really wanted to grab one, but Grammy said “Sniff, but don’t touch…!” I was good, and she bought me some chewies for the trip… oh… OK… they are for BG, Pippin, AND me.

We finally came home and I peed and peed… I just didn’t feel right about going in a strange place. Grammy says I better get used to the idea cause she doesn’t think I can hold it for 10 DAYS!

Grammy’s been working really hard getting ready since we got home, since this is all a last minute thing. She only got 3 and a half hours of sleep last night, so she is pretty tired. I think she is waiting for the dryer to go off now… oh, THERE it went! … so we can go to bed because we have to get up early to leave. This should be interesting! Grammy, Papa, Pippin, BG & me are going! We should be back by the 26th or 27th, and Robert will be helping Dott to take care of things and with the blog. (Actually, one of the pictures - of me in PetsCo- is on his phone, so HE will probably have to finish putting it on here and then post and since he is busy ALL Sunday, you might not see this until Monday :(

A note from Dott: As you can see my dad got it done on Sunday. With Gimli, Pippin, and BG are on their way to Florida, and mama OC at Mango's place thing could be quiet around here. I will have to keep my guard up. with diminished forces I might have to work twice as hard to keep the squirrels and coyotes under control.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Mama OC Called... By Dott

Mama OC called me from Mango's place today. She used one of those fancy computer video cams and her bluetooth. She says that it has been TOTALLY cold... more like FREEZING... over there, so she is staying inside mostly on this nice, comfy bed. They have a really nice heating system there, too, instead of only an old wood stove to warm the house.

She said she is being taken care of very nicely and is really enjoying the visit with the other judges. She said that her and Martha and Bailey have been looking online for their formal wear for their judging days, and decided to turn on the live cam and call.

Papa's work has changed their minds again, and got a different truck for him to drive to Florida in. He has to haul one of their HUGE oil testing trailers from California to Florida so that it can take a ship across the ocean. With this different truck, there is a possibility that Grammy will be able to go with him, and they would take Pippin, BG & Gimli with them, since Mama OC isn't here to go too. This just came up this afternoon, and the decision has to be made by tomorrow as he is leaving tomorrow night or early Sunday morning. He will definitely be taking BG and Pippin anyway.

Grammy kind of wants to go because the road goes through Houston, where their daughter lives, and they will probably be able to see them for lunch or dinner, at least, and it ends a few hours drive from where their oldest son lives, so, since he will have a couple of days off around the time Papa has to be there with the truck, he will be able to drive over and visit too, for at least a few hours or maybe overnight. Papa has to have the trailer there one year from the day that Oldest Son's wife passed away last year, and they would both like to be there for him.

A lot of the decision will be if they can find a way to get Grammy all the way up to the cab in that BIG truck with her hip and back problem. They will figure that out when they see the truck tomorrow.

In other news, Grammy and Robert gave the pups their next set of booster shots today. Mercy whined a bit, Gimli kind of yelped and struggled, and Pippin screamed his little head off, and almost wiggled out of Robert's arms! Had me really upset for a while until I finally figured out what was going on.

Well, I'd best go for now. We seem to be having a bit of an uprising among the squirrels AND the coyotes lately. I'll tell you more about that later, though, as I've got to run for now!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sadie... By BG

Dott has been so busy, that she said that I could do our blog today, and I thought I’d tell you about Sadie’s reaction to the Mango Minster 2010.

At first, she told me that it sounded kind of interesting, but she KNEW that OC would never let her enter, and would probably put her busy doing something that would give her little time to even think about it, like cleaning out the woodstove and hauling out the cinders…

Then, she saw Mango fly in, and when she found out that he had invited OC to go to his estate and be a Judge for the Show, she started thinking that at least she would get a break from constantly being watched, and sort of get a vacation from all the work that OC keeps assigning her.

She tried not to show it to much, so as not to irritate OC, but she was getting a little excited when she was told that she would have to help take all of OC’s luggage and stuff to the airplane when it got here.

She could hardly wait for that plane to land, on the day they told us they were coming for Mama OC, and she found it really hard not to grin from ear to ear! Finally the Big Guy’s plane arrived, and she hauled the luggage down the driveway.

After Mama was gone, Sadie went cracker dog for a few minutes, and jumped around for joy! She wanted to play, but I wasn’t to sure that it would be appropriate for me to celebrate having Mama leave.

THEN, Sadie got the idea that MAYBE there would be a way for her to enter into Mango Minster 2010! Apparently, she'd been dreaming about it for a while.

She talked to me about it, and I told her that I didn’t know about that, because she is a Border Collie, and that makes her a herding dog, and since Mama OC is going to be judging THAT group, she wouldn’t stand a chance!

She asked about the other classes… what they were and who was judging them, so I told her. There is the Hounds Class with Martha and Bailey judging… The Cat Dog (Cats that think they are dogs) Class being judged by Khyra … and The Sporty Dogs (Good Sports or love sports) being judged by Moose. There are also The Non-Sporty Dogs (Bad sports, grouchy, etc.) and Sadie made a rather snide comment about who ought to enter THAT class… That class is being judged by Ike. The Cracker Dog Insane Terriers (CDIT) Class is being judged by Norwood, and last, but not least, the Hard Working Dogs Class, which is being judged by Tula. I also explained that the last Class was dependent on who won the other classes, and that Asta would be judging that one, which is called the “Best In Show.”

She thought about that for a little while and THEN came up with the idea to enter herself into the WORKING DOG Group! She has a point there, because she is one HARD WORKING dog around here! She used to work with the goats for Mom, and still works to put the horses where Mom wants them …

She baby sits the pups, and BELIEVE ME, when ALL three gang up on you, THAT is HARD WORK!!!

She does a LOT of the cleaning, and she helps bring in wood for the woodstove,

She is able to pick up a lot of the stuff that Mom needs picked up that is just too big and heavy for me to pick up, too.

She had a point, so I told her that I would help her get her entry together and sent in. I just HOPE that Mama OC will speak to me when she comes home, and that I won’t get into TO much trouble!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I’m SOOOO BUSY!!! by Dott

I have been SOOOO busy! Not only do I have to be a mother and keep these pups of mine in line, I’ve also been a part time teacher too.

At least my brother, BG, has helped a lot there when he hasn’t been working as a helper dog for Grammy.

Mama OC was training me to take over all the responsibilities of running Corgi Country and we were supposed to have until the 25th to get ready for her to leave. I guess with all the bad weather out there at Mango's Estate in Master Chew Sits, it was decided to fly out and get everyone early when they finally DID get a break in the weather. They didn’t give us a lot of warning on that, either!

We were going insane around here trying to get all of Mama OC’s things packed, her extra supply of meds for her back and hips, etc., and write down lists of the things she didn’t get a chance to tell me. We caught Pippin trying to figure out a way to stow-a-way in his Grandma OC’s luggage, and thwarted THAT little plan!

Robert let OC borrow our laptop to take, so that she can keep up on some of her friend’s blogs, but from the itinerary WE saw, she will probably be awfully busy, and that leaves ME to do THAT, TOO!

The pups are getting pretty rowdy with each other at times, and it is against the rules now, to chew on ears during their wrestling (after what they did to MY ears)! I have to keep a close eye on them, and I often have to jump in and break it up between them. Notice, I only get after Gimli when he goes for Mercy’s ears.

Mama OC did take her Bluetooth with her so that we can communicate with each other… if the weather doesn’t cause problems with THAT, and I wouldn’t doubt that happening at the rate things are going for me... I’m a nervous wreck!

P. S. I just got an email from Mama OC, and she said to let you know that she made it to Mango’s Estate in Master Chew Sets ok, and is getting settled in. You can see a picture of the arrival on Asta’s World.

There was a bit of a misunderstanding on Mango’s part, about what a Corgi Toss was. He thought we were going to “toss Corgis” to determine the winner of the Herding Class! You can see the pictures that were going through his head HERE. I had to explain again, that all the names of those with eligible Entries (A single pic showing some “herding action,” be it rounded up toys, bugs, birds, kids, or livestock) will be put on folded pieces of paper which will then be tossed out for me choose from. That will give EVERYONE an even chance of winning.

We only have 6 fur-friends entered into the herding class so far. They are: Dexter- a Labradork (as listed in his entry for breed—he is Mango’s “brother”), Bilbo- a Mixed Up Lhasa , Chrome- Friesian Sport Horse , Dozer- Pembroke Corgi and his "sister," Dottie- Cardigan Corgi , and Scampi- Border Collie / Papillion . All of these Comp Pet Itors will also be competing in their respective “Reader’s Choice Awards” on the day of their class, so check them out and come out and vote during that class.

Also, it has been announced that Grammy will be doing an 8 x 10 “Portrait of Choice” for the winner of the Best in Show of Mango Minster 2010, and she is also providing a $20 gift certificate as the First Place prize in the Herding Class, to spend at our Country Corgi CafePress Shop, which has a Mango Minster 2010 Department in it.

Half of the proceeds from the sales in the MM2010 Shop will be donated to NEADS , (Dogs For Deaf and Disabled Americans), of Princeton, MA. This is a non-profit organization. NEADS was established in1976 to train and provide rescued dogs and donated puppies to assist people who are deaf or physically disabled in leading more independent lives at work, at home and at school.

Here is an example of a Contest Entry. This was done by Chrome: (All Entries need to be in to Mango by Midnight ET 1/27/2010)

Your Name: Chrome
Gender: Male
Group you want to compete in: Herding Dogs - I like to round up cats!!
Your breed: Friesian Sport Horse
Your bloggy address:
Your peemail address: (These won't be shared to the public)