Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I’m Entering Mango Minster 2012… by Dott

Can you BELIEVE it!?!  It is January again, and time for Mango Minster, the premier Dog Blog Dog Show, hosted by none other than our HUGE friend, Mango the Mastiff!  He and his mom put on the BEST Dog show each year, and put in TONS of work on making it fun for everyone.  Even if you don’t enter, there are great adventures, contests and games featured by Mango’s furiends, and he has a TON of them!!!

A couple of years ago, OC even got to be one of the judges, and Grammy provided one of the First Place Prizes… a portrait of the winner, which was Clive, a Golden Doodle Helper Dog to his autistic friend.

We JUST found out about this year’s Mango Minster last night when Grammy FINALLY felt well enough to get online and let us visit some of our old friends.  One of the classes is “Too Darn Cute!” and when my Dad found out about that, he said that I HAD to enter!  That’s what he’s called me from the time I was born… EVERY DAY… SEVERAL times a DAY!!!

Dad says I am cute when I’m sleeping with my toy squirrel,  

 And cute when I’m out doing “Squirrel Patrol” for REAL squirrels.

He says I’m cute from the front (I was sneezing). 
and cute from the back  (I was bowing).   
He says both sides of my profile are cute, too!   

He laughs and says I’m cute when I’m dirty  

 and cute when I’m clean…

He snickers and says I’m cute when I’m ANGRY  (wouldn’t YOU be!) 

And cute when I’m angelic…

He even said I was cute when I was FAT  (I was in the family way) 

and cute when I am thin!

He says I’m especially cute when I do my tricks… Here I am with my "Hands up..."

And here are a few more on this video.


Do YOU think I’m cute enough to win?  Are you “SQUEEEEEing” yet?