Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Camping continued…

Hi, it’s me… BG, again. (Mom did a drawing of me, so I thought I'd use it today...) Another thing about camping that bothered me was collars and leashes. We don’t have to wear collars around our place because we only get out of our yard when Mom, Dad or Robert are around, and then we are scouting out places for fuzzies or other critters, and that involves going under things, etc. After getting hung up on things, losing several collars and having to replace tags and collars, etc., Mom just leaves them off until we are going somewhere. Then she calls and we put our noses up so she can drop our “collar ID’s” on us.

I don’t mind them for short periods or even a few hours if we go out while we are in town, but apparently, when you go camping, you have to have your collar ID on ALL THE TIME whenever you are outside!!! Not only that, but you also have to stay on a LEASH!!! What fun is it to go somewhere with all that huge park area and cool river and lake, and you can’t go exploring or playing out there? Mom took us on a few short walks, but Mama got so upset when she got left behind, and she can’t walk a lot anymore, so that was a problem for me.

We didn’t even get in a decent FRAP (Frantically Running And Playing) until about an hour before we had to leave, because that’s when everyone else had already left, so Mom felt that we could go FREE for a little while.

FREEDOM!!! What a wonderful feeling! That’s when camping got to be fun! I tried to make up for two days worth of exploring. I couldn’t help but FRAP for a good 5 minutes without stopping. Mom and Dad must have been happy too, because they laughed and laughed with me. Mama even frapped for about 20 feet and then she rolled and rolled on the grass, and got a big smile on her face.

I got to go down some really steep steps that had been cut into the bank of the river, get a drink, look around and take in a whole bunch of new and interesting sniffs. I had to go down by myself because the steps were to steep for either Mom or my mama to get down there, and that made mama a bit sad because she wanted to go to, but Mom wouldn’t let her. She said that mama wouldn’t have been able to get back up and might even have fallen if she tried.

She DOES have trouble on stairs, now-a-days. We have ramps at home for her for the stairs and to get on the bed, and sometimes Dad or Robert have to pick her up to get her up and down things. Dad even made a ramp for both Mom and mama to get into the trailer.

Mom is really having a fit because the picture place said that they wouldn’t have the pictures back until the end of the week, so she is going to have to do a “Camping Album” picture day once they get here. Meanwhile, she had a few pics from our trip to check out the place a couple of weeks ago to use.

Mama says that I am going to have to let Dott do this bloggie tomorrow so she can tell you about her visit with us. See you later!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Camping is very interesting…

Hi, everyone. We are finally home. Camping is very interesting… Mom says that it is not at all the way it used to be. I’m not sure if I like it or not, myself. I’m so tired !!! There were a lot of interesting new sights and sounds… especially for Country Corgis like Mama and me.

Living in the country, you don’t see very many people on your territory and when you do, you can warn Mom and/or Dad, and then they will take care of it and let you know if those people are ok or not. I KNOW Mom and Dad didn’t know a lot of those people, but they still insisted that we be quiet or only “talk little” which is a little warning rumble deep in the chest. THAT is hard… especially with all those strange dogs talkin’ smack when they’d walk by. Mom said she was really proud of me, and that I listened and did real good.

I don’t mind people petting me if I’m off my home ground, not on guard duty or working, and I got a chance to meet some nice dogs and people, but there were a lot of others that I just didn’t trust… they smelled funny from stuff they drank, sounded loud and rude, or just didn’t seem trustworthy, and I worried about Mom.

Apparently when you are camping, there are PEOPLE ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! AND they are right in your back pocket… ALL NIGHT… I hardly got a wink of sleep both nights we were there! I felt that I should be on guard the whole time to warn Mom and Dad whenever someone came near, and those people were LOUD and up VERY LATE. I didn’t keep Mom or Dad awake, but whenever they woke up because someone was screaming (little kids playing tag until all hours), or yelling what Mom says were “chicken words”… or maybe she said they were “fowl ??,” they would find me sitting by the door giving quiet warnings… at least until Dad put me under his covers. Mom says people used to be nicer and think of others more.

It wasn’t ALL bad though, but, since we got home late and had to put up a lot of things, I’ll have to fill you in on the rest of our trip over the next few days. Mom apologizes because her digital camera died, and our little town doesn’t have a quick photo maker, so she won’t have a lot of the new pics until later in the week (if at all since she took an OLD camera with OLD film.) Good night... I'm going to bed!!!

Pee Ess... OOooops! I forgot to add the quick note Mom told me to put in about her newest grand-daughter being born, so now she will have to change her sidebar description to read 14 grandkids instead of 13 1/2! She weighed 5 lbs. and 6 oz. which is about what our cousin, Kisses (on the Chihuahua--Dad's-- side), weighs, and was 18 inches long... Isn't that the size of a good fish? (Don't let Mom know I asked that, cause you'd think that little girl was a puppy the way she fusses about her!!!)

Friday, March 27, 2009

We Leave This Afternoon...

First off, Mom is praying for Dottie and her Mom from Dozer’s blog as she has been quite sick and is an older dog. She asked that I let you know when I did this blog, so that you can pray for them, too.

Mango’s barn that burned down is being rebuilt and we are happy for them. They always have something going on around there that is funny, and Betty and Koda’s last blog at A Corgi in Southern California, really gave us a big laugh, too. Bet he wasn’t to happy sharing his cookies!

We are getting so many new friends since Mama started this blog, and even if she isn’t feeling up to writing it herself very often lately, Dott and I don’t mind reading about all you friends out there, to her. Mom loves to see the new puppies on Hawk’s blog and on the More Than Words blog when they introduced their new puppy, Mocha. She is sure there’s corgi in there somewhere, as she sure looks like Dott when she was a pup!

Mom’s made a new friend at Expressly Corgi that loves corgis, horses AND rats, and is a very artsy person like Karen at Inspiration By Karen, Leslie at http://penpets.blogspot.com/ and Cathy at Cathy Santarsiero: The Christmas Corgi.

There are lots more, but not enough time to tell about them all right now because we are getting ready to go CAMPING !!! FINALLY!!! I can hardly wait to see what that is all about! Mom’s even thinking about getting a license like we have so that she can go fishing. I didn’t know they were so you could go fishing… That should be an interesting adventure. Wonder what a fish is? I can hardly wait to see her collar and tags. Maybe Dott’s master will tell her she has to put on her “Collar ID” next time we go somewhere, too! Wish us luck and pray for safe travel.

The lake is closer to the hospital than we are here, so if Papa’s nephew has to go back in, we will be able to visit quickly, though they sent him home and so we think that means things are better for him. Thanks for those prayers, too! I'll write again soon...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Note and More Puppy Pics

This is going to have to be a very short note because Mom has been busy today and went out of town all afternoon to try to visit her nephew that was in the hospital. He is only about 31 (her son's age and one of his best friends) and was just married last month. He's gotten a virus in his heart and they are going to try to treat it with medicine, but are also talking about a heart transplant. She is praying a lot about it, and asks that if you are praying people, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers, too.

I thought that since I don't have time to write much, I would just post some more puppy pics of Dott, my brothers and me from our family album. Hope you like them.

Here is one of me when I was only about 6 weeks old... My ears were so big, that Mom says they didn't come up until I was almost 3 months old.

This one is a drawing of my brother that we called Knight. My Mom did this picture in pastel and pastel pencil. I put the drawing beside the picture she took it from.
Personally, I like chewing pencils rather than drawing with them!

This next picture is of Dott, me, and our brother, Bandit. Bandit was the biggest of us pups. We were about 7 weeks old in this one. My ears look like they are up, but it was only because I was looking up trying to figure out a way to jump over the edge of the box. Well, I will close for now with a picture of my Mama. She was really tired from having us all in this picture. Hope you enjoyed a peek at our family album. BG

Monday, March 23, 2009

To Go or Not to Go... THAT is the question!

Mmmm… I don’t know if it would be a good idea to stow away or not. Saturday was an awesomely BEAUTIFUL day, though a storm was due to blow in, so Grammy and Papa had decided to go camping NEXT week.

Since it WAS such a wonderful day, they decided to go for a drive up the mountains behind us because they knew there would be a ton of wildflowers out.

They took Mama, BG and me with them, and we drove up the mountains west of us for about 20 mins. (driving slowly) looking at all the beautiful colors and flowers. When we came down the other side, we made a turn and drove for about 10 minutes in a place called Carrizo Plain National Monument . We stopped at a lookout place with lots of open space to run and check out "fuzzie" homes while we walked with Papa and Grammy up to the actual overlook.

We had a LOT of fun… Grammy was pretty upset about her camera being broken so she couldn’t take pictures. She has to put in pictures from their website of what we saw. You see, that set of small mountains you see in these snow pictures of our place a month or so ago... well, just over them is that Carrizo Plains area, but you have to go around the mountain to get there.

The thing is, we were gone for about 4 hours with the drive up and back and the stopping at the places they wanted to look at and walk in.
Even though we got out several times, by the time we were coming home, I started getting a weird feeling. It was like something wasn’t right. I got all nervous and shaky. I don’t know if it was from the smell of the oilfield we had to drive through near the last of the drive, or if I was just missing my master.

Once I got back on the road I recognized, then I calmed down and felt better, but it makes me wonder if I should leave my master behind for that long of a time. I almost always sleep with him in his room (unless it’s extra cold, and then I snuggle down between Grammy and Papa). I wonder if I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I didn’t know he was there near me.

I REALLY hate to miss out on anything that Mama and BG get to do. I talked to my master, and he said that he will probably be going up to where they are going to camp for part of one day, and maybe we can take Grammy’s Little Bear since they are coming down that weekend too, and Grammy doesn’t want to miss him. He is the only kid I really like… So maybe I should stay home and just go when he goes…

I just don’t know... I’m kind of mad at Grammy anyway right now. I found a wonderful new perfume yesterday to put on, and rolled it firmly into my face and neck, but when I came into the kitchen at Mimi’s after church, everyone cleared the room holding their noses. Grammy snatched me up so fast and gave me ANOTHER BATH!!!

Good Grief!!! Now I can't do a thing with my ruff... It's all fluffy!!! You would think they would let me find my own perfume!!! That old, dead diaper didn’t mind sharing!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thanks, Mayaa

Just a quick note to say THANKS SO MUCH to Mayaa, from the "Feel Good Funniez: Random things to make you SMILE!" Blog. She awarded us this adorable ROFL Award... She even personalized it for Corgi Country. Isn't it cute! Her blog is geared to give you a laugh a day.

She also has a blog called "Must Love Rats," which I do, so I like it too. Thanks again, Mayaa

Ha! They couldn't go...

Grammy is really ticked because something happened to her camera and it seems to have died. She worked on it all day because she wanted to take pics of the trailer, but no luck… and she just got this camera a couple of months ago!

Ha!!! They didn’t get to go this weekend because there is supposed to be a big storm with lots of rain and maybe even snow, though Grammy hopes not as the hay is getting around a foot high and we need the rain, but not a freeze. It has been so warm here the past week or so… It’s made Mama feel a little better, but then both she and Grammy are ouchy again with this new storm coming.

Still, since they have to wait until next weekend, maybe I’ll be able to convince them to let me go, or at least try to find a place on that big house on wheels to stow away in. They were out working on it all afternoon, and WOW, it sure is something! They picked up my Mama and put her in while Grammy and Papa were dusting and getting the beds checked out, so BG and I jumped on in too.

We were all impressed!!! Grammy hadn’t gotten a real look before, but she says that it’s sure nice and that she thinks that she won’t have any trouble sleeping on the foam mattress it has. She told Mama that she will bring her memory foam mattress and put it right beside her own bed, and BG will be able to sleep with Papa in the other big bed in the back.

I had a peek around and there are a couple of likely places I might be able to stow away in. I’ll have to plan this carefully…

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Maybe Tricks Will Work?

I'm trying really hard to get Mom to say that she will take me when they go camping. I tried really cute begging and the "Please, Please" trick my Master taught me.

I thought I had the deal cinched so I shook hands with her,

And then I gave her a "High Five..."

But THEN, she talked to my Master and he said he didn't think he could give me up for a whole weekend. OH, NO!!! I'm back to square one... Guess I'll have to start begging HIM "Please" again from a different angle... Wouldn't YOU let me go I've I asked cute enough?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mmmm... Lots of GOOD Food!

Mmmm… We went into town today to Mimi’s house and then to Naunie’s house. (Grammy's sisters live next door to each other.) Grammy cooked some potatoes and cabbage to add to Mimi’s Corned Beef, and we took that to Naunie’s, who had also cooked Corned Beef, but she baked hers with a mustard and brown sugar glaze. It smelled so GOOD!!!

They also had green lemon meringue pie and green tinged peach cobbler… THAT was weird, but tasted pretty good! Wish we’d gotten more than a little taste!!! I don’t know what this St. Patrick’s Day thing is about, but it has something to do with green and lots of good food.

At first, we weren’t allowed over to Naunie’s because she has a relative that doesn’t like dogs… I never knew there were people like that!!! And I heard he was an old cowboy that used to rope at rodeos, too, so you’d think he would like animals. Strange! He left soon after dinner, though, to go watch the kids at their softball practice, so Mimi, Naunie, and Grammy let us come in and gave us some of the leftovers while they were cleaning off the plates… That corned beef was whisker lickin’ good!!!

Tomorrow we get to go back to town because Grammy has another funeral to attend… These things make Grammy so sad, I’m not sure I understand why she goes to them. Grammy says this lady was her Sunday School teacher for many years and one of HER Mom’s best friends. She had a laugh that made everyone smile. She says that she
needs to support the lady’s family and be with the people that loved her, but that at least she knows the lady is happy and in Heaven so she has a “blessed hope…”

I’m still working on a way to get to go with Papa and Grammy when they leave this weekend (if they get to go…)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Where to camp...

BG told me that he had posted a video of us at Lake Ming. I hope you liked it. Dad has borrowed a big trailer and wants to take Mom, BG and me on a road trip this weekend. This trailer has some beds, a bathroom, and even a kitchen in it. We’ve never been anywhere in something like this.

Mom says this really isn’t “camping” because she used to go "real camping" all the time with her family when she was little, but Dad says that if he is going to go, HE is going to sleep in something with a BED! He says his bones aren’t as good as they used to be, and Mom sort of agrees… I KNOW I sure do!!!

This should be pretty interesting. They checked out that lake and they are also looking at a couple of other campgrounds.

Mom wants to go someplace with water… either a lake or by the ocean. I think I probably prefer the lake because you can drink out of it and salt stings the eyes. With that big trailer, it would be hard to go down on the beach to camp, and neither Mom nor I are up to taking long walks anymore.

I think they are really leaning toward the lake, though there is another campground by a creek in the mountains that they are also considering.

BG is pretty excited about going on an “adventure.” I’ve been to Reyes Creek often in my life, and it’s not too bad. BG and Dott have even been there once before.

Dott is NOT happy that she has to stay home with her Master… She doesn’t want to leave him, but she wants to go, too. He might come to wherever we are, for one of the days, so that she can have a little fun, too. I guess we will see.