Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Week Has Flown By…

Can you believe ANOTHER week has flown by? My Babies are 4 whole weeks old. Things have been pretty busy around here and Grammy hasn’t been able to get all the vids edited yet, but we do have some snap shots for today. The little ones are definitely getting their own personalities, too, which will show in the videos when we get them posted.

Little Gimli is a little over 5 lbs. now, and he is really sweet. Grammy really likes Gimli, though she still thinks his name should either be Panda or Oreo. He is a bit larger than the others, in a way. He is a bit taller and longer than Gracie, though he weighs about the same. He is a pretty mellow boy, and doesn’t mind being held and snuggled. He tends to look you in the eye, too, and wants to bump noses.

Mercy weighs just under 5 lbs. and she is a snuggle bun, too! Robert holds her a lot and she fusses so that she will be held whenever she wakes up. She tries to look you in the eye and kiss at people’s noses, or push their noses with her nose.

She was the first to find out how to get over the edge of the sleeping box, though she still didn’t escape because the play area walls are higher.

Neelix is still the smallest, weighing in at just under 4 lbs. He is so much smaller, but he has a HUGE A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E!!! He also seems to be rather hyper and wants to be GOING at all times.

He does NOT want to be held very much, though he loves to be played with on the floor. He DOES seem to settle down when Dad puts him on his chest and just pets him. I think he just doesn’t want to be confined. By the way, THIS picture is more like his real coloring, I don't know why the other one makes him look redder.

Grace is still as big as Gimli, and also weighed in at just over 5 lbs. Grammys says she is “built like a little Hummer,” … Wide and square! Grace is strong, and built very solid. She eats WELL, too, and FEELS heavier than any of the others- even Gimli. She is starting to move much faster than most of the others,too, except maybe Neelix.

When Mercy wants to wrestle, Grace will wrestle back until she gets tired and then she just bowls Mercy over onto her back and says “That’s ENOUGH!” with a little barky growl. Mom seems to think that Grace is the prettiest in color and markings of the lighter three.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Puppy Shower Continued...

Hi... We are back with the rest of the Puppy Shower that Sasha and her Mommy hosted for us. By the way, the gifts are getting a lot of use (the ones that weren't eaten right away, anyway.) It is so cute watching the babies when they wake up from their naps. They stretch and move around, then jump up and toddle really fast off of their blanket and onto the Pup-Pee Pads to do their business. THANKS AGAIN, Sasha and Mommy!

Let's see... last time we had gotten all of the gifts open. Right away, BG took the drumstick chewies over to Grammy and told her that she needed to open them.

Grammy said that first, we all needed to clean up the wrappers from the presents, so we got busy cleaning...

Mama OC was excited to get to the snacks, too, so even she got busy cleaning...

By all working together, we got everything cleaned up pretty quickly!

Grammy was busy with the camera, so she had Mama OC take the package of drumsticks to Robert so he could open them up for us.

Those things are TOTALLY YUMMY, and all of us enjoyed them completely. I even got two!!!

When we were done with those Yummy snackers, Robert brought the pups out. Gracie started barking... She wanted to play!

She wanted to practice playing bitey-face, as she has been studying Mango's technique. She got Mercy to help, and they got down to it. Gracie: Hey, Mr. Mango, is this any better?

What about this? Do you think I'm getting the hang of it, Mr. Mango?

After the little ones played for a while, Robert set out one of the Pup-Pee Pads to let them look at and sniff. They thought it was very interesting...

After that, he showed them that pretty squeaky. Neelix and Gracie snuck up and gave it the once over.

Gimli thought it was barking at him when Robert squeaked it, so he barked back!

He wasn't at all sure about that toy that barked back at him...

Robert tried to get everyone lined up for pictures, but the pups weren't in a co-operative mood. Neelix snuck away to give that "barking toy" a closer look, again.

Since then, as I mentioned before, the Pup-Pee Pads have gotten plenty of use, and they still like to play with the pretty squeaky. We all had so much fun at our Puppy Shower!

We can't thank you and your Mommy enough, Sasha. You are truly special friends, and Grammy is sending up special prayers that blessings come your way! Bye for now... Dott

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sasha Sent us a Puppy Shower!

Wow! We have got such WONDERFUL friends! Everyone has had such sweet things to say about me and the babies, and now, Sasha sent us a BUNCH of presents for a Puppy Shower! There are so many that it will probably take a couple of posts to get them all in!

We could hardly wait to start opening them! First, we pulled out stuffing paper...

Then we got the first gift out and opened it up...

Oooo... would you look at THAT! My Favorite! Chicken Breast Jerky!

Mmm... I wonder what is in this interesting smelling paper... Oooo... It's PRETTY, and it squeaks... A pretty squeaky! I love squeakies! Grammy says it is supposed to be a perfume bottle, but I don't smell horse apples, cowpies or mud hen...

Goodness! ANOTHER gift... This one says it is for everyone. I wonder if I should let Mama OC help me open this? Hey, Ma...

Mama, look at this! It says it is for you, BG and Sadie, too! Help me open it, ok?

Mama, do you think you can get that side open? I'll work on this side...

Oh, WOW! Would you look at THAT! MORE crunchables! Drumstick treats! Cool!

Isn't this GREAT! Look at all the totally neat stuff that Sasha and her Mommy sent for our Puppy Shower... AND we still have something else in the bag!

Wasn't that a nice picture of Sasha... and what a SWEET message of congratulations. Let's see what's in this last package... Mmmm... THIS REALLY smells interesting!

WOW! Would you look at all the LOOT! Yummies, a Pretty Squeaky, and Pup-Pee Pads! THOSE will definitely come in handy because these little guys are really full of it and it is getting hard for me to keep up with the clean-up job!
I'm going to go and play with my pretty new squeaky. Something pretty always cheers a girl up when she is feeling tired and chewed on...

This is getting pretty long... I told you we would have to break it up into a couple of parts, so you will have to wait and see the rest next time. I'll catch you later... I'm going to go back and play some more with my pretty squeaky! Oh, Thank You, Sasha... and your sweet, thoughtful Mommy, too! This is just what I needed to cheer me up! I might even share this with the babies later and let you see what THEY think about all of this!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Week Has Passed...

Where IS the time going! The puppies are 3 WEEKS OLD already! Every day they seem to learn more and more things and can handle their little bodies better and better. They’re not quite “drunken sailors” anymore. By the way, you guys… Mom’s been singing/humming a crazy little song under her breath ever since you mentioned that! Something about “What do you do with a drunken sailor, earl-i in the moooorrrrning…” Says it’s STUCK in her head!

Gimli (which Grammy sometimes calls "Panda" or "Oreo") is still around 3 lbs. and he is starting to eat very well the few times a day that Grammy helps me to feed them. I’m so glad that she is starting to do that because they are so BIG and did I mention TEETH… They DEFINITELY have TEETH now!!!

At the rate that they are growing, and with the TEETH... Did I mention, TEETH!... that they are getting (which my Dad aptly describes as little needles) I'm beginning to wonder if maybe I should quit nursing them sometime soon... I don't like to stay in the bed too much anymore because they seem to think I'm a teething toy!

Mercy is about 2 1/2 lbs. now. Dad says that he thinks she looks a lot like I did when I was a puppy.

Gracie is as big as Gimli . She is 3 lbs. too!

The last one to be weighed was little Neelix. He is a LOT littler than the others, and Dad and Grammy wonder if he is going to take after me and one of my other brothers that stayed pretty small. He's pretty fiesty, though, for his size!

The pups really love to play with their GrandPaw, and run right to him when they see him.

AND, would you look at these MOVES! Are those Corgi herding "hip checks" ALREADY, or WHAT!!!

I also think that I'm going to have to be careful what the kids look at on the Computer Monitor. I think they've been watching "Bitey Face" vids from Mango...

Ooooo... Guess What! When we went down on our mailrun today, their was a package from our friend, Sasha and her Mom. Mama OC said something about a "Baby Shower," but I don't understand THAT... I keep my babies totally clean. Why would they need a shower?!

Ohhhhh... now I understand. Grammy explained that a "Baby shower" is when someone sends gifts for the babies! Isn't THAT COOL! I can hardly wait to open it and see what's inside!!! THANKS, Sasha and Your Mom!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Night Time Wrestlers...

The babies are continuing to grow in leaps and bounds... They aren't JUST sleeping, eating and... uh... needing to be cleaned. Now, when they wake up, they are exploring their new, expanded play area that Dad created for them. They are also starting to rough-house with each other.

Gimli is the biggest, and he is always trying to get everyone else to play with him. Here he is bugging Mercy and trying to get her to play.

After she left, he went over and started picking on his little brother, Neelix. Neelix may be smaller than Gimli (actually, he is the smallest of the four) but he is feisty as you can see!

While Gimli, the little Panda Bear, likes to wrestle, the girls would rather explore and check things out...

Well, it's late and I'll have more tomorrow with my babies 3 week old stats. Have a good night!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Pups are Starting to Play...

Grammy has to get her drawings ready to take to the Fair, so she decided that we would just post some vids of my babies playing. Hope you like them!

Have a wonderful, playful weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Two Week Pics continued...

Well, we are going to try again to finish uploading the rest of the babies 2 week old pictures. Time sure flies and I can't believe how fast they are growing.

We weighed them today and each one has gained a whole pound since last week! Gimli weighs 3 lbs. and the others weigh 2 pounds each. Grammy thinks he looks like a little Panda Bear.

Grammy's been making sure that I get plenty of food too, and I gained a pound, though she still thinks I'm to thin.

All four of them have their eyes open as of today and they are chewing on EVERYTHING they can find! They are starting to get their teeth, or at least HARD little ridges on their gums and some "almost" points. That's why I don't stay in the box all the time anymore. I don't like it when they "teeth" on ME!!!

Neelix looks like he will be the smallest of the group. He looks like he will be a very interesting color. Grammy saw a corgi at Pismo Beach that looked like the color that she thinks Neelix will be. She said it reminded her of a seal point Siamese cat. I guess we will just keep watching to see.

And, last but not least is little Grace, though she is not so little as she is the biggest looking of all, though Gimli weighs more.

This one is a close up of Grace, and you can hear Gimli talking in the background...

While Grace was out here getting her picture taken, Mama OC wanted to take a closer look at her. She has been very careful to let me take care of my puppies myself and not give me a lot of extra advice, but, since Gracie was out of the box, she really wanted a closer look at her little grand-daughter, so Grammy let her get a look, though I told her that she had better be careful!

I thought poor old BG's eyes were going to pop out of his head when Grammy tried to show him little Gimli. He knows that I don't really want him around them yet, but maybe I'll let him look at them when they are a little bigger.

Two Weeks ALREADY!!!

Here are the pictures of my babies at 2 weeks old. First, my firstborn son, Gimli. He is getting lighter on his cheeks and changing color the way Grammy says my Mama OC did when she was a pup.

Here he is beside the disk we are using to give you an idea of the pups size.

And here is a video of him close up. His eyes are starting to open...

Mercy was my first daughter, and has the little "angel" marking on the back of her neck.

Grammy says I have to go to bed because it's already after 3 a.m. and Blogger is refusing to upload any more videos. We've been trying to get a 10 sec. one to load for over an hour now... restarted the computer twice, etc. She says that she will let me post the rest tomorrow, and we are sorry because we promised to get it done today, but we've been working on this for about 8 hours so far, and Grammy says she can't afford to lose any more hair, so I should quit bugging her and go to bed! :( Dott

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

“And Its Worst Story…”

Just a quick note as it is getting late and Grammy was working on her Proverbs blog and just FINALLY let me get on here. She had something called an “and its worst story” (Grammy: NO, Dott… that’s “anniversary” and it’s a GOOD thing) OK!!! But, I still think it should be “worst story” because it’s worse than the story I had to tell you about my babies!

Anyway, it was her and Papa’s 34th one, and SHE decided, after she finished her "Country Grammy's Walk With God" blog on Friday about 9/11 and her Mom, that the computer was going to stay off all weekend so she could spend time with HIM!

Good GRIEF! I’ve got BEAUTIFUL BABIES to show off!!!

At least I still got fed regularly and they both enjoyed playing with the babies which gave me a bit of a rest.

Even my Dad decided he was going to make himself scarce for the weekend too, to give them “special time together…” Can you believe THAT!!! He LEFT ME! Sure, he said he was sorry, and was really happy to be back this morning and see us again, but I was DESERTED all weekend!!!

Grammy and Papa even took off on Friday, the day before Dad left, and took BG to the big town. He got to wear his vest and go into a big grocery store. He told me he had to lay real still in a chopping cart (bet THAT was scary, though he didn’t say what they were chopping) while Grammy got groceries (maybe that’s what was chopped? Some of MY food says "chopped...")

He was mad because Grammy forgot to take the camera, so she didn’t get pictures of him, even though she told him she was really proud of him for doing such a wonderful job… even when she put some bags of cooked chicken right beside him in the cart, he still laid real still where he was supposed to. (He said she didn’t notice the drool that fell on the blanket he was laying on in his part of the cart… poor brother)

Actually, I’m not TOO sad for him because he was bragging that they got him a hamburger and gave him some of that chicken on the ride home, while I sat here and had to eat DOG FOOD! (Grammy: Awww, come on, Dott… you DID get some of the chicken breast when we got home…)

Anyway, this is short and tomorrow the babies will be 2 weeks old, so we will have their 2 week pictures to post then.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grammy Listened…

I’m sure glad that Grammy listens when I tell her stuff! For some reason, the back of the top of my box cover was left hanging all the way down inside of my box last night. Mercy somehow got around behind it, and I couldn’t get her out.

Finally, I went into Grammy’s bedroom and went up Mama OC’s ramp, got onto Grammy’s legs and walked up her body until she woke up (This was a little after 5 a.m. and she’d gone to bed at 4 a.m.) I kissed her face to make sure that she was thoroughly awake, and she realized that I wouldn’t be in there unless there was a problem.

SHE thought that maybe the ants had found us, so she hurried out of her bed and went in to look at the pups. She only counted 3, so searched until she found poor little Mercy stuck behind the cover. I had gone under the bed and tried to find a way into the back of the box that way, but the bottom of the bed is even with the top of the box, so I couldn’t get in to her.

As soon as she called me out and told me that she had found my explorer daughter, I quit scratching on the back of the box and came around. Boy, was I happy to see that she was ok. I checked her over and then jumped back into our bed and let the little one nurse to get her calmed down.

Papa made some comment about some dog named Lassie saying, “You’ve got to come!!! Timmy’s in the well…” He’s weird sometimes!

PS: Here are a few close-ups of the babies at 1 week old...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Aaaahhh… REST at last!

Happy Labor Day everyone! Papa is home and we are very thankful that he can have a day of rest because he is such a wonderful provider for us and labors hard all the time to take care of us.

We are all praying that God will Bless America and those that have labored to make it into such a wonderful country to live in. May God Bless the workers, and the community service people, like the ones fighting the fires here in California, and our police officers, etc.

Since today is Labor Day and it is to celebrate those who labor, and I had labored hard, I decided that I’d let my people hold my babies for a half hour or so today so I could rest a few minutes. I figured from the first, of course, that I could trust them, but I just would get nervous for no good reason when they would pick them up. Papa let Gimli crawl up under his beard where my little son went to sleep for a while.

They’ve held them a couple of minutes at a time, and always brought them back since they were born, so today, I decided that it would be ok for them to hold them for a bit while I just laid out and relaxed.

Papa held Gimli and Mercy for a while, until Grammy snatched Mercy. Grammy put Mercy into the front of her blouse in a little “pocket” and she went to sleep there.

Grammy is thinking about keeping Mercy, and wants her to get used to her heartbeat and bond well. BG is supposed to be Papa’s dog, and Grammy doesn’t feel that it is fair for her to take so much of BG’s time and attention from Papa. (It makes Papa a little sad...)

Mercy looks like she is going to be a full-sized Corgi, and strong enough to be a helper dog. Grammy says she’s not sure yet, what will happen…

The pups have been nursing almost constantly since they were born and are growing SO FAST! I’ve hardly left my little cave since they were born except for quick peeks to keep track of what’s going on and quick runs outside. I’ve not even wanted to get out to eat, so Grammy has been fork feeding me my special reinforced Mama Dog Food several times a day. I'm even getting dark bags under my eyes...

She also brings me my bowls of homemade puppy formula and holds them for me to drink. She says it’s a lot easier to do that than to feed the pups herself like she had to do with me and my brothers. The puppy formula gives me the
nutrients, fluids and extra calcium I need to make so much milk. I’m so little and the pups are getting so big that she wants to be sure I don’t get to much sucked out of me. She’s a bit worried because I am so “SKINNY” as she puts it. I just think I’ve got my “girlish” figure back, though I don’t know if my poor “Mams” will EVER be the same again… :(

Grammy tried to put down food near my bed that first day or two, but then the ants found it. She doesn’t want that to happen again, as she doesn’t want them to get on the puppies. That’s when they took my box out of Grammy’s room and put it across the hall in the spare room after making sure there weren’t ants in our box. She won’t put any food in the new room to be sure the ants can’t find us. I’ve got a big water bowl, but no food, so that’s why
Grammy feeds me.

She also can’t put out food anywhere else in the house because Mama OC is on a diet and can’t have food laying around to tempt her.

Well, I best tell them to put my little ones back so I can feed them, as they are starting to get antsy. Thank you all so much for your kind words and thoughts! Dott