Friday, November 26, 2010

Proof of Fairies by Robert Brock

A short video that Robert “found” showing proof of “Fairies” and their love for corgi steeds, starring one of "Dott's Ancestors..."

P.S. Grammy was back in the hospital last night having major trouble breathing (Asthma). She is home and doing better now on the medications they gave her. She had been very sick with Bronchitis for a little over a week. Please pray for her to get over this bout.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thanks, so much! by Pippin

I want to thank all of you for your prayers for Papa. We went and got him this afternoon, and he is home tonight! I was dancing for joy!

Ok... so it's an old video, but it fit...

Grammy says that the test results aren't fully in, but the ones that did come in, say that he is not in an "urgent" situation. They gave him medicines for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and to thin his blood some, and put him on a cardiac diet. Grandma OC says she doesn’t like the sound of THAT cause the word “diet” NEVER means something good!

He has to see his regular people vet as soon as possible, and his heart vet next week for the rest of his results, and to figure out what comes next. Grammy says he HAS been under a lot of stress lately… I’m just glad he is home!

His chest still twinges a bit and they did see the skip in the heartbeats while they were doing the tests, but Grammy feels a bit better that now they will be watching him. Thanks again, everyone. We are Praising God around here, for His answers to all of our (and your) prayers.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Owwwoooooo! By Pippin

Papa’s been in the Horse Spit All the past couple of days cause his chest was hurting. They are running a lot of tests. GrandPaw Robert is taking Grammy over every day, so we (Auntie Sadie, Gimli, Mercy & me) have been here alone all day everyday this week so far.

Grandma OC, Uncle BG & Mama Dott have been going to Mimi’s so that Grandma OC can be helped outside when she needs to go potty. We are so sad. I’m just spending my time laying on Papa’s pillow and missing him… Please pray for him and keep him in your thoughts.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Good News and Bad News…

First, the Good News! We had been visiting with Sugar the Golden Retriever, on her blog, and found out that she and her Mom make DOG COOKIES and treats! We finally got Grammy to go to Sugar’s Paw House and get US some COOKIES!

We were so excited, when she got them ordered, and we could hardly wait until she got the box opened when they got here!WOW! Look at ALL THE GOODIES! 

First, we tried some of the Veggie Hearts. They are all natural, with lots of good things in them, and wheat free! These had apple sauce, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, apple pieces and carrots. They were pretty good!

Then we tried the Pumpkin Bones…

They were good, too! They have rice, pumpkin (of course), cinnamon, ginger, and dried eggs with some other good stuff. They smelled good, too!

Unca BG pouted until he got seconds on those! Grammy has trouble resisting sad eyes… which CAN work toward our advantage.

 I kept nudging the bag with the Apple Bites in it and Grammy finally pulled it out!

The others were good, but THESE were our favorites! Grandma OC scooted herself across the room so she could be next to Grammy after she got a taste of those Apple Bites!

They have oatmeal, applesauce, apple bits, molasses, dried eggs, and cinnamon with some other good, healthy stuff too! They were little, and light, and Grammy says they will be just right for training treats.

Here is Pippin, sneaking one of Unca BG’s when he went after one that rolled.

He grabbed a few and then took them away from where everyone else was (on the other side of OC’s fence) and guarded his treasure! 

He is a BRAT that way… We waits until everyone else is done with there’s and all eyes are on HIM, and then he eats and looks at us like “Don’t you wish YOU still had some?!” He takes after Mama Dott that way…

Unca BG wanted to stay close to Grammy where the handouts were, but even he backed off a bit with Miss Mercy came in to get hers! She can get pretty nasty sometimes! 

Those Apple Bites smelled so good that Grammy even tried one… but she says they are a bit hard on her teeth…

Sugar was even so sweet that she gave us some extra treats! Thanks Sugar, and Mom! You made our day!

Now for the bad news… Grammy has been trying to do too much lately, and we’ve caught her crying about it. The holidays are coming up and things are really stacking up, and she is “just getting too much on her plate” as she puts it. Now, too much on OUR plates is always a good thing… in fact, HOW can you get TOO much on your plate?

Anyway, we are sad, but have come to the decision to stop blogging… at least for a while… so that Grammy doesn’t have to help us with that. We will try to get around to our friend’s blogs whenever we can, but for now, we are going to quit bugging Grammy and give her a little break. We know that all of you love your people, and will understand. So for now, we love all of you and wish you the best over the Howlodays! The Country Corgi Crew…   

Grandma OC





 and me,  Gimli...

 PS… Grammy says to please be sure and vote, today!