Saturday, March 6, 2010

Now for the Good News…

Today, I get to tell you about the Good News! (Unfortunately, Robert wasn’t able to get the videos uploaded today, so we will have to put those up later.) WE got a package in the mail! It was a BIG box and it smelled really GOOD! It was from Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen!

I don’t know if you remember, but Yassy’s corgi, Palette, is the taste tester (what a GRRREAT JOB for a corgi!) and they have some of the most WONDERUL things for dogs! Last time, we got a deer antler, and a couple of bags of Dogitos. Those are sort of like Cheetos in texture, only made from dehydrated goat, beef or sheep lungs. They are light and crunchy and totally YUMMY!

The deer antler had lasted FOREVER, even with all seven of us chewing on it all the time, so Mom wanted to get some more of them and try out some of the other things that Yassy and Palette recommend.

THIS time, she got us a medium sized regular deer antler, and an “antler with some velvet on” because she had read that those have more condroitin in them as they aren’t as hardened when they are taken, and that is good for problem joints.

She also ordered some Baguette Buffalo Liver Biscuits and some Greek Salmon Biscuits which are grain and gluten free, and handmade just before they are shipped out. She hasn’t given us any of the Salmon Biscuits yet, but the Buffalo Liver Biscuits are WONDERFUL and we all gobbled ours up right away!

Since the Free Range Brazilian Beef Trachea 6 piece pack was on sale, she got us one of those, too!!! They are like “Moo tubes” and they are just so crunchy and chewy! ABSOLUTE YUMMERS!

What is really great is that Yassy gives people/dogs that order, a free treat with each order. This time, we got a sheep trachea and a dehydrated Rabbit’s ear, too!

Mom gave ME the sheep trachea (more good for the joints stuff) and Mercy snagged the rabbit’s ear from BG and split with it before the boys even saw what happened! She is sneaky that way… sort of hits like a shark and then runs outside real fast.

Mom’s been cutting up the Beef Trachea since they are so large, to make them last longer, but we are thoroughly enjoying them each time we get a piece.

ALL of us have been taking turns on the regular deer antler and even though Mom tried to keep track of the Antler with Velvet, it got ripped off and I think everyone had some of that. It’s either gone or hidden, now. It IS a lot softer and easier to chew than the regular antler which hardly looks like it’s got a dent in it yet.

If you are on facebook, you should become a fan and friend of Yassy and Miss Palette, her corgi, because they are a great pair, and share some interesting info. She also has a special coupon code that you can get that way and save money on her dog treats! Doesn't Palette look like ME?!

Grammy just loves reading Yassy’s blog, too, because it has videos of Palette, stories about her and other interesting dog info, and also stories about Japanese cooking and culture. Here is an example of her blog about Palette having fun in the snow… Hey, Angela, Yassy and Palette live in Virginia somewhere, too! I know you are in WEST Virginia, but I'm used to California distances, so you're probably pretty close...

Gimli: Would you believe what Grammy did to my EAR?! She put DUCT TAPE on it! She tried several other types of tape, but I always managed to get it off. She is really determined to give my ear a chance to stand up and stay there. 

SOMEBODY/s have been digging, and Grammy is NOT happy…

Go AWAY!!! Can’t you see I’m trying to sleep here and don’t need bright lights flashing me in the face!

Dott: Peek-A-Boo… Do you see me peeking out of my Dad’s door that he decorated with corgi calendar pictures?

BG: Can I help it if I like to sleep with my legs all stiff?

P.S. Miss Mercy's Monday Mystery will be posted around 5 p.m. Pacific Time on Monday afternoons, and answers will be accepted for 24 hours... until Tuesday afternoons at 5 p.m. Pacific Time...


Maxmom said...

Hey there ALL of you!
I think you guys must be the most'treated' doggies in the universe! Wow! What a selection.
As for Gimly's ear...I think it is so cute down! I love the fact that it has direction of its own.
Take care...all of you!

Dexter said...

Lots of loot! You cut up the trachea? Gosh, I get a whole one and it is gone in about two minutes. No chewing required.

Sorry about that duct tape. Although it kind of makes you look like a carpenter dog. My Master is always bandaging his boo boo's with that stuff.


Chatty Crone said...

Hello everybody!

Man you got some good stash there. You all seem to be busy, busy , busy.

How do your humans keep tract of all of you!

Hey when I catch the 100 squirrels up in the attic - I'll send them to you!


The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

What a happy pack of Corgis!! Great treats guys,and looks like you really enjoyed them!!


betty said...

those treats sound delicious Linda! I'll have to check them out, especially since I'm trying to be real careful what I give Koda these days

I do hope Gimli's ear stays up. too cute with the duct tape, another use for it for sure!


Unknown said...

Duct tape? BOL You're stylin' Gimli. As for all the exotic treats, I'm impressed. I'm also impressed you guys are antler lovers. M got us three and we were bored with them within a few minutes.

ClassyChassy said...

MOO TUBES? How cool is that!

Kari in Alaska said...

It looks to me like you guys hit the motherload!

Moose said...

I have been wanting to get an antler for Moose but they seem so dense and hard I just was not sure about it... Maybe I will try the velvet ones since it looks like you pups are enjoying them!

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

I'm drooling ovFUR my paws fur those yummers!

Thanks fur sharing and fur your review!

What great pikhs too!

Khyra & Khousin Merdie