Friday, March 27, 2009

We Leave This Afternoon...

First off, Mom is praying for Dottie and her Mom from Dozer’s blog as she has been quite sick and is an older dog. She asked that I let you know when I did this blog, so that you can pray for them, too.

Mango’s barn that burned down is being rebuilt and we are happy for them. They always have something going on around there that is funny, and Betty and Koda’s last blog at A Corgi in Southern California, really gave us a big laugh, too. Bet he wasn’t to happy sharing his cookies!

We are getting so many new friends since Mama started this blog, and even if she isn’t feeling up to writing it herself very often lately, Dott and I don’t mind reading about all you friends out there, to her. Mom loves to see the new puppies on Hawk’s blog and on the More Than Words blog when they introduced their new puppy, Mocha. She is sure there’s corgi in there somewhere, as she sure looks like Dott when she was a pup!

Mom’s made a new friend at Expressly Corgi that loves corgis, horses AND rats, and is a very artsy person like Karen at Inspiration By Karen, Leslie at and Cathy at Cathy Santarsiero: The Christmas Corgi.

There are lots more, but not enough time to tell about them all right now because we are getting ready to go CAMPING !!! FINALLY!!! I can hardly wait to see what that is all about! Mom’s even thinking about getting a license like we have so that she can go fishing. I didn’t know they were so you could go fishing… That should be an interesting adventure. Wonder what a fish is? I can hardly wait to see her collar and tags. Maybe Dott’s master will tell her she has to put on her “Collar ID” next time we go somewhere, too! Wish us luck and pray for safe travel.

The lake is closer to the hospital than we are here, so if Papa’s nephew has to go back in, we will be able to visit quickly, though they sent him home and so we think that means things are better for him. Thanks for those prayers, too! I'll write again soon...


ClassyChassy said...

Nice post, and have a safe trip! Let us know what kind of collar and tags those fish have when you meet them - maybe you can make friends with them too!
Love, Sassy, Sissy, Prairie, and Miss Doodles (from Expressly Corgi!)

Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

You are making me blush. Have a wonderful time sleeping under the stars. Love, Cathy and all the Corgis and critters.

Dexter said...

I am glad you like my bloggy. We all like you too. Have fun camping!


The Pink Geranium or Jan's Place said...

My Corgis Milli and Oscar hope your camping trip is terrific, and wish they could come along!!