Wednesday, July 21, 2010

She’s HOME… and in BIG TROUBLE! By Dott

Here is the link to the conclusion of Mango’s Big Adventure: My Big Adventure – Conclusion

We hope that you all followed along to see ALL of what was happening over there with Mercy and the rest of the gang. 

We were on the edge of our seats with everything that was going on, and were very relieved to read this final post and see that our wayward Miss Mercy, hadn’t gotten herself maimed or injured, and was on her way home with the rest, in Dennis the Vizsla’s private jet. As you can see, she met a LOT of our blogging furiends!

We are so glad, too, that the Lacie Beast’s hold on our friend’s minds was able to be lifted from them and that they are all back to normal again! We just KNEW that Khyra, Twinkie, Zep, and Chrome wouldn’t do something like this because they are just way to sweet!

It is both sad and SCARY that the Lacie Beast is still loose out there coming up with some other dastardly plan! Actually, she has probably given up on dastardly plans because her people Dad is in the hospital, and we ask that any of you that pray, please drop by and visit and pray for him.

We also want to thank Mango and Dexter’s Mom for doing such an awesome job in helping to chronicle this adventure while Mango and Dexter were busy living it! We think she did an awesome job!!! Take a bow, Mango Mom!!!

One thing is certain, Miss Mercy is going to be grounded for a LONG time, and probably be doing a lot of extra chores around here, too.

No, boys, that does NOT mean that she will be your slave, and if you want to KEEP those noses on your faces, you’d better NOT push her about this!

Mercy has no business getting involved with someone that’s several times her age, and Papa had a LONG talk with her…

 She's still got a bit of an attitude, but is rather disillusioned with Dexter because he didn’t jump in on his own to help save Mr. Mango. If you’ve been with us very long, you know that everyone around here “really looks UP to, Mr. Mango.” (pun intended).

We also want to say congratulations to Jackal, Zep and Chrome’s canine friend, for cornering a nasty, vicious possum so that it could be dispatched, and  to award him one of Dott’s Mighty Hunter Awards. We haven’t given out this award for quite a while, but if you have a “Mighty Hunter” among your furiends, let us know.

We are hoping to start our “Gimli’s Grab-bag of Games” next week, and we are still waiting for our winners of the Pippin's Peek at the Past Puzzles...

and of our Birthday Drawing to email us with their addresses so that we can get their prizes out to them… Hint, hint…

P.S. As we were finishing this post, we just got the news that Mango had a seizure the other night. He went to the ER where they checked him out and is home now. Please keep Mango and his Mom in your prayers. His Mom asked all of his friends if they had any kind of info on this sort of thing, and she got all kinds of information. Grammy copied and pasted it to keep for her own information. She plans to consolidate it and put it in her doggy health info folder. She suggests it might be wise for others to do this too, because it’s always good to know what to do in any kind of emergency. There was good info for cleaning up wet potty stains and smells, too ... many that are natural.


Anonymous said...

Whew! I'm glad Miss Mercy is home all safe and sound after her big adventure! I bets she will never run off like that again. Or at least I sure hope not! But don't be TOO awfully hard on her. It's Most Difficult being a young dog in luv!

Wiggles & Wags,

Chatty Crone said...

Oh I am so glad she is home! I know you are so happy too. You don't know whether to hug them or be mad! sandie

Pat Wahler said...

Hopefully a lesson has been learned. Or at least a story has been told!


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...




ClassyChassy said...

Funny post today with lovely photos! My white big teeth!

Rose said...

glad that your baby is hoe and safe. how will you punish her?

Angela said...

I'm so glad to hear that Mercy is finally home and safe where she belongs!


Bella and Ollie said...

Glad that Mercy is home safe.
When I see a possum I bark and it just hisses back, Mum's so scared that I could get hurt that she makes me go inside so how can I get a mighty hunter award ?
We'll pray for Mango
Love from Bella.

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

We just knew Mercy was going to get grounded!!!

Hope it isn't too bad little girl!!

Smileys & Snuggles!
Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

Dexter said...

Your good thoughts meant so much to my momma that her eyes leak just thinking about it. Don't worry, she is happy sad to have me healthy and to have so many good friends out in blog land.

As for Miss Mercy, sounds to me like she is headed down the same path as the Beast. Just watch out if she starts making smoothies.


The Brown Recluse (TBR) said...

Welcome back!
Poor Mango...hope that doesn't happen again.
(Papa should know that they never listen...they only roll their eyes and do what they want to do, don't they?) lol

Achieve1dream said...

I am soooooo behind on reading blogs and have been having trouble with my email so I totally missed my award lol. Thank you so much for it! Jackal is very proud of himself. :)