Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Finally! Pippen’s Peek at the Past #5…

It’s FINALLY here! The last Pippin’s Peek at the Past Puzzle! This is the big one because once we get the winners from this puzzle, we will be able to put all of our winner’s into a Corgi Toss, and one of us will choose to see who gets the GRAND PRIZE!

Since so many of you played the Name Game this past week, I thought I’d take you back to August of last year for the Name Game that one of our little friends hosted then. 

In that post, Grandma OC told how she, Uncle BG and Mama Dott got their names. We, pups, hadn’t come along yet, though there were suspicions that we were on the way.

Before I get to the questions, though, I thought I’d remind everyone how me and my sibs got our names. First, Gimli, since he was first born. His name comes from the Dwarf that was in the movie called “The Lord of the Rings.” Corgis are called Dwarf Dogs by some, and so GrandPaw Robert, who is a big Sci-Fi nut… uh… fan… thought that would be a good name for him. 

When Grammy decided to keep him, she almost changed his name to either Oreo or Panda, but she finally decided to keep the name he was used to. She sometimes calls him Gim, Gimmers, or Gim-er-lee when she’s playing with him. Papa calls him Pest, or GETDOWN You Big Oaf! He does that mainly when Gim runs, jumps and lands right on his belly.  GrandPaw Robert calls him Gimbo or Gimbo-lya.

GrandPaw Robert had named Mercy her name when she was born because she looked (and still does look) like she had a white “angel” marking on the back of her neck and he wanted to name the girls Mercy and Grace (which he did.) She had the “Angel of Mercy” on her so she got the name Mercy. (She sure doesn’t act like an angel, though. She’s got an awful temper. Grammy says she's a born Alpha with no where to put it…)

Grammy shortens it to Merc(ss) sometimes and usually just calls her “MercyMe,” though there are times she calls her “Miss Witch.” Papa calls her “MOVE,” or “Get-outa-my face!” when he’s trying to read, and a few other things when she jumps on him to wake him up on Saturdays when he doesn’t have to work.

I was originally called Neelix by GrandPaw. This was a character in Star Trek AND corgis are only knee high so they often lick you on the knees. When Papa decided to keep me, though, HE named me Pippin which was the name of a small shoulder riding dragon in one of his favorite Sci-Fi Series. It also means a very little thing, which I am, compared to Mercy and Gimli, because I took after my Mama Dott’s size. He also calls me Pip-pip, Pipper, or Pippy-puppy.

Grammy tends to call me Pippy, PIP-en, Peep-in, or Pee-pen. GrandPaw calls me, Pippy, Pippy-Pup and sometimes, Pip-squeak or Squeaker.

Here are the questions for this week’s “Peek at the Past”: 

1. Who hosted/started LAST year’s Name Game? _________
2. What does “OC” stand for ? (Either one will work) ________
3. What is another of Uncle BG’s names? ____________
4. What is another of Mama Dott’s names? ________
5. What is another of Auntie Sadie’s names? ________

For new readers/players, here are the rules: There will be 5 sessions, (this is the 5th, and last, one) and the winners who answer all questions in each puzzle correctly, will each get a Badge to display for the weekly wins. At the end of the 5 sessions, all of the winner’s names will be put into a Corgi Toss and the Grand Prize Winner will be chosen. 

The Grand Prize Winner will get their choice of one of two prizes…

1. A “Little Dott Finds A Home” book.  Click the title to see a preview of the first several pages…


2. A $15 Gift Certificate to our Country Corgi CafePress Shop (We’ve added a LOT of new designs – here are a few…) 


A $10 donation in your name to the Unity Thrift and Outreach Dog Rescue that Grammy’s Sister works with. They take around 50 dogs and puppies to no-kill shelters on the coast in various cities every month (over 1,000 dogs saved already) and have helped pay for over 400 spays/neuters this past year! They helped Grammy and Robert pay for Mama Dott & Mercy’s spays, and Gimli & my neuters…

The following link is to a Newspaper Article about Linda Hodges (Trixie) and Unity Thrift and Outreach if you’d like to know more.  (Auntie Naunie is just to Mrs. Hodges right, in the purplish blue top.) They also have a Facebook Page.

Remember, too, that I put on comment moderation during the game so that everyone has an equal chance of coming up with the answers. I will moderate and show the comments after Midnight on Thursday, so you have until then to get in your guesses for this week’s contest! Good Luck, Everyone!


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

What a pawesomely fun post!


Kari in Alaska said...

1. Twix
2. Ornery Cuss
3. Fat Butt
4. Dotter :)
5. Silly

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

Ooooo lets see...

1. Twix hosted the game last August
2. OC stands for Ornery Cuss or Ornery Critter...but we think it stands for originally cute!
3. Beeg is another nickname for BG..But we really like Chunky Butt too!!
4. Another one of Mama Dott's names is Dorothy Joy Wigglebottom (another favorite!! Our Bilbo is a wigglebutt).
5.Our favorite Aunt Sadie nickname is Shady Sadie Lady!!

This was so much fun guys...Thanks for hosting such a great contest!!

Smileys & Snuggles!
Dory, Bilbo and Jacob

betty said...

Love all the names for the pups, could get mightly confusing over your way, Linda, with calling them this or that name, but I know one thing, no matter what you call them, if it involves food, they will come running!

Here's the answers:

1. hosted the game: Twix did originally ask about how dogs got their names, but on your blog OC hosted it so I'm not sure which you were looking for Twix or OC

2. Ornery Cuss

3. Bud's grandson; Chunky Butt

4. Dorothy Jean Wigglebottom

5. Silly Sadie

hope all is going well in your part of the woods

thanks for hosting this!


^..^Corgidogmama said...

I don't know the answer to any of the ?? but I still loved reading this post, and hearing the corgi tales and seeing the pics!!

Angela said...

1. Who hosted/started LAST year’s Name Game? Twix
2. What does “OC” stand for ? (Either one will work) Ornery Cuss, or sometimes Ornery Critter
3. What is another of Uncle BG’s names? Beeg
4. What is another of Mama Dott’s names? Dorothy Joy Wigglebottom, Dott, Dottie, Grand-Dotter
5. What is another of Auntie Sadie’s names? Silly Sadie, Sadie Lady, and Shady Sadie Lady

Whew! I think I did it?!?


Dexter said...

There are so many of you with so many names it was most fun to read about how you got them all.


P.S. PeeWee says Miss Mercy has been texting him. Hmmm...

Chatty Crone said...

1 twix
2. ornery cuss
3. bud's grandson
4. Dot after a friend
5. Silly sadie


Pat Wahler said...

There's a definite theme to your names!


ocmist said...

Looks like 5 winners this week. I'll be doing the Winner Post and Grand Prize winner probably tomorrow (Friday- actually, since it is after 3 a.m. it would be today)

Mmmm... Thanks for the heads up, Mr. Mango! I'll tell Mama Dott about what Mercy is doing. She's got quite a crush on your sibling! Talks about him ALL the time, though Mama Dott tells her she's just being a silly "teenager!"

Rose said...

hi! i saw your note. it"been crazy and i still have problems getting names of people and blogs. thanks for reading my posts. i love dogs like yourself as we have 5 their names all start with the letter M as our name starts with M have a good day.

Rose said...

just had to drop in again. your comment about your mother re 911 and having some special items made by her is great. It's tough when i parent dies. i feel for you God Bless.