Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Got to Help Bring in the Wood...

Yesterday was an alright day… I had a fun afternoon, running and playing with my pups, even though I still had to warn that Sadie dog to take it easy, and be careful, and watch out… essentially, I had to be in her face a  lot…

Mom thinks I’m jealous of the way the pups like to play with her so much, but I’m just making sure that she realizes who is the boss dog around here!!! She may be a lot bigger, size wise, than I am, but I can take her on anytime…
(Mom says I have a Napoleon complex… something about a big attitude in a small person or something like that) I think I’m just a normal Corgi…

We got to help Mom get in some more firewood for the woodstove we use to stay warm. I’d prefer to do it myself, but now that the pups (and that pushy Sadie dog) know that I get paid in Jerky treats, they horn in and do a lot of it to.

Mom feeds the long wood to Dott’s Master, Robert, a little at a time, so that he can cut it with the chainsaw, and after they get it all cut, she lets us pick up the wood we can carry, and give it to her. She puts it in a big box and lets Robert carry it into the house. 

That way, she doesn’t have to do a lot of bending with her sore back… and I get jerky treats and lots of love… which is my idea of heaven… I’m from a long line of working dogs after all, and we like having meaningful work to do.

I wasn’t real happy with being left home again yesterday evening, but they won’t let me go to their Bible Study for some reason. What really gets me, though, is that they come home smelling of “strange dog,” and if other dogs can be there, why can’t I?!!! 
I really gave her the “nosing over” when she got home and some major dirty looks. She SAYS that the people with the Bible Study have a dog that stays outside while visitors are there, and just greets people when they are going to and from their cars.

She says they are studying I John about loving others, and she just can’t be rude to their dog, etc. Hurumpphh…!

(Linda’s note: She’s a really sweet, one-eyed brindle boxer named Daisy and is a total love bug!!!)

Well, it’s late again, (after 1 a.m.) so I better close for tonight. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about my fight with Sadie… Good night !!!

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betty said...

Oh I can't wait to hear about your fight, OC, but you need to learn to get along with Sadie; just remember, you are a corgi; I tell Koda that all the time "you are a corgi; that is a good thing to be; it doesn't get any better than that!!" seems like you and Koda would get along great because he has that Napolean complex thing too!! he thinks he's much bigger than he actually is!

I hope you and your mom and dad and family have a Happy New Year!

1 John is a great book to be studying too!!!