Sunday, December 21, 2008

Welcome to Country Corgis!

Hi, everyone... My name is O.C., which stands for Ornery Cuss, and I decided that if Koda (from the "A Corgi in Southern California") can get a blog, then I should be able to as well. My mom promised to help me if I need it.

My kids, Dorothy Joy Wigglebottom (we call her Dott, Dottie or Dotter) and B.G. (Bud's Grandson) said that they want to help sometimes if they aren't to busy, but we will see. My daughter, Dott, has already written and published a book called, "Little Dott Finds a Home," that is on sale at and is also listed with and Barnes & Nobel. Her master, Robert, helped her illustrate it with some of the thousands of pictures he has taken of her since she was born... Talk about invasion of privacy !!! How would you like someone taking pictures of you having kids?!

I'll write more later if I can ever get my mom to get off the computer and let me have a chance at the keyboard.


betty said...

OC, you are just too cute!!! I am so glad you decided to jump into this blog business!!! Koda needs all the fellow corgis he can to be blogging away; unfortunately, he doesn't get much computer time or journal time, his mom tends to "hog" it all, but.....every once in awhile she lets him write something and then watch out!!!

take care of yourself and thanks for visiting Koda and his mom!


ocmist said...

Great to hear from you Koda and Koda's mom. Thanks for the compliments. You ARE a handsome boy! My mom says to tell Betty that she loves her part of your blog too.

Have a great day!

Nancy at the Farm said...

We're so glad to meet you! And we will add you to our Bloggy friends and follow your adventures!

Dozer, Dottie and Cooper Edwards

ocmist said...

Glad you stopped by for a visit, and thanks for adding me to your friends... We added you to our list as well!